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  1. Sepiatone

    Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    A couple of those beggar clarification--- "An unearthed gem"---needs time to grow on people. "Invites reflection and nostalgia"--remember back when this guy was considered good? "Wholly original--etc.)--nobody ever used these methods before. And with good reason. One description absent is one a Detroit News critic often used to describe foreign films----"Multi-layered"--- Which to me meant; Ambiguously confusing. Sepiatone
  2. Sepiatone

    Screenwriter William Goldman (1931-2018)

    Naturally, this being a movie oriented forum, William Goldman will mostly be remembered for his many fine screen adaptations of other author's works (Stephen King, Cornelius Ryan, etc.) and too, excellent screen adaptations of his own novels. Some of my favorite books were written by Goldman, some adapted to film, though not all adapted by him(Soldier In The Rain, for one.) But sadly, not all my favorite Goldman novels were made into films although I thought they'd make GREAT movies. For instance--- YOUR TURN TO CURTSY, MY TURN TO BOW; and BOYS AND GIRLS TOGETHER( The '79 movie is NOT based on Goldman's '64 novel). One interesting aside: Canadians are usually noted for their articulation and literary astuteness and accuracy, however, I heard of the death of Mr. Goldman on a Canadian radio station while driving to the hospital to see my wife. And the radio announcer kept going back and forth in his referring to him as both William Goldman, and William Golding, who died 25 years earlier. Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    What Were They Thinking?

    Good one, Joe. And a reminder that it wasn't only WOMEN who need be questioned about THEIR choices when it came to hairstyles. Remember those times when, while watching some flick from the '30's and certain years in the '50's that made you wonder.... "Is there MORE oil in their SALADS than in their HAIR? Or vice-versa?" Sepiatone
  4. Sepiatone

    Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    ??? A documentary about the MAKING of a documentary?? Getting to be a bit MUCH, wouldn't you say? Sepiatone
  5. Sepiatone

    A "callback"....

    Sorry, but never give Tor any thought. But whenever he shows up in anything I happen to be watching, he doesn't bother me. In fact, he DOES closely resemble(or was resembled by...) a GYM teacher I had in the 8th grade! So, it's kind of amusingly pleasant to see him in anything. Sepiatone
  6. Sepiatone

    Double whammy.......

    Yeah, that is different than what I was asking about, and too, that's happened to ME as well.... and fairly often too.
  7. Sepiatone

    Die Hard on TCM?

    But too, I've seen MANY of the movies shown on TCM many times on OTHER channels, and BEFORE TCM came along. So...... Why NOT show DIE HARD in place of say, the 11,399th showing of NORTH BY NORTHWEST? Sepiatone
  8. Sepiatone

    A "callback"....

    Without wasting time doing a search, I'll mention that in some thread(s) recently I mentioned I'm not all that "enthralled" with AUDREY HEPBURN. That all the "gushing" over her was, to me, undeserved. This might have given the impression that I thought she lacked any talent at all. But I must reiterate.... It's maybe and mostly some of her earlier works, the ones that get the "adoration" factor that I found not all that good to me. I do have to admit that I DO like, MY FAIR LADY, WAIT UNTIL DARK, and CHARADE. And although I'm not a big "fan" of Ms. Hepburn, I think her work in these films didn't slog them down or make them not as good as they should have been. She did just fine in those roles that would have been done just as well by many other actresses. That she didn't make the movies any WORSE is the point I'm trying to make. I think her an adequately competent actress. Just not exceptional. That's all. Sepiatone
  9. Sepiatone

    Double whammy.......

    Just thought of something DARG, and coincidentally, it hit me while discussing the guy( and his associations) with a buddy I came up with another sort of comparison... I was facetiously, due to the "mid-terms" being over, claiming that now it was safe to turn on the tube because..." that the monkeys are done flinging their dung. Except of course, for KING LOUIE!" My friend( who's right-leaning) asked me, "Who's King Louie?" and I told him; "That big, ugly orange ORANGUTAN in Disney's "Jungle Book". So, imaging going from THAT to a news item! Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone

    Flight Of The Navigator

    Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say I LOVE the movie. But I like it enough to consider repeat viewings not being out of the question. And, WHOM among us can REALLY claim( and prove ) that their presentation of time and intergalactic travel ISN'T accurate? Sepiatone
  11. Sepiatone

    Double whammy.......

    How many times has something like this happen to any of you?------- Last night, after MARTY was over, and of course seeing JOE MANTELL as Marty's best friend ANGIE, I switched over to MeTV to catch last night's TWILIGHT ZONE, and the episode they showed was "Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room". which featured Mantell as the main character! Since then I've been trying to remember if and when this sort of thing happened with me before, and I wondered if any HERE had a similar experience, and with what....? Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    Flight Of The Navigator

    I like the flick despite the time travel queries it raised. But one thing amused me.... HOW advanced CAN any population BE that creates a spaceship that talks and laughs like PEE-WEE HERMAN? Sepiatone
  13. Y'know, CID.... Coincidentally, I've spent the last few days or so TRYING to remember that guys name, AND the TV show's. Sepiatone
  14. Yeah, just like a LOT of guys went along with their girlfriends to see '68's ROMEO and JULIET, for that NANOSECOND of a nude OLIVIA HUSSEY. Sepiatone
  15. Sepiatone

    What Were They Thinking?

    Y'know, come to think of it Darg, I just think it's that by that time they're pretty much tired of all the rig-a-ma-rol required to take care of the longer locks. And that older women who still sport long hair either can't afford to get it cut, or too vain to let go. Depends too, I suppose, if the ladies have minds of their own after a while, or still allow themselves(like a lot of people, men OR women) to be dictated by social "trends". Sepiatone

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