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  1. Dean: I'd guess it was more like they wanted to rock him in their arms like the sobbing infant he was. Cripes, seems like you just have to glance at him and he bursts into tears. That's what I mean by 'not masculine'. His good looks are quite a separate matter.
  2. Sgt_Markoff

    GIANT (1956)

    Okay, but the OP (Beetle) first broached the topic about "off-screen" Texas. I merely followed suit. Two opinions on the same topic...
  3. Sgt_Markoff

    GIANT (1956)

    I agree there's a lot of greatness to Texas and Texas history. But I think in modern times its a case of reality no longer bearing quite as much resemblance to myth as it used to do. Last time I looked, (I refer to data which came my way a few months ago) rural Texas suffers some of the worst quality-of-life metrics in the nation. Leads the country in numbers of uninsured citizens; low wages; lowest rate of high school graduates; highest levels of poverty and malnutrition; infant mortality; incarceration. The big cities are apparently doing fine though; and admittedly the cost-of-living is low (aka, owning a house and a yard). But I was saddened to read this disenheartening information, when it first came my way. I'm a fan of the west.
  4. Meh. You can't level a judgment on the entire Democratic party nor progressive politics based on whatever is happening this year in California, much less happening in your county, much less happening in your neighborhood, much less at whatever was said at a random town hall meeting down the street from you. When you look at the big picture, the Dems are the only ones who have any regard for citizens. If they're currently fighting for survival in a tough race (or a tough issue like racist immigration policies which so many Americans seem ready to leap up and embrace!), I expect to hear then that yes --within limits--they will do whatever they can to keep a foothold in a state government. They're not just gonna turn the country over to the GOP, is that what you want them to do? Just because they can't 'fix' some issue to your complete satisfaction? They should turn our nation over lock, stock, and barrel, to utter lying scum? No. There's a little thing called the Constitution which they at least try to adhere to. They live to fight another day. They've even shutdown government and walked out of state legislatures at times--so have Cons. Remember, that Dems don't have unlimited corporate support the way the GOP does. And they never will. Their record will always reflect some acknowledgement of the democratic processes intended for us by the Signers. Republicans can never claim this. If you've got some NIMBY-in-your-bonnet about immigrants, fume all you want. This too shall pass. If its blinding you to trends in US politics than I'm sorry to hear that. Nonetheless, the record still shows the facts. Remember too, that everyone in the USA is entitled to protection by its laws. There's a lot of confusion about what Rights immigrants are allowed to enjoy, but its more than you might assume. We're not putting them in internment camps, I can tell you that. If that's what you'd rather hear, don't hold your breath.
  5. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Fresh vintage trodden in the same old vat of conservative media disinformation which some people feed on. Let me say that again: the conservative US news media which some people feed on. Democrats and Independents are among the only valid political parties in the US; they are the only ones who govern with any regard for the electorate whatsoever. If this was any other era, the GOP would barely be one step removed from charges of treason.
  6. James Dean ...masculine?
  7. Sgt_Markoff

    Detective Story

    It's a "Five-Borough-Noir" (aka, a noir set in New York City) as well as a "Procedure-Noir" (noir emphasizing police techniques); also its a "Kirk-Noir" (noir starring actor Kirk Douglas) additionally its a Red-Headed-Dick noir (red-haired protagonists). No reason not to show it.
  8. Coffee is somehow inherently more manly, I'm not sure why. Unless you're in a Japanese POW camp where even a couple brief dunks of a tea bag in lukewarm water, can save your life... When it comes right down to it, all a man really needs is a smoke and a cup of coffee!
  9. Sgt_Markoff

    I Just Watched...

    Hard to fathom Kurt Russell taking second billing to "Mark Wahlberg"
  10. American men drinking tea is ...a bit wonky. Brits have tea as part of their national culture, so it's of no moment. (on the other hand the Britons are not known for their manly physique). In 'Gunga Din', his mates are outraged when Douglas Fairbanks Jr. announces his plans to de-mob and run a tea shop. But it has no connotation of effeminacy, just one of conventionality.
  11. Sgt_Markoff

    Noir Alley

    There's a Union League in my city as well. Every big east coast city, I think. But as far as equal membership, the true 'corridors of power' in the world, really aren't impinged on by ERA in the slightest
  12. p.s. Julie Andrews is the author of a noted children's book. 'The Last of the Really Great Wang-Doodles'. Much praise to her for that. It's been well-received and is regularly found on lists of classic children's fantasy literature.
  13. You can't rattle or rile any American who cleaves to the Constitution. That's what progressives are all about. The GOP is the shriller body for sure; perhaps because this is exactly the course they do not wish to take. Remember, they tried to stage a coup de' tat at least once we know of. How do you sleep at night, favoring such men? It can't be because you admire their unworkable fiscal policies which have never yielded prosperity for little folk like us.
  14. Sgt_Markoff

    Joe Rogan on Fauxcahontas

    You follow what chumps like Joe Rogan have to say, for your political views...?
  15. Sgt_Markoff

    George Formby

    I cracked a few smiles and a few outright laughs. Even viewing the fare with closed-captioning. I could easily find it an evening of fascinating viewing except that it was a Friday night and I was just seeking something a little more accessible. If I had been laid up sick and bedridden at home watching Formby I'd have had no complaints. Would've been tickled pink.

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