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    I love movies celebrities and also love drawing them
  1. kaslovesTCM

    Who Is Your Favorite Classic Movie Mom?

    call me corny but I loved Donna Reed on the what else "Donna Reed Show" and also loved her in "It's a Wonderful Life"
  2. kaslovesTCM

    time to end my TCM ...

    I reallly am considering cancelling my TCM station here in Toronto, Canada with my cable package in order to have TCM I need to have a lot of stations that I don't watch also TCM just keeps showing the same movies all the time and the website is also not great and the ulimtate insult is when they advertise a certain movie on facebook and it is not even shown here in Canada I remember last summer when they focused on Faye Dunnaway instead of the movie selections they had on the US schedule here in Canada they had one movie on 3 times in one day at different times there has been talk that someday we will be able to choose the stations we want but how long will that take
  3. kaslovesTCM

    steve martin nite

    I would love to see The 3 Amigos
  4. kaslovesTCM

    hollywood in a severe decline

    it used to be an actor had to be a triple threat but now it is all about looks, plastic surgery and sex tapes
  5. it seems the remind me function is never used anymore I wanted to see if a certain movie is going to be on and usually every time it never shows finally this morning I saw it and was hopeful but I clicked on it only to see a message saying this movie is not scheduled in this case it is the Paul Newman Joanne Woodward movie "From the Terrace" this is the link http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/75749/From-the-Terrace/#
  6. kaslovesTCM

    Hayley Mills

    why is my pic so small???
  7. kaslovesTCM

    Hayley Mills

    it is time for TCM to have a Hayley Mills day with all her movies
  8. kaslovesTCM


    Patrick Stewart and Laura Linney
  9. I just tried it and since I am in Canada they do not have my service provider listed boooooo
  10. my pvr let me down and it didn't tape From the Terrace I hope they show it again damn that makes me mad
  11. Long Hot Summer I don't think that has ever been on TCM has it? saw this as a kid on tv and that was my first Paul Newman movie Rally Round the Flag Boys have seen this on TCM before it is a cute movie From the Terrace this is another one I don't think has ever been on TCM before have taped all 3 Thank you TCM
  12. kaslovesTCM

    Richard Long

    he really was a natural and yes he died too young
  13. kaslovesTCM

    Richard Long

    does anyone know about him I am asking because I am watching "The Stranger" on TCM and a very young Richard Long is in it
  14. kaslovesTCM

    that scary Lucille Ball statue

    ok the statue is horrible I agree but my burning question is why did it take so long to bring this to the public's attention??? I heard it has been up since 2009

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