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  1. OldMovie67

    TCM on iPad Mini - Wont Play on TV :-(

    I am having the same problem with my I Pad Air. The movie will not show on my television screen. I only receive audio. I have notified TCM at least 4 times and have not received a response. Does anyone know what can be done to fix this issue?
  2. OldMovie67

    When did ticket sales begin?

    Over the past two years passes have gone on sale around November 15; give or take a few days.
  3. OldMovie67

    Bugs Bunny's 75th Birthday Bash

    Thanks for the information. However, I should have stated the information for the Festival App that goes to my iPhone and iPad calendars shows the event beginning at 9:15 and ending at 10AM. All the other events and times I picked were transferred correctly to my iPhone and iPad. I thought someone from TCM should be aware in case there are others who may have a similar experience while they are creating their schedules. Again, I appreciate the quick response!
  4. I am in the process of creating my schedule of movies I would like to see during the festival. I noticed in the detail information section in the "festival schedule grid" for the Bugs Bunny 75th Birthday Bash does not show the actual length of the program. I am asking for some one to look into providing this information. Thank you!
  5. OldMovie67

    iPad App not working

    I am having the same problem with trying to access my TCM app on my iPad and iPhone. Can someone provide information if this app has been discontinued or does it require a re-boot?
  6. OldMovie67

    schedule date and times

    If you go to the TCM Movie Schedule in the upper right hand corner you can change the movie time to your specific Time Zone. Once yoiu have made the change you should not have a problem with the scheduled movie beginning and ending times. Let me know if this helps!
  7. OldMovie67

    HELP URGENT OCTOBER needs to return to the TCM I loved!

    An abundance of any one thing I feel would be overkill ( for lack of a better expression). I recall a time when my children were young and we took a trip to Disneyland. Like most children, my kids love hamburgers for either lunch or dinner; however after the second day they did not want to see another hamburger. I love Westerns, but a whole month of any one genre in my opinion would be too much! I believe 5 to 7 days would be a nice compromise for any genre to be shown on TCM.
  8. OldMovie67

    Spotlight Pass

    mavfan4life and countessdelave thanks so much for your insight and detailed information on the pros and cons of purchasing passes for this years TCMFF. I can now make a more informed choice on Wednesday in regards to which pass to purchase. I really appreciate your assistance.
  9. OldMovie67

    Spotlight Pass

    Thanks mavfan4life for the heads up! BTW, since you have previously purchased the Essential pass, were you able to gain entrance to the movies you wanted to see. And how early did you arrive to get on line to ensure you were admitted. Any insight you can provide is appreciated. Enjoy the weekend!
  10. OldMovie67

    Spotlight Pass

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is looking to obtain additional information regarding the pros and cons of purchasing a Spotlight Pass versus an Essential Pass. Hopefully someone will be able to provide the information before I make a less information decision on Wednesday when the passes go on sale.
  11. OldMovie67

    Spotlight Pass

    Is there anyone out there who has purchased the Spotlight Pass from previous festivals? I am looking for specific details and thoughts about the Vanity Fair After Party, breakfast with Robert Osborne, the goody bag and anything that may come to mind regarding the pros and cons of purchasing the Spotlight Pass versus the Essential Pass.

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