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  1. Sgt_Markoff

    "Fragments", TCM Sunday, September 9th

    I too, very much enjoy the Frank Capra / Ronald Coleman 'Lost Horizon'. Its quite a smashing romp!
  2. Sgt_Markoff


    Yeah it's pretty unusual to see a German-planned plot carried out by Germans, wind up with no result. Usually they nail it. They should have put that guy...who was it,, Otto Skorzeny to carry it out.
  3. Sgt_Markoff

    M A G A >> WINNING!

    I don't know anyone named MAGA
  4. "Unpleasant? Strange, I've been told I'm the best shoe clerk the store ever had!" --Manolo Sanchez, prime suspect in that bombing case that happened on your side of the border
  5. The reason is, mass American popculture is empty and vapid; it's hollow and now really showing its thinness over time. thanks to cellphones and internet, egocentric joe-dokes man-in-the-street can fixate entirely on themselves via their status-updates and their texts, all the livelong day. frankly they struggle to concentrate on a show 'presented' to them, they twitch and spazz when they can't control their own screen. It's a little sad and alarming. As bad as mass-media is, at least it unified people. 300 million individuals --each paying attention only to themselves--this is not a nation; its 300 million individuals.
  6. Sgt_Markoff

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    -JJG Since --as you (or Stephan?) admitted recently --my joining this site, came in the middle of an absurd game of "pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey", and led to my being targeted for all manner of accusations and impugning of my motives, I have an excuse that you do not, in this one instance. I'm entitled to do a little preventive maintenance since I've already been put upon. It doesn't mean I'm gonna continue harping on it, or now paint you forever as 'someone who once recklessly said something about me'. That's what frequently happens around here. Nor will I curb my sharp tongue about movies I vehemently dislike. All these things point to my light attitude, see?
  7. Sgt_Markoff

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    Aye. All the more reason not to overreact and pounce on anyone because of some wifty, half-baked dribble they typed in a little white text input box probably 3,000 physical miles away. Its not like they're standing in front of you insulting your mother. It's ludicrous, this same phenomenon in practically every chatroom everywhere. I mean, right now I'm looking at a cheap, (<$200) hunk of used plastic and metal; there's no battle between Massala & Judah Ben-Hur going on here. I don't know what the rest of you are seeing but nothing on the internet evokes the slightest twinge of emotion in yours truly. The internet is a kid's toy--always has been, always will be.
  8. Sgt_Markoff

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    --JamesJazzGuitar Hold on there please. I never said any such thing. Let's not put words in my mouth, if you don't mind? To review what I actually have said: Joel and Ethan Cohen are clowns in my opinion. True Grit remake is not a classic film. True Grit remake is a film I dislike. There's a galaxy of differences between any contemporary movie vs any classic movie. Jeff Bridges has a beach-boy aesthetic and is miscast as a cowboy (that's all I said about him, I otherwise like him). I like any classic movie better than I like any contemporary movie. Matt Damon is a twerp, in my opinion. I dislike him. John Malkovich is irrelevant, in my opinion. I dislike him. Classic movies are intrinsically more worthwhile (historical perspective they offer) than contemporary popculture. I've paraphrased wherever I could not recall my exact phrase. There's not a single statement in the above I'm embarrassed to repeat. There's not a single statement made above, which derides anyone here. I'm surprised at your willingness to stir the pot in this case, JJG. Not your style. Is anyone here really so thin-skinned they fall to pieces if someone vehemently pipes up with a negative opinion of a movie? Seriously? It provokes vaguely 'personal' backbiting like this? Come on now. This is why I say people take the internet far too seriously. If we were in a bar and I 'harrumphed' at True Grit-the-remake, you'd shrug and let it roll off your back. Anyone would. It's just movie gab. (p.s. expletives--what's up with that?)
  9. Sgt_Markoff

    What Are You Listening To?

    Information Please! Where can I find Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves of London' --specifically the one which he did LIVE in Philadelphia? I think that's the best version of it he ever did, but it's dang hard to find!
  10. Question, how do America's hinterland-based armchair-loons understand what is 'fake news' or not? Because even a 'news report' about fake news can itself be ...'fake news'. And since these plaid-flannel wearing coots only ever attended agricultural school getting a certificate in animal husbandry, how do they know? Here is a case where fake-news manipulators were CAUGHT. True glimpse of conservative thugs and their propaganda at work. Busted, outed. Not just a media report, not open to spin or interpretation. These right-wing scum were arrested for what they did. They're part of the tradition of fake news which began and is still led by the GOP ever since Nixon.
  11. I don't know anyone named 'IAC'
  12. Sgt_Markoff

    The best romantic comedy ever

    You might be right. Tough to beat. To go up against this juggernaut, I might probably have to start with something from Lubitsch or Wilder.
  13. Sgt_Markoff

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    If you look at the advice I gave--the choice of words I used--you can't help but see that it is meant to be facetious. I exhort her to, 'question their virility and their patriotism'--is this something that happens in the real world? Do people speak like that in real life? Clearly, I am being impractical and impudent. What else? Anyway no, John Malkovich --whatever he does, says, is, or thinks--in no way compares to the legacy, influence, and weight that an Oscar-winning studio film from 1939 has had on American culture and history. I amended my post to make that clear. Its a question of history. There's over 300 million Americans in the country today right? Only one mega-influential Henry Fonda movie based on a Pulitzer-Prize winning book written by John Steinbeck directed by John Ford about the Great Depression. If anyone wants to "know more about" John Malkovich they can visit his Facebook page. But that's obviously bupkes. It's just 'eyewash'. Meaningless, trivial, and irrelevant. Its not studying or learning anything. How is this difference remains unclear to anyone, beats me. Recall what the OP is asking for: how to get more of her 20-something friends into classic Hollywood. So, my suggestion stands. Classic Hollywood movies are intricately tied up with other aspects of depthful American culture like American literature. Whereas John Malkovich, Matt Damon, etc --they're associated with Purina Dog Chow or whatever else they sell.
  14. Sgt_Markoff


    Glad you liked!
  15. Sgt_Markoff

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    Uh, I was obviously joking...about that last part. Naturally no one should take anyone's directions to do anything personal or intrusive to a co-worker, based on what a stranger like myself, says over the internet. Does this even need stating? But the underlying point is its not 'my like' vs 'their like'. Its the fact that a movie from 1939 is a part of American culture and American history; whereas a movie with John Malkovich is not. They ought to know about the older version, regardless of whatever popculture they happen to devour from their TV in this timeperiod.

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