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  1. Thing is Limey, TCM manages to trot out the same line-up just about every MEMORIAL DAY, And still overlook both Pearl Harbor and D-DAY, which are significant to American history. And as yes, it isn't the History Channel, one need separate the difference..... Showing a MOVIE that depicts the historical significance of some day isn't necessarily the same as a day of documentaries that feature much of the backstory of events and facts behind the day's significance. Plus there are classic movies that feature as backdrop or utilize the events of the days in question in their substance. Like all the fictional personal stories featured in some movies made about the TITANIC disaster for instance. Sepiatone
  2. Proper respect?

    Then again Darg, neither of my daughters have Polish first names( Iryna, Matylda, etc.) but it doesn't make them any LESS Polish. Sepiatone
  3. FORGOTTEN Oldies

    So, wanna go even OLDER do ya, DB? Fine...
  4. Who would you marry?

    Does it HAVE TO be a "classic" movies actress? And does that mean I have to give a pass to JOEY HEATHERTON and TUESDAY WELD( both who are actually a few years younger than my actual wife.)? Well then, it'd be a toss-up between the aforementioned GENE TIERNEY and RITA HAYWORTH. And maybe MYRNA LOY if those two turn me down. Sepiatone
  5. Proper respect?

    Recently saw the "wine club" promo for the new MARX BROTHERS wine. And noticed they said everything about it EXCEPT that it was KOSHER. I think that does the brothers an injustice. Sepiatone
  6. on svengoolie tonite

    Ah, well I missed it due to my watching instead PBS airings of a VICTOR BORGE special and an EVERLY BROTHERS documentary back-to-back. Sepiatone
  7. A Christmas Carol 1951

    "Anyone ELSE"? Must be that YOU'VE detected some. So let us in. Sepiatone
  8. Favourite Christmas films

    Glad to help. It's clear we all have our favorites. And some just loved by others are also disliked by still others. Really doesn't matter which movies anyone ELSE likes that I hate. If it makes YOUR Christmas season a merry one, how can I possibly object? Sepiatone
  9. Yeah, I did miss their correction, but I'll further go on to say that I found the correct wording on a "famous quotes" site, under "Yamamoto". So yeah, he actually said it. WHEN he said it is not clear though. as to part 2 of your quote: Yeah, they showed "appropriately flavoured" movies for Saint Andrew's Day. But they DIDN'T for example, show TORA! TORA! TORA! on that day TOO, did they? Get the drift NOW, LIMEY? Sepiatone
  10. Best Ebenezer Competition

    Would have been hard NOT to notice. love for THIS guy?---- Sepiatone
  11. FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Wouldn't have mattered otherwise Jake. I believe it was originally BROADCAST in black and white. Sepiatone
  12. Favourite Christmas films

    TRAPPED IN PARADISE is one a nephew of mine turned me on to about 18-19 years ago. It's basically a comedy about three brothers( Nicholas Cage, Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey) that pull a bank heist in a small town and have problems getting OUT of town. And takes place on Christmas Eve, so there's the seasonal connection. FLORENCE STANLEY is a hoot as their Mother. Sepiatone
  13. Best Ebenezer Competition

    Well, he certainly beat the HELL out of SEYMORE HICKS' gosh-awful Scrooge. The ONLY thing I liked about that 1935 British mess was that they didn't change Scrooge's fiancee's name from BELLE to ALICE. Sepiatone
  14. Not sure what "sleeping tiger" LIMEY is referring to, but the 1954 MOVIE was released on June 21 of that year. Unless he's mixed up "animal-wise" in possibly referencing Yamamoto's quote--- "I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." But to American audiences, DEC. 7 holds a specific significance, and the OP probably had THAT in mind when wondering why no movies on an AMERICAN based entertainment outlet didn't acknowledge the day with pertinent fare. And the fact that it's TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES channel and NOT the UNITED NATIONS CLASSIC MOVIES channel is likely why no Finnish flavoUred movies were spotlighted on the 6th. Sepiatone
  15. Actors/Actresses who never acted on screen together

    Sure, that probably kept a lot of these imagined pairings from actually happening. For all WE know they were thought of before, but didn't happen because of contract issues. Like, think of the MAYHEM if THE RITZ BROTHERS and THE MARX BROTHERS got together on the same screen! All six to seven of them could be chasing after THE ANDREWS SISTERS. Sepiatone

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