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  1. Sepiatone

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    All that Ventures stuff Nip posted reminded me.... Did The Ventures EVER have a "hit" that was an ORIGINAL, and NOT a "cover"? Even their "signature" WALK, DON'T RUN wasn't originally theirs......
  2. Sepiatone

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Having never seen the stage production( except a high school presentation )I never knew that character HAD to have a Hispanic accent. So.... Perhaps if the composer(or the play's writers) had insisted, the producers might have been able to cast ELI WALLACH in the role instead! Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)

    I remember that when a group of us went to see it at our local theater we had to show ID to get in! And whatta disappointment! To me, it's largely remembered for it's GAY version; "Bob, DARELL, Ted and ALEX"! Sepiatone
  4. Read in another forum that apparently, it was Dale doing that thing as an Elvis "impersonator" in this scene from LET'S MAKE LOVE('60).
  5. Sepiatone

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    "Community"? Only saw one episode of it, didn't think much of it so never bothered again. And anyway, it's irrelevant to my statement. Sepiatone
  6. Sepiatone

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Yeah, I'm sure he was one of those character actors that SOME might have taken note of and recognized in several movies or shows without knowing his name, like me and many others never knowing say, both PECY HELTON's and BURT MUSTIN's names, but always recognizing them and enjoying seeing them in many other movies and TV shows ver the years. For example..... I never knew PERCY HELTON by name until MERV GRIFFIN had him as a guest on his daytime talk show in the mid to late '60's. He introduced him by saying...: "Here's a man who've you all have seen on many TV shows and in many movies, but never knew just who he was. You'd probably see him and say to yourselves, "Oh! THAT guy!" Then he brought him out. However, I still have my doubts that you saw Erdman in some old movie years ago on the late show or something and exclaimed, "Oh! RICHARD ERDMAN's in this! He's one of my FAVORITES!! Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone

    Starring Madeline Kahn

    Actually, of all the things my wife and I found over the years that we had in common, our mutual love and admiration for Madeline was one of the earliest we discovered. My wife was CRAZY about her. And that fact will KEEP me being a fan of MS. Kahn for life! Sepiatone
  8. Sepiatone

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Well, I don't consider Disney Corp. as "loathsome" and you gotta admit( I do anyway) that it IS better that another entertainment industry company take the helm of a movie studio rather that an OIL COMPANY( like Gulf+Western and Paramount) or some other industry that has NO experience in movie making or distribution. Hell, I remember reading that THE GODFATHER almost didn't get made because the suits at G+W weren't keen on both the movie and BRANDO being in it. And COPPOLA had to spread a lot of cheek to get the green light on it. Sepiatone
  9. Sepiatone

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    REALLY??? You KNEW that was Erdman when you watched STALAG 17? I can at best claim that I no doubt saw him in many a movie and TV show over the years, and even now in some old TV show reruns recognize his face, but like with NEVILLE BRAND some years back had, for some reason, trouble remembering the NAME! And in the case of movies, I probably didn't even notice it WAS the "stopwatch guy"! And not meaning to digress, I've got to get something off the chest... I notice that in any form of "social media" especially since the advent of FaceBook, there's a tendency to treat ALL recently deceased celebrities as if they were the BEST THING since sliced bread! All of a sudden some of the more obscure "celebrities" (like the aforementioned Erdman) are praised as "great" in some cases "legendary" and somebody ALWAYS has a "favorite" of theirs and come off(or try to) as that person's "biggest fan". It's even worse when it comes to musicians. For example... In a music forum I'm a member of, and have been since year 2000, there was very little, if any, discussion of PRINCE and/or any of his music. But, when he died, all of a sudden the forum was FILLED with commentary of how "great" and what a musical genius he was and all that crap. I'm not saying I think he wasn't any good, he was pretty talented. But NOT the MOST talented singer/musician to ever hit the industry, like he suddenly was praised as being when he died. And too, after a notable musician dies, they're suddenly referred to by ALL THREE(or more if they have 'em) names. Like for YEARS he was always simply referred to as PRINCE, but once dead, he's now always referred to as PRINCE ROGERS NELSON! Yep, I know it's his full name, but more people, when he was alive and performing, only knew him as PRINCE except by his more rabid fans. and too( and more recently) the man is no longer known simply as JIMI HENDRIX, people now feel the need to refer to him as JAMES MARSHALL HENDRIX. Or too, refer to JOHNNY WINTER as JOHN DAWSON WINTER. And really, there's no real need for it. It neither makes them better than they were, nor remembered more fondly. OK, distracting rant over. Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone

    Starring Madeline Kahn

    The facts that she was so great( LOVED her!) and left us all too soon STILL makes my eyes water every time I see her in a movie. Sepiatone
  11. Actually Nip, if NOT for Dale, The Ventures might have wound up doing some other style of Rock'n'Roll, or not existed at ALL! Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    OK, I get that now. It's like on some of those episodes of BONANZA when they'd put that cheezy looking dark toupee on LORNE GREEN in an attempt to make HIM look younger! Seiatone
  13. Sepiatone

    TV Land Awards Or TV Land Icon Awards

    Nope. Haven't herd anything. Haven't HEARD anything either. Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    ??? So, are you saying you think EILEEN FULTON was a FIFTY YEAR "MISCAST", or what?!? But if you're going the SOAP OPERA route, I'll nominate SARA MICHELLE GELLAR, who played Erica Kane's(Susan Lucci) daughter Kendall for two short years. Not seen( by the show's fans I knew) as a good fit for the daughter of the feisty Erica, she left the show after that short stint because( according to soap gossip) she didn't get along well with Dame Lucci. In fact, neither of the two other actresses that took on the role over the years seemed good fits. Sepiatone
  15. Sepiatone

    1950 - results

    What was it RUNNING against? Sepiatone

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