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  1. Does too, raise the question of how often (if ever) has TCM showed TOMORROW IS FOREVER? I do think I did see it once on TCM, but never noticed it in recent years. But, I never DO burn the schedule into my brain. And then....NO mention of BOB,&CAROL&TED &ALICE? Sepiatone
  2. Sepiatone

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    'Bout ten years ago or so one of my daughters caught an old "pre-code" movie (for some reason) and too, expressed surprise at the obvious "bralessness" of the ladies in the movie. I just don't remember which movie she told me it was. Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    Vanishing Movie Cliches

    I dunno.... When I was 13-14 or so I used to go to CARTER'S or WHITE CASTLE and order coffee with my burgers. Depended on the time of year. Sure, summertime it'd be Coke (or some other "pop") And I believe that should be, "CHIZZ-b u g g e r!" and... "CHEEPS", no fries. Sepiatone Can't BELIEVE that in THIS case, Otto censored "b u g g e r"
  4. Sepiatone

    Vanishing Movie Cliches

    For a gag once( nad resulting in the loss of his job) a buddy of mine, working in a location of a hamburger chain called CARTER'S, and in response to another buddy ordering a "Burger with everything" handed him a burger topped with: Fried onions lettuce tomato mashed potatoes mustard ketchup strawberry sauce butterscotch sauce hot fudge whipped cream And a Marachino cherry...on TOP of the bun, held by a TOOTHPICK! He later thought...."I shoulda added a PACK OF CIGARETTES!" Sepiatone (I don't know why that list isn't straight up and down)
  5. Sepiatone

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    That just reminded me of some gag I got online about 15 or so years ago.... Supposedly an X-Ray of PAMELA ANDERSON that showed two BASKETBALLS where her breasts would be located. Clever "photo-shopping". Sepiatone
  6. Thanks. And yeah, I've seen the French original. Both tickle me almost equally. But having seen the French one first, it holds a "special place". And another---- There's a slightly "cute" but mostly forgettable 1985 movie titled JUST ONE OF THE GUYS in which actress JOYCE HYSER plays a young female high school journalism student who poses as a high school boy as research for an article in an attempt to win some journalism competition. She did a fairly good job as a "male impersonator", but her looks(as a guy) kept reminding me of RALPH MACCHIO. Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone

    A Zillion Ways to Die!

    How about any in the FINAL DESTINATION franchise? Sepiatone
  8. Sepiatone

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    Yeah, and like NIP is with HOT SPELL, I'm still waiting for them to get around to showing PRESSURE POINT('62) again. To my knowledge, they've only shown it once. Sepiatone
  9. And not unlike a LOT of people, black OR white, that I've known all my life and even today. And since my wife's health issues arose (and her stroke) I've noticed they all seem to be in the MEDICAL field! Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    Regretfully, it came up BLANK on my PC screen for some reason. Somebody's gonna have to DESCRIBE it to me. Sepiatone
  11. Sepiatone

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    Ah, yes.... I remember all the "tracking" BS involved with VHS back in the "day". I still have a lot of VHS tapes, movies copied from cable and/or from other VHS tapes. I used to do a LOT of that, at one point having - based on two movies per cassette- over 600 titles. I even printed out a multi-page guide to aide in the ease of finding a particular movie, since all my cassettes were numbered. But since my move 7 years ago, and lack of time and space, I had to pick which ones I REALLY wanted to keep and leave the rest behind. But I still have many cassettes. Enough to make a working VCR a necessity, and at the time('bout six years ago) I had no trouble finding one of those VCR/DVD combo units. But I only use the VCR side to play a tape (since everything yet hasn't been re-issued on DVD, just like a lot of MUSIC has never been re-issued on CD) and haven't bothered recording anything for many moons. Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    photo size

    I found that after a FEW early postings that no matter WHAT size the photo I tried to post, I was informed the image was "too large". Even "thumbnail" images that were actually SMALLER than my ACTUAL thumbnail! Sepiatone
  13. I've said it many times in many different places and in many different situations...... When it comes to music, how a person LOOKS, or all that pyrotechnic, laser light STAGE EFFECTS stuff is of no real importance. I've always attended concerts( rock, jazz, classical, etc.) with this mindset... ie: I'm STEVIE WONDER attending a concert. I can't SEE how the performer looks or the clothes he/she and others on stage are wearing, nor can I see the FLASH PODS and all the other light shows or whatnot. So....WHAT is going to impress ME about this concert the most? Nah, I wasn't a MJ fan in the sense I'd pay to fight the crowd and go to one of his concerts. His later music did(for me) have some brilliant spots in it, and I did too, always have respect and high regard for him as an entertainer ever since he burst in on the scene as a precocious 10 year old. I'm not surprised at ALL about the size of his fan club. Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    Heh. Yeah, I once wrote a treatise that was a list of things that made one "American". Explaining that being an American citizen was a good thing, but being "American" was an entirely different state of mind. And on that list was this........ Americans will turn a blind eye or think it OK that their children spend hours watching cartoons or play video games in which the "hero" shoots, stabs, blows up or beats up their opponents. But GOD FORBID they should see TWO SECONDS of JANET JACKSON'S t i t! I also mentioned that child rearing "mavens" and groups like the LA LECHE LEAGUE are OK with Mothers pushing a breast in their kid's faces even up until the age of 4 or more, but PLEASE don't let 'em SEE one on TV or in a movie! Sepiatone
  15. Sepiatone

    Noir Alley

    No? By WHOM'S standard? I imagine TCM's programming is based on simple principles..... What's available, viewer feedback and whatever other info gathered from letters, e-mails and what's possibly posted in these forums or the inevitable "social media". So, if you or anyone else feels there's "too much" noir shown on the channel, it could be that "too many" viewers give the most positive feedback about it. Sepiatone

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