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    *CANDIDS* 2

    Since "Naughty Baby" was filmed in 1928 I doubt that this was shot across from Thelma's Cafe since in 1928 she did not yet own her Cafe.
  2. All three of his posts have been reported to management. I have read enough of this jerk.

    Pert Kelton Bowery and Bed of Roses

    The BOWERY is shown quite often on FOX MOVIE CHANNEL. I just saw it a month ago. There are no commercials or cuts for the older movies . The newer movies are cut for content and commercials. BED OF ROSES has been shown so many times in TCM. I watch it every time for Pert's performance.

    Anyone dig on WEST OF BROADWAY (1931)???

    Here is a link to Lois's biography on AMAZON that was published in 2005. It includes interviews with Lois and her son and many pictures. It has rave reviews on AMAZON.COM http://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Fairy-Tale-Actress-Moran/dp/0879103124

    Anyone dig on WEST OF BROADWAY (1931)???

    I fell completely for Lois Moran after seeing her in WEST OF BROADWAY several years ago on TCM. She is so cute and yes, spunky and has a lovely face and figure to boot. Is it any wonder that F. Scott Fitzgerald had a fling with her when he was in Hollywood and gave her a character in his novel TENDER IS THE NIGHT? This film also features my next favorite lady, Madge Evans who also looks super sexy in her role. The part where Gilbert has the DTs looks so authentic , I am actually sad when I see it. It looks too real not to be authentic!

    *CANDIDS* 2

    I agree 100% Mongo and Dargo. I use your pictures to show them to my friends who think they know all about the "classic" era and they are stumped. Thanks to TCM , and I have been watching from the beginning, I have met actors that I never knew existed and learned to love their performances. I very rarely contribute on these boards, but I appreciate the chance to try out my knowledge.

    *CANDIDS* 2

    Well I have always been an excellent speller , even won a spelling bee in grade school. HOWEVER have never learned to type so ......My comment was not meant to be mean spirited, in fact I was trying to make light of your typing....HAHAHAHA.

    *CANDIDS* 2

    You must be a fortune teller Mongo! Jane Russell you are predicting will live until 2911, but I thought she had already pased on???!!
  9. The name you want is Gordon Jones......
  10. So I was correct right MILESARCHER?
  11. William "Stage" Boyd is on the left.....
  12. GAGMAN>......you must have misunderstood me.... I had NOT seen that picture of Moore in your "SILENTS" section, but I had seen numerous pictures of her that you had posted and knew almost instantly (thanks to you) that it was Colleen.
  13. I read your column and see the pictures you post in the "Silent Movies" section ....so I only have you to thank!
  14. This actor was in one of my favorite films ...The Sea Hawk with Errol Flynn...it is Francis McDonald

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