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  1. michelponting

    Have you seen these movies?

    No thanks... Lumovies
  2. michelponting

    The funniest Drama you have ever seen.

    The Conqueror is the funniest drama i have ever seen.. Lumovies Edited by: michelponting on Sep 16, 2013 8:10 AM
  3. michelponting

    Doctor Who

    Doctor Who is the fantastic science fiction television show which isliked by many people. I've been watching Doctor Who for three years. The Doctor is so much better and the story lines seemed better. visit seriesgate.com website to get the List of Tv show to watch online Find the latest update of tv shows on Facebook @ SeriesGate
  4. michelponting

    Best comedy show

    Hey Friends, if you ike to watch comedy shows, then pls share with me, which is the best comedy show ? In my opinion, Family Guy is the best. Click @ seriesgate.com if you like to watch Real Housewives tv show
  5. michelponting

    Toy Story 3 v/s Avenger

    Hi guys, I am a huge fan of movies. And here i am posting a new topic about movie. please share with me, which is the best movie in between Toy Story 3 and Avenger ? For me, The Avenger is better than Toy Story 3. What's your favorite ??
  6. michelponting

    Best game you ever played

    The best Game I played ever is 'Final Fantasy'. This game is mine all time favorite game and I've played this game a lot of time....
  7. I am still playing GTA5 game on my xbox. This game is the best game in whole series.
  8. michelponting

    Best Game of 2011

    According to me there are many fantastic games release in 2011. But my favorite of 2011 is Gears of War 3. This game is the most played game of 2011.
  9. michelponting

    Favorite game

    Well my favorite games are Final Fantasy Halo 3 Battlefield 3 Portal 2 I love these games and i really love to play these games because it can give me lot of entertainment. Edited by: michelponting on Jan 25, 2012 12:41 AM
  10. michelponting

    Someone suggest me

    Hi guys, I am Michel. I want to buy a new gaming console, but i am confuseing in between X-box v/s PS3. If you know about this, then plaese let me know which is the best console ?
  11. michelponting

    Breaking Dawn The Movie

    I watch this Breaking Dawnmovie. This movie is best movie of paranormal romance.
  12. michelponting

    The Simpsons

    Simpsons is the best longest running TV show.In this show all the character is so funny,but Maggie Simpson is my favorite character in this show.
  13. michelponting

    Best Comedy Actor

    Tom Cruise is my favorite comedian actor and his acting is mind blowing.I watch all the movie of Tom Cruise.
  14. michelponting

    Name your top five favorite war films

    I like to watch this type of movies.My favorite war movies are: 300 Black Hawk Down The Last of the Mohicans The Longest Day The Battle of Algiers The Hurt Locker The English Patient Troy Gladiator Born on the Fourth of July The Killing Fields Tigerland
  15. michelponting

    Favorite reality show

    Which is your favorite reality Shows, as i love to watch reality shows and mine favorite shows are America's Toughest Jobs,Beauty and the Geek & Biggest Loser. These all shows are very interesting shows. I really liked these all Shows. What urs...........?

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