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  1. AFreeSoul

    Academy Awards Help?

    I was looking specifically for the entire program. But ill check it out.
  2. AFreeSoul

    Mr Lancaster

    Dad always told me to watch Burt Lancaster films - his favourite being Trapeze - and i never listened. After watching From Here to Eternity, The Killers and Separate Tables, i began to realize the talent (and appeal) of my Dads faviourite. Can anyone tell me their favourite, less well known, Lancaster films?
  3. AFreeSoul

    locating film documentery

    I was browsing film documentaries on the internet and stumbled across The Casting Couch (1995) It looks interesting but i haven't been able to find a copy except for the VCR product on offer at amazon that, unfortunately, cannot be shipped to my address. Can anyone help me with locating a DVD version?
  4. AFreeSoul

    Academy Awards Help?

    I was wondering whether i can purchase copies of the full Academy Awards programs from 1950 to 1970? I am mainly interested in the 1961 awards. Please help!!

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