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  1. nancynancy

    Have you seen someone you know in a movie?

    Have I ever seen someone I know in a movie? Not really. But over thirty years ago, I saw someone I once knew win the Oscar for Best Motion Picture.
  2. Yesterday's NY Times ran a fascinating article about the veteran film critic and movie actor Rex Reed and his apartment at the Dakota in NYC. Rex Reed knew everyone in classic Hollywood, has a wealth of knowledge about the film industry, and he would make a terrific host at TCM. In fact, I suggested it in the reader comments that accompany the article, and so far 61 people have agreed with me. So TCM, get on the ball and please bring Rex Reed to the channel. Here's a link to the article:
  3. nancynancy

    Rod Taylor

    I'm a big fan of Rod Taylor and was saddened to hear of his death last week. TCM will pay tribute to him on Thursday 1/29th by showing five of his classic films including: The Birds, Time Machine, Young Cassidy, and Sunday in New York. Here's an interview from you tube video that shows what a thoroughly nice person he was.
  4. nancynancy

    Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today

    Movies on Demand seems to be working for me, too!
  5. nancynancy

    THE WICKER MAN (1973)

    Very powerful movie. The ending is unforgettable.
  6. nancynancy

    Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today

    Moderator, can you please give us an update of when the Movies On Demand problem will be fixed? Thank you.
  7. nancynancy

    Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today

    Thank you, moderator, for alerting TCM's technical staff about the problem with Movies on Demand. I hope we don't have to wait one month to get this problem fixed.
  8. nancynancy

    Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today

    Hi Zipper. I am still having the same problem with Watch TCM Movies on Demand that I had yesterday. I hope the Moderators are reading these boards and can alert the technical staff to the problem because it is most likely affecting everyone who wants to watch Movies on Demand on their computer. By the way, I sent a message to TCM's Support Center at the following link, and I suggest you do the same. I'm also planning to leave a phone message about the problem at TCM's viewer relations line 404-885-5535.
  9. nancynancy

    Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today

    I just called ATT U-verse this evening. Their rep was also unable to access the Movies on Demand on So it appears to be a problem with the tcm website, not a problem with ATT U-verse. Moderators, please tell your technical people that viewers cannot access Movies on Demand on I hope this problem can be resolved quickly. Thank you.
  10. I usually have no problems watching Movies on Demand on my computer with Watch TCM. But today, I've clicked on several Movies on Demand films, and none of them will play on my computer. It's very frustrating. For some reason, the short "coming attractions" clips for Movies on Demand will play normally, but the full length movies will not. I have no trouble with TCM's Watch Live. My cable provider is ATT U-verse. Is anyone else having this problem? What do you suggest I do? Thank you for your help.

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