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  1. Debbie Reynolds received an Honorary Academy Award in 1916. Unfortunately for some reason, she was not physically able to be there in person to receive it. She won a Screen Actors Life Achievement Award and was just barely there to receive it thanks to the help of her family members who had to make sure she was physically able to make it on stage. I think she had Alzheimers or something towards the end of her life but she had a good run of life achievement awards. I don't know what a Kennedy Honors is but was she supposed to receive one too? I have a few favorite Debbie Reynold films 1. Sing in the Rain: She was in that sweet spot in her career where she was too young and innocent to know she was making history, she just did it like she had been in movies for decades, she didn't think about it. If she thought about how much of a big deal it was, she wouldn't have been as good or would have just dropped out of it. 2. The Catered Affairs: She played the daughter of Bette Davis and that's not easy to do. Should have won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress or been nominated at the very least. I think Golden Globe said they liked her. 3. The Rat Race: She played a woman and she had a job. It was a job where she had to dance with men in a nightclub and she slept with Tony Curtis in the same apartment even though they weren't married. This was a step up from that other movie Tami where she slept with a goat and didn't know what a hot dog was. 4. The Unsinkable Molly Brown: She learned to read and write in the movie. She worked as a barmaid a few weeks later when she ran away from her dad and then married a man who owned a lot of gold. She then moved to Europe for a few months and told those old broads off 12 months later. She deserved an Academy Award for Best Actress but lost to a wooden nanny that had zero flaws. 5. Divorcing Americans: She was married to Dick Van Dye for 20 minutes in the movie which is pretty much the max limit someone can be married to him before they need psychology. Then decided to divorce him and dated the Van Johnson guy from MGM but she told her best friend the anatomy was too small. She was brainwashed by a magician and pretended to be a coffee machine. She deserved at least a Golden Golden nod or Academy Award nod. Those are my choices. She was a great actress, I wish people knew her more than the little girl in Sing in the Rain.
  2. MerryPickford

    Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    This is just an opinion, but I don't think Debbie Reynolds really cared to reprise Tammy after her husband dumped her. I believe in part because like many actresses that get stereotyped as ingenues, sweethearts and "girl next doors", they get sick of playing those parts over and over again and want to do something more challenging. Doing the Tammy sequels would have shortened her film career by about 10 years. She remained successful and got even more popular after Tammy and the Bachelor but had to deal with directors making fun of her cutesy sweetheart persona throughout the 50s and 60s. It wasn't until the 1990s when she did her Las Vegas shows, that she developed a sense of humor and became more self-deprecating, influenced very much by her equally hilarious and brilliant writer daughter.
  3. Does anybody know how to switch back to English. It seems that everybody is posting in Korean right now...
  4. MerryPickford

    Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    I remember reading Reynolds autobiography a while back and these are notable quotes from her book "Unsinkable" regarding the Tammy movies: "Tammy and the Bachelor(1957) was released after Bundle of Joy(1956), but production(Tammy and the Bachelor was filmed in the earlier part of 1956 right after The Catered Affair) was completed before I began work on my film with Mr. Fisher(Eddie co-starred with Debbie in Bundle of Joy, filmed in Summer of 1956 shortly after Tammy). During the filming, I was already pregnant with Carrie, but I wasn't showing yet, so no special setups were required.[Carrie Fisher was born later that year, on October 21, 1956]"(Reynolds, p.231) "The success of the single(Tammy) also saved the movie. My recording wasn't released until after the film had failed at the box office. When the song was a hit(Top 40 for 23 weeks, 5 weeks at number 1) Universal rereleased the movie and it made millions."(Reynolds, p.233) "People often ask me why I didn't play Tammy in the two sequels. Ross Hunter(producer) did ask me to reprise my role, but by then I was pregnant with Todd and the studio couldn't wait for his arrival. So they cast Sandra Dee for 'Tammy Tell Me True. Sandra was fine, but I felt that this decision wasn't the best, that the audience deserved to continue their relationship with Tammy having the same actor in the role. As it turned out, if Universal had waited, I would have been filming during the biggest scandal of the 1950s, when Eddie left me for Elizabeth Taylor, which would have been great for Universal publicity department, if not for me. But it wasn't meant to be."(Reynolds, pp.233-234)
  5. MerryPickford

    STELLA MARIS (1918)

    I saw this movie in LA with a friend who was unfamiliar with silent movies and Pickford. After the movie ended, I asked her what she thought of it and she replied,"I thought it was pretty good! Mary Pickford was really good but that woman who played the orphan was great!" Then I paused for a moment and asked her if she was joking, then she was like "what do you mean?" Then I told her that Mary Pickford played both roles! Now to be fair, my friend doesn't pay much attention to details and isn't much of a silent movie aficionado, but it's pretty amazing almost 100 years later, her Unity Blake character is almost like a completely different actress is playing her.
  6. MerryPickford

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Unfortunately like everyone else, I was not surprised this was coming in the near future. This wonderful man was a workhorse that did all those intros and outros on his own. When he unofficially retired, I figured his health was the main reason. His privacy is respected by me and I will never forget him for the rest of my life. I was a child when I saw him on TCM introducing iconic films like Gone With The Wind and he is what got me interested in the film preservation career that I'm now pursuing. I think this is a huge hit in the film history community because within the last few months, we've lost some heavy hitters like Debbie Reynolds, David Sheppard, and now Robert Osborne. I believe his last public appearance was when he talked about the passing of his friend Debbie Reynolds on that 20/20 special. Now it becomes crucial that we honor these people by progressing forward and continuing their hard work in the film preservation community. Thanks Robert Osborne, for inspiring a young film preservationist like myself, I won't let you down.
  7. MerryPickford

    Luise Rainer Dead at 104?

    You know what's crazy? I was reading an article today about her daughter and apparently her daughter recently came out with a book that had a lot of negative things about her mother. She claimed things like her mother was controlling, nothing was ever good enough for her, she had emotional issues, etc etc the same thing other "mother dearest" books state. I had no idea Luise Rainer also had a daughter did "mommy dearest" on her as well. Well one thing is for sure, if she was truly crazy and and the big B, she might be the longest living craziest B that has lived. Of course I'm kidding and really am shocked that her daughter would automatically start promoting her book shortly after her mother's death.
  8. MerryPickford

    Luise Rainer Dead at 104?

    Is she going to be in TCM Remembers 2014 or is it too late to add her in?
  9. MerryPickford

    Silent Stars SOTM November 2014

    I don't think Mary Pickford has even been featured on SUTS let alone a whole month retrospective. Lillian Gish has been featured for August before, but not Pickford. I concur on the whole "silent stars" as star of the month. It's a bit insulting actually. A bunch of programmers thinking, oh you know, lets show some of those old silent films this month and feature one star per film. That way we don't have to make any of them SOTM for 10 years.
  10. MerryPickford

    Worse original programming?

    Another poster chose the right idea I was searching for when viewing this first episode. The documentary came across as condescending to me assuming his target audience doesn't know who Victor Sjostrom, Benjamin Christensen, or Yasujiro Ozu are by stating something similar to "Casablanca is not classical but Late Spring is classical". Why can't both films be classical to audiences in different ways? I'm sure there are people who aren't film fans or fans or international cinema that don't know who these people are but to those of us who do, the filmmaker comes across as the irritating alpha male film student that spits out a bunch of names in a film history book and tells you how awesome he is for knowing these people and how film was started in New Jersey USA(insert some generic white teenage Jersey girl going out to see the latest installment of Hunger Games) but JUST KIDDING not really....cause it was really a sophisticated French thing and an Uber-Euro Scandinavian thing, you dig you stupid people? You love the bubbles in the 3 films I showed? Yeah that's pretty darn deep and has nothing to do with anything regarding silent cinema but lets talk about the great Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, these are wonderful artists that came from Europe, the real birth of cinema because really people, America can't produce art of their own..... we have to claim Film too since we invented just about everything else artful and sophisticated. America destroyed Hollywood because it used to be a place that had weeds and flowers growing all over the place and Christmas ornaments hanging in close-up. At least that's my impression of it. I liked his explanation of the development of film language using technical camera angles and shots and that's about it.
  11. MerryPickford

    Deanna Durbin 1921 - 2013

    I don't know much about this actress but I had originally thought she was a rival to Shirley Temple. From the responses, it seems she was a rival of Judy Garland so maybe I got the two girls mixed up. BTW, out of curiousity anybody know who that little girl was who rivaled Shirley Temple? I don't believe I've seen any of Deanna Durbin's films unfortunately but then again I never see TCM really doing many tributes for her besides the TCM Remembers one they are starting to loop now.
  12. MerryPickford

    So is Robert Osbourne slowly phasing himself out?

    He does slur his speech a little. I often wondered if he suffers from some kind of chronic illness not publically revealed or went through a very mild stroke of some sort that caused that. Whatever it might be, it seems quite manageble right now and something that's not interferring with work to the point where he cannot continue. I guess it's really none of our business... I think once you get into your 80s though, you can make a bad turn pretty quick even from a mild cold. I really hope he stays as long as he wants, I do enjoy him on TCM. I guess a lot of us want to be selfish and want him on forever! hahah I guess that's not possible.
  13. MerryPickford

    So is Robert Osbourne slowly phasing himself out?

    I don't mind Ben Mank eventually taking over as the overall host at some point since he's the second more familiar face on TCM and while I don't mind change so much, I like how TCM has been so consistent over the years and it's comforting to see the same familiar faces on the channel. That being said, there was a notable mistake on December 31, 2012 Sunday Silents where Ben concluded that "The Hoodlum"(1919)Mary Pickford was just a female actress that was a damsel in distress character that was always rescued by her male co-stars and got the man in the end of the film. Not only is that not true about Mary Pickford's roles, it actually went against the film that "Ben" supposedly was "watching" with the viewers "The Hoodlum". Maybe it's being a little nitpicky to point out an error in the commentary but I guess being a Mary Pickford fan, I was disappointed that TCM was still misrepresenting her when they are the ones that should be getting it right. JMO The book "Queen of the Movies" that TCM was promoting back in Nov on Mary Pickford, the editor of that book Christel Schmidt actually posted a complaint to Ben on twitter and TCM so I wasn't the only one who was disappointed at the error.
  14. I noticed that Ben is doing a lot of the primetime intros now and I was wondering if Robert is just cutting down his filming time and slowly phasing himself out of being the main host of TCM. If that's the case I am not surprised since Robert has to be at least 80 years old now and as much as I love him and will miss him on TCM, I want him to spend his remaining years relaxing and having fun with his family.
  15. MerryPickford


    I'm going to be honest, as soon as Jennifer Jones opened her mouth and said something about being half Chinese and some other lady telling her "Oh you shouldn't be ashamed of being EURASIAN" I decided to change the channel. I know this movie was made in the 1950s and I'm supposed to take everything into context but....yeah.... that and the music being re-played like 100 times throughout the film turned me off. Usually I like and appreciate most movie classics on TCM but that is certainly one I can live without for a long time! Edited by: MerryPickford on Nov 11, 2012 9:56 PM

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