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  1. Ahem..... So, THIS is the thread people come to who aren't capable of submitting THEIR own thoughts, or are otherwise incapable of forming their OWN opinions, eh? Sepiatone
  2. Sepiatone

    That's a nice car!

    Couldn't see that image Slayton. But I have a question.... What WAS the make of that sports car that CARY GRANT tools around in with MARILYN MONROE at his side in MONKEY BUSINESS? A friend of mine SWEARS it's a MORGAN, but even in a movie, I find it hard to imagine buying a Morgan at a Ford "agency". Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Gawd! It'd probably be more confusing and much colder than that hedge maze in THE SHINING. But one imaginary movie place I'd LOVE to visit, is THE EMERALD CITY in the land of Oz, and get "a clip,clip here" and "a clip, clip there" by those leggy ladies at the WASH & BRUSH UP CO. Maybe too, a leasurely stroll through 'TOON TOWN. With a quick stop for a malted milk in PLEASANTVILLE. Sepiatone
  4. *sigh*...... Remember.... I WASN'T talking about FIGHT FANS. But I still contend that, in accordance with the story Stallone wrote, That a Fourth of July BICENTENNIAL boxing match between anyone LESS than a highly outspoken and widely known and loved heavyweight "champ" and a "nobody" given the "shot" would draw a FAR BIGGER crowd of not ONLY fight fans, but the GENERAL PUBLIC, including many who AREN'T fight fans, than a couple of skinny latino middleweights that most of the American citizenry have never heard of. And THAT OCCASION TOO, is a large part of the story. And remember too.... That BIG PARADE scene at the end of SOMRBODY UP THERE LIKES ME actually did occur, but in GRAZIANO'S old neighborhood! And until the movie came out, the REST of the country never did know, less even CARE who this great boxer was. Sure, the FIGHT FANS knew, but beyond them?------ Sepiatone
  5. Well we all know by now that producers of those kind of movies don't always go for accuracy. And besides.... As Priscilla is still alive and HAS developed some good acting chops, WHY hire some OTHER woman to play her part? What you REALLY have to concern yourself with.... is finding an actor who RESEMBLES Elvis enough to be viable, and doesn't play the part like the CHARICATURE other actors so far have. Sepiatone
  6. I don't think so. For some reason boxing at any weight class doesn't create the draw a big heavyweight bout did back when ROCKY was made. EVERYBODY tuned in to see ALI fight. But FAR LESS bothered with lighter classes. 1st, size, both physical and ego-wise, and overall notoriety is what made heavyweight "champ" Apollo Creed( a movie character obviously fashioned after ALI) the main "draw" in the proposed fight initially. But true, your point about the STORY isn't dismissed. The crux anyway. But still, too many changes would have to be made which might have diluted the story to the point of weakness. Like all the hoopla made by the public when he's spotted jogging the city streets, or TV news coverage about a middleweight contender training by hitting on a side of beef. And consider this--- Which had the bigger threater draw would you say? WAR OF THE GARGANTUANS, or "closed circuit" showings of Duran/Leonard? Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone


    Yeah, CG, I always too pointed out that if one looks or listens HARD enough, they'll hear or see what they're looking or listening for. BTW: It was supposedly that the TINKY WINKY "Teletubby" character toted around what Falwell claimed was some sort of PURSE that set him off. And in the "hearing" basket, we have the wag that tried to claim the song "Puff The Magic Dragon" was a song about drugs. Song co-writer PETER YARROW did a funny response to that allegation. Sepiatone
  8. I never said middleweights NEVER drew a crowd, but I'll bet the rent that MORE people(those that don't really care for the sport) have heard of and HAVE seen a MUHAMMED ALI or MIKE TYSON fight than have tuned in on(or "p-p-viewed") Roberto Duran or Tommy Hearns fights. My wife for example, doesn't care for boxing, but HAS heard of JOE LOUIS, MUHAMMED ALI, GEORGE FOREMAN( thanks to the GRILL ) and JOE FRAZIER. But has NO idea who MARVIN HAGLER or even Detroit's "pride and joy" Tommy Hearns were. Sepiatone
  9. Sepiatone

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    I too, haven't seen ALL of Bob's movies, but of the ones I have seen, I find hard to pare down to just one "favorite". Best I can do is offer a few..... HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON THUNDER ROAD THE HUNTERS TWO FOR THE SEESAW Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone


    Funny( but slightly) , but I really don't think it's the case with Falwell. Or ANITA BRYANT also. Plus also, it TOO seems that DB is "doth protesting" a bit much. I mean, I never once questioned any of his predilictions, did I? So then, WHY is he reacting so strongly ? Sepiatone
  11. Not to also mention that the type of boxing exhibition played up in the story wouldn't have been as BIG a deal between two middleweights as it would two heavyweights. Check the receipts of the "pay-per-view" fights between middleweights and heavyweight fighters, and you'll probably find the greater general public interest, when added to the "true" fight fans interest gets THEM the bigger gate. So, ROCKY, re-written for a lighter class would have never worked. IMHO. Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone


    Do I HAVE to repeat it to get through the thickness of bone? The heteroes that DO look for those subtexts are usually "crusaders" with some convoluted concept that they're "saving" the world from some perceived "invasion". oh, and DID I NOT mention JERRY FALWELL? At least TWICE? Sepiatone
  13. You too, misunderstood...... Stallone wrote the script with both fighters in the heavyweight class. And De Niro, easily convincing as middleweight Jake Lamotta, couldn't (IMO) pull off being a heavyweight boxer. Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone

    Best Cannibal or Headhunter Movies

    There were two: SURVIVE '76; A Mexican production... and ALIVE ('98) And too, I think a 1974 documentary on the subject. Sepiatone
  15. There's 1998's THE AVENGERS based on the '60's British TV show (w/Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg) which starred RALPH FIENNES and UMA THURMAN and 2012's THE AVENGERS based on the comic book heroes (w/ a bunch of actors and actresses I never heard of ) Sepiatone

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