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  1. Sgt_Markoff

    Michael Cohen comes clean

    Who ...?
  2. Sgt_Markoff

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    Those are two good ones yah. Not quite 'cliff-hanger endings' ...except that yeah they are, in a way. Maybe they're "philosophical cliff-hangers". My favourite? Probably "Knife in the Water" by Polanski. I can't name immediately name any other ending that much of a stumper as to what the characters are going to do next; how they will relieve the impasse. Its really audacious.
  3. Sgt_Markoff


    Thanks. Well as I hinted, the goal is a proper 'audience reaction' and it just isn't there anymore. What people are casually allowing today surpasses even what I just ruminated on, above.
  4. Sgt_Markoff


    nanoseconds ago, Dargo soliloquized: Is that a "Now, Voyager" reference? Awk!
  5. Sgt_Markoff


    The 'Poet of the Yukon', Robert W. Service! One of my favorite poets for sure. A national treasure.
  6. Sgt_Markoff


    I was thinking this weekend that I might pen a short story. Imagine that "for the purposes of more efficient database management", a new public/private initiative is announced between the Social Security Administration, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and all the ISPs and cellular providers. In short, it simply requires all of us to adopt usernames and passwords as our *official* names. Minimum 8 characters, including one capital, one numeric, and one special character; enabling "single sign-on" to all government services and all our favourite 'apps'. IRS, HUD, and DOE endorse the idea immediately. HUD says it will assist in preventing housing discrimination. DOE says that with uniform children names, it can deliver a higher level of individualized education to each child. HHS says it will use the new system to re-organize the nation's outdated healthcare delivery. The IRS chimes in too--it will reduce their workload processing tax refunds. The idea gets full approval from Homeland Security and other LEA. "Standardized usernames" for everyone would make immigration and border control so much easier and aid the 'War-on-Terror'. TSA, Customs, and Immigration all echo the enthusiasm: generation of passports and VISAS would become a snap. "Permanent identity cards" would enable 'greater ease of travel' for millions of people. The FBI of course, insist that with this new tool in their arsenal, they can greatly combat more forms of cyber-crime, including child trafficking, etc. Google, Apple, and Microsoft put their combined weight behind the plan. They warn that their server-farms are increasingly struggling with keeping track of complicated family-names like 'Abramowitz', 'Schemerhorn', and 'Schimmelmacher'. Are these antiquated traditions really needed anymore? At first, the public is reluctant to embrace the idea, and public-relations agencies work diligently to alter the old mindset. Celebrities and sports stars already known by nicknames like "J-Lo" and "DJ Jazzy Jeff" are enlisted to show how 'cool' it is. Finally, what turns the trick is the long-awaited stance of Amazon's CEO, St Steve Bezos, He likes it, claiming that Amazon can streamline user-account maintenance across the entire digital realm; resulting in significant savings per user. Steve makes the theme of "What's in a name anyway?" the theme of his annual Amazon stakeholder's conference in Phoenix, AZ. Televised via Youtube worldwide, Steve emphasizes the pragmatism from the podium. Do personal names really matter now that so many of us lead virtual lives? Why can't everyone agree to make things easier for our nation's over-burdened IT sector and simply adopt concise, fixed-length name-keys like 'Logan-5' or 'THX-1138'? Is it really so much to ask? Really wouldn't it be kind of --fun? For instance, he himself would be Bezos-1, which "his whole company already calls him anyway". Finally, the CSDL (Coalition for a Simpler Digital Lifestyle) sets a date: five years from today, you will not be able to sign-on to the net without choosing a secure, database-friendly username... which also identifies you in real life. ------------------------------------------------- So I thought about writing this as a story, and then I dismissed it. No one today reading this idea would 'react' with the horror that I expect them to react with.
  7. Sgt_Markoff

    Dick Powell as SOTM December 2018

    Powell (to me) is someone I'm thoroughly tired of. Tired of his 'unshaven' look. I'd almost rather watch him as a crooner at this point. He took his tough-guy schtick to, "Richard Diamond, Private Eye" in the world of radio and rode it into the ground. Ten feet under the ground. Its so overdone that his "old friend on the force" (played by Ed Begley) practically steals the show. At this point my favorite role from Powell might just be his supporting performance in 'The Bad and the Beautiful'
  8. Sgt_Markoff


    3 hours ago, Stephan55 murmured: It is very frustrating to me that right here in the neighborhood where I reside, I must confront these loons fairly frequently. Very dispiriting. I can assure you that what makes the task of schooling these louts in history & civics is made immeasurably harder by the advent of the internet. Now that all information has been converted into 'media', it is all suspect, questionable, debatable, and suspicious. Previously, you could take someone by the arm and lead them to a library and all the books there could settle an argument. Not so, nowadays. The internet is the biggest boost ever to conspiracy-theorists and just plain unhinged persons.
  9. Sgt_Markoff


    Very likely so. One of my biggest gaffes since I've been here.
  10. Sgt_Markoff

    What a big let-down!

    Just an aside: it escapes me why any one night of television was expected to be any different from any other. But nevermind; that's probably just me. What I want to say concerns taste. I once knew an Australian bloke who (like many lads in that fine country) had been playing football (soccer) all throughout his upbringing and early adulthood...a span of 15 or 19 years; a full-grown man, well into his thirties. Then one season, he abruptly withdrew from the sport altogether; shunned it, turned his back on it. A decision which --you may well imagine--thoroughly mystified his sport-loving friends and family. But he had finally admitted to himself that he hated the goshdarn game.
  11. Sgt_Markoff


    Not as soon as 1940, according to William L. Shirer. It was euphoric at that point.
  12. Sgt_Markoff

    Films and evolution of human being

    mighty glad to say I don't know these two
  13. Sgt_Markoff


    It was a complex period for intellectuals and artists. Look at what happened to Martin Heidegger and numerous others. It wasn't always clear to people at the time (as it is to us now), what Nazism represented. p.s. Where did his wife end up, I wonder?
  14. Sgt_Markoff

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Aye. I suppose neither perspective is 'wrong' here, Fan Man. Its one of those things where you can choose one perception or the other. As Uncle Joe says (about film noir), its "up to the individual to determine'. Just the way that some people might feel that barflys are being more truthful when they drink....and others might deem them to be saying and doing things that they would never do when sober. (Of course, I wouldn't know about that personally myself.)
  15. Sgt_Markoff

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Lyle Waggoner...never got a dinner!

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