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  1. update sucks

    Right now it looks like there's no mobile version for phones, and I need to put on reading glasses and expand the page, moving the page all around to read the bigger text. Otherwise the words are so small even gnats can't read them... (of course, if gnats could read).
  2. update sucks

  3. Actor Robert Hardy (1925-2017)

    Robert Hardy was so charming as Siegfried Farnon in "All Creatures Great and Small". I love watching the DVD series. Even in the scenes where his character was infuriating (blaming James Herriot for things he does himself), he was hilarious and lit up the room. It's said that his dogs in the show were his pets in real life. R.I.P.
  4. Bette and Joan

    Me, too! I couldn't get into it the first time I read it, for some reason, but enjoyed it a lot more recently. I like her sense of humor in it.
  5. Bette and Joan

    I wasn't that crazy about No Bed of Roses. Imo, it was stuffy writing...
  6. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I read about the lawsuit, but didn't see "Feud", so I can't weigh in on this (I don't know if Olivia was shown in a positive or negative light). If there were things said about her relationship with Joan, I would imagine Olivia would be sensitive about it (either that she felt what was shown was untrue, or she wanted to 'whitewash' the truth), but again, I can't make an informed decision. I was following the other "Feud" thread when the show was on, to get other members' opinions on it, but it seemed to get mixed reviews here. I'd thought about trying to catch it on YouTube or somewhere else, but haven't been that enthusiastic.
  7. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    Thanks!! I was surprised when I didn't see it, but I should have looked harder.
  8. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    Yep, and given her success with "The De Havilland Law", I fear for Ryan Murphy and FX. Just goes to show you, you're never too old to try something new!
  9. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else here, so sorry if this is repeat news, but I found it interesting that Olivia De Havilland brought a lawsuit against Ryan Murphy and FX over her portrayal in "Feud", just before her 101st birthday on July 1. I'm sure the timing wasn't a coincidence. Here's the article in Variety:
  10. Apartments?

    I've already mentioned this, but I love Bunny Watson's apartment in "Desk Set". The furniture doesn't match but it looks so warm and cozy during that rainy night, with that fireplace and plush carpet. Also love the bookshelves. (Sorry, having trouble posting a pic on my phone...)
  11. Why do you watch classic films?

    Just off the top of my head, in no order: 1) Escapism. It lets me "live" a while in a world that doesn't exist now (and probably didn't exist in real life, then!) 2) The different acting personalities: like, say, Jimmy Cagney vs. Cary Grant vs. Clark Gable. So interesting. 3) I love what another poster said about "adult characters talking like adults". 4) Hmmm... Cinematography? Comparing a movie like "Sunrise", with its visual beauty, with a movie made with a hand-held camera,where the scenes jump around every .03 seconds. You can really sit and "absorb" an older film. ...And other reasons that don't come to mind at the moment. I haven't read the other responses in detail but I'm sure I'm repeating a lot.
  12. Congratulations Hibi

    Lol. Well, let's hope he's just taking a couple of extra spinning classes, or watching lots of "What's My Line" marathons.
  13. Congratulations Hibi

    If you mean DownGoesFrazier, I've been wondering where he's been. Do you (or anyone) know?
  14. Congratulations Hibi

  15. Strong Women In Control?

    You could also argue that she used her illness to try and control/dominate others, to make them take care of her (didn't work though... Henry was making other plans, lol.)

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