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  1. Is it crazy to own so many movies?

    When my brother-in-law found out how many films I had on DVD, he said, "Oh--she has a library!" With 700 films, it doesn't make you a freak; it makes you a librarian.
  2. Day ____ and NO Now Playing Guide email

    Success at last--I found my November Now Playing Guide in my email this morning. It's my first emailed NPG after signing up for it about six times beginning this past summer. I did print off November's schedule a few days ago using the links in earlier posts on this thread, so thank you to cmovieviewer, Mr6666, et al. for providing them. As The Cid and others have noted, it would be nice to get the email before the first of the month, but I'm just glad that I finally got the NPG. A heads up, as I almost deleted the email when I skimmed the subject line "Remember to Tune in to TCM This November." With all the TCM emails I get about t-shirts and the Backlot and the wine club, I was expecting a subject line more specific to Now Playing--like "Now Playing Guide for November." Maybe that's just me. The sender, which is, was the tip off that it's the NPG.
  3. Now Playing Guide

    Thank you to chaz45342 for bringing up the issue and to cmovieviewer--with an assist from MovieCollectorOH--for offering a pdf guide for themes, premieres, etc. for September's films on TCM. I miss that information in printed format, a format which is much easier for me to routinely access and use. Chaz45342, your experience is the same as my own. After years of purchasing the Now Playing Guide, I signed up for the newsletter several times, checked my spam folders and emails, all to no avail. I haven't read older posts, so I don't know if cmovieviewer's guide was mentioned earlier. Just want to say thank you for your posts, as I now have a guide that adds the extra details I'd relied on in the Now Playing Guide.
  4. Hitchcock Books

    Thanks, joneseury, for this post. It reminded me of the many paperback books I bought of compiled short stories offered as Hitchcock's selections, complete with his image and name on the cover. I bought them in the late 70's, one at a time, until I realized I had a trove of them. I gave the books away over the years but I've always remembered the great entertainment those books brought me. Thanks for prompting my walk down memory lane.
  5. Your reference to Robert Redford reminds me of a recent viewing of Three Days of the Condor. Redford is hiding out in the apartment of Faye Dunaway, who is a photographer. An assassin aims to take out Redford, making his way into the apartment where Redford is trying to hide out. During the fight scene, Redford uses a handy camera with a flash bulb a la Rear Window. I suppose the entire premise of Three Days reflects multiple Hitchcock motifs and themes. Thanks for reminding me with your post.
  6. It's been awhile since I've seen it but I'll offer 1997's Conspiracy Theory. Mel Gibson plays the hapless cab driver overwhelmed by government conspiracy theories that are only that--until one theory is discovered to be not so theoretical. The helicopter chase scene has elements of North by Northwest and the corn field--only with more people around and the spraying of bullets instead of chemicals. Gibson's character is in love with the female lead, Julia Roberts, who has no interest in him or his theory. How their relationship changes, their attempts to expose the conspiracy while being chased themselves, and going from city-scapes to countryside seem to duplicate themes from many Hitchcock films.
  7. Hello TCMModerator1: I appreciate your clarification. Since you did offer to help when possible, I am asking for your assistance in contacting the relevant department at TCM about this continuing problem as of September 6. Comcast recently stated that the problem is not only system wide but in part the responsibility of TCM and its "delivery partner." Comcast has also said that they cannot resolve the problem without the assistance of TCM and its delivery partner. With that in mind, I would appreciate it if you could forward our continued concerns to the appropriate department at TCM. Thank you.
  8. Hi Stephen: I guess a moderator concluded that our topic was not a "General Discussion" discussion. At least I've found our topic again. In reading the Comcast forum posts, others confirm what you noticed--the stuttering, etc. is occurring only with the SD TCM VOD offerings, not with TCM HD offerings, other channels or the TCM live broadcast. Not sure how they managed that, but it's quite an accomplishment! Hope they fix it soon.
  9. Hi Linda: I just checked the Comcast forums and so far it looks like Comcast will be contacting TCM's provider, which submits TCM's Video On Demand films to Comcast. I am thinking that we won't hear much given the holiday weekend, but there are continuing posts about this problem on Comcast's forum. I remember the repeated issues earlier this year involving TCM's On Demand list of films gradually reducing to zero before additional films were added. The TCM Moderators didn't have much to say on this forum when that happened--the problem lasted for weeks--while the Comcast forum had multiple replies from Comcast employees. I also received a TCM tote bag from Comcast for posting on their forum about the issue. I'm not sure what that says about who was or currently is responsible for TCM Video On Demand glitches, but I'm going to keep posting on the Comcast forum since they have acknowledged the problem. Maybe I'll get another tote bag! Have a good holiday.
  10. Hi Linda: I've been checking the Comcast message board about this problem over the last week. At least one Comcast rep has said he's looking into the problem with TCM and those responsible for submitting the films to Comcast. Not sure if other cable companies are also experiencing the same problem. It's a shame, since--as you note--the number of TCM On Demand selections through Comcast significantly increased of late. With the stuttering and skipping, however, all of TCM's offerings are unwatchable. I've posted on the Comcast forum about this and hope they resolve this problem soon.
  11. Good one. And this reminds me of Burt Lancaster's earlier turn in 1956's The Rainmaker, where his character came across a bit "shill-ish" in relation to his self-described talent. That film certainly gave him an opportunity to perfect the Level One Sales Technique of holding one's head upward and in earnest--eyes closed, arm positioning and bible optional--which later, as you so clearly display, came in handy for Elmer Gantry.
  12. TCM On Demand (Comcast)

    Sure seems that way. The updates are occurring far less often, with the list of films being allowed to decrease down to one or two before more films are added. Today, with Fallen Sparrow now unavailable, we have Hoop Dreams but no other films as of early this morning. Comcast calls this a technical issue, but it's odd how the technical issue seems to be consistently resolved once a week and only when the list consists of one film that will become unavailable for viewing within a day. Then the list repopulates, slowly but surely, with many of the newly listed films available for less than a week. This is the pattern that has developed over the last month or so. Assuming Comcast is correct and that this technical issue originates with TCM, I can't shake the feeling that "uh-oh, we're down to one film again; we better get a bunch more over to the cable company" may be the technical element in the phrase "technical issue."
  13. TCM On Demand complaints/requests

    Hi elfinee: According to posts on this board, Cox and Time Warner customers are also having the same problem with TCM On Demand listings. If the heart of this issue is contractual in nature, it seems to impact TCM's contract with multiple cable companies. A different take comes from Comcast's multiple responses to customer complaints on its Help Forum. Comcast consistently characterizes this as a technical issue only and one which primarily involves some newly discovered glitches on TCM's end. Through their forum, Comcast has assured us that Comcast, TCM and their vendor are working to resolve this. I'm hoping this is taken care of soon . . . .
  14. Why have On Demand movies on TV all but disappeared?

    As of early this afternoon, Comcast is saying that although new content for their TCM VOD failed to load last night as they had expected, they discovered another problem this morning causing TCM's inability to submit new On Demand films. Comcast states that this problem is on TCM's end, and that TCM is focused on resolving this due to the sheer number of customers effected--as noted below, Cox joins Comcast and Time Warner as cable companies with this same problem. No time/day given as to when Comcast anticipates this being fixed.
  15. Why have On Demand movies on TV all but disappeared?

    Hi Saskia: This has been a problem for over a week now with Comcast and TCM. According to Comcast's help forum, they say that TCM is not submitting films for their On Demand offerings. They are also characterizing this as a technical problem and temporary in nature. TCM, the cable company and the associated vendor are apparently working on a resolution. Unfortunately, the absence of TCM from VOD has occurred twice now since early April. It occurred once, was resolved, but then recurred this past Sunday. We are waiting, again, for this issue to be resolved. Although I'm far more likely to blame Comcast for these types of problems given my past experience with them, another cable company--Time Warner--also has its customers describing the same problem. This is according to the Comcast forum and posts on this board. That may give more credence to TCM being the source of the problem, especially given the very limited response of TCM to the multiple posts and several threads here. For now, Comcast says it is working with TCM on resolving this.

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