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  1. Sepiatone

    Ron Ely

    You mean this? Yeah, that is too bad. And I hope the best for him too. That's a lot to process. Sepiatone
  2. Sepiatone

    Why I love TCM

    A lot of reasons. I grew up from the early '50's and so when the only movies on TV were what TCM and the members here call "classic". And also being a history "buff" of sorts, seeing how the medium has advanced over the years and the historical social norms and cultural life in days gone by is interesting to me. Plus, many of those movies are so damned good! And all done with acting, a camera and well written stories. And eventual limited special effects and trick photography. Meaning only used when absolutely necessary and/or pertinent to the story. Plus, growing up when I did( and under the circumstances) I didn't SEE a color TV set until I bought my own when I was 24, so black & White movies don't bother me so much. It's kinda like "going home" to me. Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone


    Kinda sounds like a scene out of "Little Big Girl". But really, sorry to learn of that. And those devices are so "COOL". Back in the '60's there used to be an old fashioned arcade under the Canadian side of Niagara Falls' Rainbow bridge, and they had about four or five of those which I must have dropped $20 worth of change into. A couple of them were Keystone Cops comedies, and the rest were split between dancers and strippers. Sepiatone
  4. Sepiatone

    Marsha Hunt is 102 today

    And I'll bet she doesn't look a DAY over 85! What an achievement. I wish her the happiest of birthdays. Sepiatone
  5. Nobody was ever sure( as he refused to divulge) if ARTHUR TREACHER was financially involved with his namesake fish'n'chip chain other than just a spokesman. But the biggest celebrity business venture surprise was when POPEYE went into the CHICKEN business! Yeah, yeah.... save your time. I know the Popeye chicken chain has nothing to do with the cartoon character and was named after the founder whose nickname was "Popeye". So, what LAW is there that says I can't have a little fun here? Is this the TCM message boards, and NOT an SNHU website? Sepiatone
  6. Sepiatone

    Comcast is the devil!!!

    I left Comcast(which my daughter calls "comcrap") 'bout in 2005 for Wide Open West(WOW) which is noticeably less expensive, but not what some might call cheap. And isn't really all that available everywhere. But I was able to pare down what I pay for by eliminating much of that which I never used. Now, XFINITY(Comcast with a fake mustache) will offer me cheaper "deals" but we know that within a year that charge will more than double and triple. Plus they still( according to relatives who still use it) offer the same rude and useless "customer service" that was the reason most people that could left Comcast to begin with. Now, when I call WOW's customer service, I DO wind up talking to someone from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka who calls himself "Keith", but they are more courteous and do seem to know what they're doing. Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    ??? "Pins"? Sounds like it might be THIS gal----- Sepiatone
  8. Sepiatone


    Bear in mind though, that Springer does have a law degree, so it's not beyond his realm. And incidentally( and based on personal experience) I believe the 3 Stooges short was the template used when establishing the Wayne County, MI Friend of the Court. Sepiatone
  9. I'm not sure what constitutes as criteria for getting an HOF nomination, but as in sports, being a household name shouldn't necessarily figure in. Impact on genre and influence to other musicians can be achieved by many whom the larger general public might not ever heard of. Nor should number of records sold or #1 radio hits. Many mediocre artists have achieved that over the years( and more mediocrity still makes a lot of money) but still never changed musical direction or spurred many to take up an instrument or try for a music career. And I don't think any "obscurity" of any sort had anything to do with T-Rex taking so long to get a nomination. They were very well known and regarded by American audiences in the early '70's. And "Bang A Gong"( but "Get It On" in the UK) still gets enough "classic rock" airplay to be known to subsequent generations. And I'm glad to see THIN LIZZY get mention, although my favorite by them never got enough airplay Maybe the song's content was a factor? As a Detroiter , I surely would like to see MC5 get in there, but as BOB SEGER got the nod, that'll do for now. As for KRAFTWERK, I couldn't care less. Since rock groups and other musicians were creating FAR better electronic music than they ever did when they came along, And, as much as I dislike it, I have to admit that today's "electronica" is an improvement to Kraftwerk's "stress busters" approach to the use of synthesizers. Their greatest achievement was in making any of the music scores attributed to them more boring than the movies they were used for, thereby making those dreadful flicks not so boring. Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone


    Yeah, believe it or not. And STILL looking for "baby daddies". An entire thread could be done about daytime talk-show hosts(hostesses) who are still here and who are gone. And just about anybody eventually has a talk sow. Now it's KELLY CLARKSON, and for a while there was celebrity chef ROBERT IRVINE, but not cooking, doing the Oprah type thing. Sepiatone
  11. Sepiatone

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    re: THE BIRDCAGE--- I like it too. It too, was one of my wife's favorites. We really couldn't decide on whose performance we enjoyed more... Williams', Lane's, or Azaria's. I always crackup at the scene in which DIANE WIEST describes the pattern on the china as, "Young boys playing leapfrog!" Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    Misleading Titles

    Over the years I've lived next door to many of those. Sepiatone
  13. Sepiatone

    Movie Blunders

    I wonder if that's VICTOR MATURE's wristwatch? Anyway, I can't pinpoint the exact moment, but in REEFER MADNESS, there's a scene in which a kid, "hopped up" on pot, is driving a car wildly, and you HEAR the car speed up, but at the same time, there's a shot of the car's speedometer showing that it's SLOWING DOWN! Now, that's good sh*t Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone


    Seems like you watch a LOT of MAURY POVICH. Sepiatone
  15. Sepiatone

    Misleading Titles

    OLD YELLER; About a dog that, to my memory, didn't yell ONCE in the entire movie. The PEOPLE did most of the yelling. Sepiatone

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