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  1. Sgt_Markoff

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Very droll, very droll...
  2. Sgt_Markoff

    What are you reading

    Even acting in a small role in a small play in some little town somewhere, takes courage. You're braver than I am!
  3. Sgt_Markoff

    That's a nice car!

    Plymouth Duster
  4. Sgt_Markoff

    Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    Ben Gazzara seemed to excel in playing these creepy, snide (often military) characters. He's not physically imposing but he sure makes it seem that way. What was the picture he was in, alongside George Peppard, set in a Southern military academy?
  5. Sgt_Markoff

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    that last one is "back up a round!" and yes its still heard today. I'm apt to sport a round myself sometimes, it makes good sense
  6. Sgt_Markoff

    Old King Arthur Movies

    There's new ones in the works; animated children's versions or whatever. I heard about it because there's a plagiarism suit which might be raised. It's called 'Kids of the Round Table'. Might already be out somewhere, I don't know.
  7. Sgt_Markoff


    Ever look at a map of the Mediterranean and notice the fairly large island of Sardinia? Ever ask yourself why for an island that size, is it hardly ever mentioned by anyone? Why isn't it more important? Well at one time it was vitally important. At one time it was the seat of a kingdom in the Western Alps called the Kingdom of Savoy, which stood for 400 yrs, and which is now divided up between France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  8. Sgt_Markoff

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    calling women 'sister' was very common
  9. Sgt_Markoff

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Some people are asleep from the neck up; whether prostrate or conscious--and they've been so, from a very early age
  10. Sgt_Markoff

    Drafting a Movie Concept Script

    The famous damsel of the dolomite! The legendary madam of the mica! Siren of the sandstone! Lorelei of the limestone! Hunted--pursued--living by tooth and nail! Have often heard the name...have yet to meet until now. I'm humbled. I can only hope my reputation keeps tongues wagging as long as yours when I am finally ousted from these environs. Script idea: if facetious its fine; as a genuine screenplay concept I advise prudence. Sex-change plots are a current 'darling' of mediocre writers who need sensationalism to supply their lack of talent. Bizarro characters rarely evoke audience empathy.
  11. Sgt_Markoff

    If 5 Movie Characters Had Dinner Together

    Ernest Borgnine was never a bad-looking guy. His despondent expression shows the work of a good actor.
  12. Sgt_Markoff

    Maids in Movies

    Ugh, I loathe "men dressing up as women". If 'Some Like it Hot' hadn't been so hilariously funny I'd never had watched it. Yuck! Oh well. Hullo, what's this....h'mmm. Some august company joining us in this thread.
  13. Sgt_Markoff

    Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    Dargo, the chief reasons for US antipathy towards the Soviet model has always been economic. Collectivism is--and always will be --a stern challenge to our 'private profit' model. Set everything else about national ideologies aside. If you need corroboration, look no further than Noam Chomsky. As for paranoia--the fact is, Soviet spies ran rings around us. We had occasional spectacular coups, but on a day-to-day basis ...really, any determined enemy can usually bewilder us. Eh well. Nevermind. That's just as aside. Kingrat (above) has some interestin' remarks. 'Anatomy of a Murder' is intensely seamy while still being entirely above-board. Its sensational. So typical of Otto Preminger's fascination with sexual themes. Practically every scene in this flick drives the point home--rape! Molested women! Women who 'prowl' out for an evening! Strutting around bare-legged! It's just incredible the 'relentless' way the story hones in on these unsavory issues. None other than Jimmy Stewart facing them down. Who better? The symbolism in this story is epic.
  14. Sgt_Markoff

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    "My goodness you scamps...gallivantin' all over creation! I want you to stay close to the house, d'ye hear me? Mind, now!"

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