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  1. I'm not having any problems with them at all. I'm assuming(and possibly wrongly) that you might be accessing the site from something other than a desktop PC? That's all I ever use, and somehow I don't have any of the other issues some here often complain about. And if you look in the dictionary under "technophobe", you'll see a picture of ME there! Sepiatone
  2. Popular Music: The Canadian Connection

    Because it's her 77th birthday today, I thought I'd bring up this Canadian born favorite of mine, old "folkie" that I am.
  3. That's a nice car!

    Never heard of the Velocity channel or the show. Too bad. Sounds like a great program. Sepiatone
  4. joe

    Makes one kinda queasy when thinking just what MIGHT be in a "cup o' Joe", don't it? Sepiatone
  5. This Is Murder!

    Well, if you miss the train, you can always book passage on CHARLIE CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE ('40) where you can read up on HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE('65) Sepiatone
  6. WORST "Fashion" Trends

    Huhn! I'd think biker that you are would sport a bandana ala "Little Steven" instead. Sepiatone
  7. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    Really Lawrence, Nip was going on about MSN, who I don't think had anything to do with the production of either BLACK PANTHER or CAPTAIN AMERICA. And his rant might be that he doesn't remember MSN making the FUSS over "Captain America", one in a long line of Hollywood treatments of old time comic book heroes, that they're doing about "Panther". But this latest movie is more GROUNDBREAKING than "Captain America" for obvious reasons, and it grinds him that FOX NEWS failed to. And he might think it makes them look bad. Sepiatone
  8. The End of "TV"

    Sorry, but coming from the Detroit area, my car would probably run out of gas before I reach ICELAND. So I'll just have to keep grocery shopping at the Meijer store a half mile from my house. Sepiatone
  9. The End of "TV"

    I still know guys who say "chimbly", and note too, JAMES CAAN's "Sonny" in THE GODFATHER, when leaving the bridesmaid's apartment tells one of his henchmen, who was reading the paper, to, "Save it for the "libary." which I thought was kinda clever on Caan's part as I'm thinking it probably wasn't written in the script that way. But I can't be sure, and I DO know people who pronounce it that way too. @Limey: I'm assuming the products images you posted are English products, and as I don't do ANY grocery shopping there, I'm sticking with "SHERBET". And I believe TIKI was quoting BUGS BUNNY. Sepiatone
  10. I Just Watched...

    And Bergen must have been reeeeeeeeally CHARMING! Sepiatone
  11. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    OK.... One I could think of, and one that just about EVERYBODY is aware of by now, is RICHARD DREYFUSS popping up from the back of the group of guys and asking NORMAN FELL if he wanted him to call the cops. ("The Graduate", '67) I KNOW I've seen several other examples over the years, but my mind went blank. Sepiatone
  12. Is everyone a fan of Fred and Ginger? smoking?

    Looked "too mature" to pass for a girl of 11-12? Well, we're all about 11 or so in the 7th grade, and I remember a girl in my 7th grade class that was 12, but looked like 12 going on 22! Sepiatone
  13. America's Gun Culture...

    Yep. If conclusion jumping were an Olympic event, they'd be gold medalists for sure. Sepiatone
  14. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    Now, THAT'S an interesting thread idea. And I think tohough, it was already done before. Pointing out movies in which someone we recognized as a well known "star" had a walk-on that was so early in their career that they were even uncredited by their real name. Regrettably, I can't recall any of the one's I've seen like that. But I do recall seeing a few in years past. Made me jump from my chair and shout, "HEY! That's ______!" And I LOVE when that happens. Sepiatone
  15. America's Gun Culture...

    Yeah. Mentally ill people with GUNS! BLAST FROM THE PAST---- When I was a kid, it was well known that certain types of weapons (automatic firearms and such) were illegal to buy and own. And coincidentally, such things as "shooting sprees" by teen-agers with automatic weapons never seemed to have happened. Nor by anyone a movie theaters or nightclubs too. And it too seems, since the NRA succeeded in getting more guns into the hands of more people, the more we find these sort of incidents happening. So MY question is----- Can't ANYONE add 2+2 anymore? Sepiatone

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