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  1. Sepiatone

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Well, that BILL DEAL band must be "forgotten" because I don't recall EVER hearing of them! Sound as if they might have been BIG on AM radio in the late '60's, when I mostly STOPPED listening to AM radio! Nice tune though.... And BTW--- that Orbison clip informs me(when clicking on "play") that "This video is unavailable". So, here's a group that's NOT "forgotten" but their SECOND sort of "hit" is, (and I've always liked it a bit BETTER than their first! Although that sleeping lion song wasn't their FIRST single, but likely their first "hit". Sepiatone
  2. Notice that clip doesn't show any shot of th audience, who for all we know could just be pre-recorded like that "audience" on the "Chuck Berry On Stage" LP from '63. (read about it here....) Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Well, that might come later, if that wall gets built and those who would be "illegals" notice it doesn't extend that far and they decide to start coming in through that wide open spot (those who decide NOT to stay in Canada, because no family there ) probably into Montana. I'll stop now as to avoid getting shuttled off to the "off topic" page. Sepiatone
  4. Sepiatone

    Young Tom Edison

    Although he does do a bit of a cameo in this flick, it might have been a KICK if they had cast SPENCER TRACY, who plays Edison all grown up later that year as Edison's FATHER in this one! Sepiatone
  5. Sepiatone

    That's a nice car!

    They might wish they had THOSE where all that SNOW has been falling lately. Sepiatone
  6. Sepiatone

    colorizing deserves another shot

    Sometimes, the HISTORY CHANNEL shows something called "WWII in Color", which isn't colorized, but originally shot in color. That works OK, but if the color was added, it might look like any other "colorized" movie/cartoon. Which BTW, most colorized movies REMIND me of. Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone


    And SO close it's creepy! Thanks for the pics. Sepiatone
  8. I was( and technically still am). However, as my hometown's Northern border is up against the Southwestern border of Detroit, not really THAT far out of the city. Close enough as to when we're out of town somewhere and someone asks where we're from, it's an easier frame of reference to just say, "Detroit". As to HERMAN'S HERMITS, no matter HOW much fun it is to deride a tune like "HENRY THE EIGHTH", it STILL "rocked" more than anything I recall GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS ever did! I mean, C'MON! Even THIS fell far short of showing any real life! And check out the crowd shot! Not exactly being driven MAD, are they? Sepiatone
  9. Sepiatone

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Instead of BELLYACHIN' here, did anyone find out just WHO made those decisions, and WHY? THAT would be the more sensible direction in which to fire your disgusted vitriol. ( or, would you guys spell that "v-i-t-r-i-o-U-l " ? Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone


    OK, this is kinda creepy..... But the photo( wish I could post 'em) of the accused kidnapper of JAYME CLOSS, a young man named JAKE PATTERSON, looks a LOT like actor ATTICUS SHAFFER who played "Brick" in the TV comedy THE MIDDLE. I think the two are also 'bout the same age! .....funny that you never see them in the SAME ROOM at the SAME TIME! Sepiatone
  11. Sepiatone

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Actually, I like those little butter tarts. They sold them at the concession stand at the bingo hall we (my wife and I) used to go( Derby). Those and the COFFEE CRISP bars were the only thing to ENTICE me to go to bingo. Every time I bought a packet of those tarts I kept hearing Paul McCartney's "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" ("Butter pie?"--"The butter wouldn't melt so we put it in the pie......") Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Nope. ALBERT. Who designed this 118 year old theater, last I heard (some years back) of plans to restore and preserve it, but not sure now what's happened to it. And this link: (you'll need to "copy/paste") will take you to more info and photos of Kahn designed buildings, some gone, many still there! Sepiatone
  13. And just where the HELL do you think Michigan IS? Oh, sure. The DAVE CLARK 5 and THE ANIMALS did get some attention ( as did most of the "British Invasion" bands. The WHO, HERMAN'S HERMITS, GEORGIE FAME etc.) . The only thing most of us could agree on was not having much(if any) use for GERRY and THE PACEMAKERS. Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    As long as it's just my BRAIN that does the "dribbling" I'm OK. And SGT?----- I'm kinda proud of the fact that Architectural students from around the country make trips to Detroit to gander at the historic architecture still preserved in this city. There are still blocks of structures in it's GREEKTOWN section still standing and being used that date back to the CIVIL WAR. Many of the city's "premier" structures were designed by Albert Khan. Sepiatone
  15. I too am surprised at you. Where WERE you when I mentioned( several times) that there were fierce rivalries between The Beatles' fans and The Rolling Stones' fans when I was in Jr. high (when both came into prominence)? Why, girls got to biting and scratching, and guys broke into FIST FIGHTS over who they thought was the "better" or "best". I certainly DON'T recall anything like that happening over The Beach Boys and some other band! Probably though because nobody else came CLOSE! Sepiatone

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