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  1. singsong

    Bob Hope Paree, Paree short

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will have to get that DVD!
  2. Does anyone know of anywhere on the web where I could watch the musical short Paree, Paree free? Or buy it for a cheap price? I specifically just want to see the scene where Bob Hope sings "You Do Something to Me," so if anyone has a link/clip of that only, that'd be great too!
  3. singsong

    Bob Hope Paree, Paree short

    I was wondering if anyone had a clip of Bob Hope singing "You Do Something to Me" in the musical short Paree, Paree? Or if anyone knows a link to somewhere on the web where I could watch it free? I can't even find in on Amazon to buy cheap =( Thanks!
  4. singsong

    Sabrina 1954 songs!!

    YES! That's it!!! Thank you so so much! I will listen to this over and over now...
  5. singsong

    Sabrina 1954 songs!!

    *Please please please does anyone know the song that is played on Linus' portable phonograph after "Yes, We Have No Bananas?" It's the one that sadly reminds Linus of his past lover. I have tried to look for it everywhere and cannot find it for the life of me.* *Thanks!* B-)

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