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  1. Thanks, art3. As an Xfinity customer, I'd noticed this as well. When a film is broadcast on TCM, it fills the screen on my flat screen tv or it's shown with black bars on the upper and lower edges only. Once the film is available through Xfinity's On Demand, the film is surrounded by black bars on all sides. Picture size at the 4:3 ratio is postage stamp size, while the 16:9 ratio is a slightly larger postage stamp size. Even zooming has black bars on the right and left side. This is a recent change in Xfinity On Demand. Thanks for sending the message to TCM.
  2. classicsuz

    HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

    Thanks for this discussion, SteveQL and Stephan55. I noticed that multiple TCM films through Comcast's On Demand are offered in HD only, in addition to My Fair Lady available only in SD. A similar problem occurred a few years ago with TCM's list of On Demand films available through Comcast--no new films were being added to the list as others expired. The list dwindled to a single film at one point. Although the problem was discussed in posts here and on the Xfinity help forum, TCM replied once and then went radio silent. Xfinity at least replied to the help forum posts but calls to Xfinity Customer Service were pointless. SteveQL, I think you posted on the Xfinity help forum about the current problem, and I've added my own. And Stephan55--you are a wealth of information. Thanks again to you both.
  3. Thank you, Rejana Raj, for your post. The first photo, where they are flying above the orchestra, is stunning. The Nicholas Brothers dazzled with their performances, and the Pie, Pie Blackbird number displays some of their signature moves seen later in their careers. They are extraordinary!
  4. I'm going with the Nicholas Brothers, who astound me with their athletic dance skills every time I see them. In a single number, they dazzle by performing the same graceful yet incredibly athletic moves side by side, only to up the dazzle quotient when their dance routine includes brief interludes of each dancing individually and, in so doing, displaying exquisite style and elegance. Bobby Van is a high flying artist who at times seems to defy gravity in Kiss Me Kate; Donald O'Connor not only keeps up with Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain's Moses Supposes number but surpasses Kelly (IMHO) with his physically comedic dancing in the Make 'Em Laugh number. But for shear beauty, the Nicholas Brothers will always be tops in my book.
  5. classicsuz

    Cagney in Footlight Parade

    After seeing 1931's The Public Enemy with Cagney as the ultimate tough guy, it's always a treat to see his talent as a dancer. I've always enjoyed Cagney's dancing, especially when he's doing it on top of a bar as in Footlight Parade. That particular number is reminiscent of watching someone ride a bike on a tight rope--without a net.
  6. Hi Mijiyoon38--I too happened to catch The Great Ziegfeld on TCM today and wondered if a thread had been started on this film. Thanks for starting one and for highlighting a lot of points of interest in this film. I believe Dennis Morgan is the actor singing A Pretty Girl in the spectacular Busby Berkeley scene. I remember him best from his films of the 1940's, especially Christmas in Connecticut. Morgan was so young when he did this film that I had to look twice before I realized he was singing the number. IMDB lists The Great Ziegfeld as his second film in a long career--and quite a memorable appearance amidst the extravagance of that scene.
  7. classicsuz

    Early Now Playing guide

    Thanks, cmovieviewer. I appreciate the information you make available well in advance of the next month. I'm still adjusting to the lack of a paper Now Playing Guide mailed to me a few weeks ahead of the coming month. With your links and information, I can take my time in looking over At A Glance and the list of premieres for films I'd like to view and/or record before they've already been broadcast. Thanks again.
  8. classicsuz

    Is it crazy to own so many movies?

    When my brother-in-law found out how many films I had on DVD, he said, "Oh--she has a library!" With 700 films, it doesn't make you a freak; it makes you a librarian.
  9. classicsuz

    Day ____ and NO Now Playing Guide email

    Success at last--I found my November Now Playing Guide in my email this morning. It's my first emailed NPG after signing up for it about six times beginning this past summer. I did print off November's schedule a few days ago using the links in earlier posts on this thread, so thank you to cmovieviewer, Mr6666, et al. for providing them. As The Cid and others have noted, it would be nice to get the email before the first of the month, but I'm just glad that I finally got the NPG. A heads up, as I almost deleted the email when I skimmed the subject line "Remember to Tune in to TCM This November." With all the TCM emails I get about t-shirts and the Backlot and the wine club, I was expecting a subject line more specific to Now Playing--like "Now Playing Guide for November." Maybe that's just me. The sender, which is, was the tip off that it's the NPG.
  10. classicsuz

    Now Playing Guide

    Thank you to chaz45342 for bringing up the issue and to cmovieviewer--with an assist from MovieCollectorOH--for offering a pdf guide for themes, premieres, etc. for September's films on TCM. I miss that information in printed format, a format which is much easier for me to routinely access and use. Chaz45342, your experience is the same as my own. After years of purchasing the Now Playing Guide, I signed up for the newsletter several times, checked my spam folders and emails, all to no avail. I haven't read older posts, so I don't know if cmovieviewer's guide was mentioned earlier. Just want to say thank you for your posts, as I now have a guide that adds the extra details I'd relied on in the Now Playing Guide.
  11. classicsuz

    Hitchcock Books

    Thanks, joneseury, for this post. It reminded me of the many paperback books I bought of compiled short stories offered as Hitchcock's selections, complete with his image and name on the cover. I bought them in the late 70's, one at a time, until I realized I had a trove of them. I gave the books away over the years but I've always remembered the great entertainment those books brought me. Thanks for prompting my walk down memory lane.
  12. Your reference to Robert Redford reminds me of a recent viewing of Three Days of the Condor. Redford is hiding out in the apartment of Faye Dunaway, who is a photographer. An assassin aims to take out Redford, making his way into the apartment where Redford is trying to hide out. During the fight scene, Redford uses a handy camera with a flash bulb a la Rear Window. I suppose the entire premise of Three Days reflects multiple Hitchcock motifs and themes. Thanks for reminding me with your post.
  13. It's been awhile since I've seen it but I'll offer 1997's Conspiracy Theory. Mel Gibson plays the hapless cab driver overwhelmed by government conspiracy theories that are only that--until one theory is discovered to be not so theoretical. The helicopter chase scene has elements of North by Northwest and the corn field--only with more people around and the spraying of bullets instead of chemicals. Gibson's character is in love with the female lead, Julia Roberts, who has no interest in him or his theory. How their relationship changes, their attempts to expose the conspiracy while being chased themselves, and going from city-scapes to countryside seem to duplicate themes from many Hitchcock films.
  14. Hello TCMModerator1: I appreciate your clarification. Since you did offer to help when possible, I am asking for your assistance in contacting the relevant department at TCM about this continuing problem as of September 6. Comcast recently stated that the problem is not only system wide but in part the responsibility of TCM and its "delivery partner." Comcast has also said that they cannot resolve the problem without the assistance of TCM and its delivery partner. With that in mind, I would appreciate it if you could forward our continued concerns to the appropriate department at TCM. Thank you.
  15. Hi Stephen: I guess a moderator concluded that our topic was not a "General Discussion" discussion. At least I've found our topic again. In reading the Comcast forum posts, others confirm what you noticed--the stuttering, etc. is occurring only with the SD TCM VOD offerings, not with TCM HD offerings, other channels or the TCM live broadcast. Not sure how they managed that, but it's quite an accomplishment! Hope they fix it soon.

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