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  1. Maybe I should have put this in the "I just watched" thread, but seeing a bit of THE BELLES OF ST. TRINIAN'S last night made me think of how before Thanksgiving Day of 1967, when after the broadcast of the local parade, the station that showed the parade then showed 1951's SCROOGE with ALASTAIR SIM, I had never HEARD of the man, but his Scrooge was so great I became an IMMEDIATE fan! And for many years after, had never seen him in anything else. Not until about 20 or so years ago when TCM showed STAGE FRIGHT. and somewhere too, I caught WHISKEY GALORE. But, seeing( and perhaps should be brought up in yet another thread) Sim in DRAG, doing a DUAL ROLE is a treat to be treasured! I seem to be the only one in my family that "gets" and enjoys British humor, and I was in my own blissful little world last night. Sepiatone
  2. Oh, cripes. Another subjective "greatest" thread. Of course, different people are going to have far differing opinions, IF of course, they DO base their OWN opinions that are based on their OWN feelings, and not influenced by their opinions being influenced by what they might have been told those opinions SHOULD be. A few of mine: Aaron Copeland's OF MICE AND MEN score THE WIZARD OF OZ: Harold Arlen, and Herbert Stothart doing the music. And I'm talking about the ambient and incidental music, and not the songs(with lyrics by Yip Harburg). And out of all his "great" scores, the BERNARD HERRMANN score I like best is his score for CITIZEN KANE. And out of all the well noted JOHN WILLIAMS scores, the one of his that I like the best is '72's THE COWBOYS. THE HUSTLER( '61): Kenyon Hopkins More contemporary has me mentioning(again!): THE BLACK STALLION('79): Carmine Coppola O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?( 2001): T Bone Burnett OCEAN'S ELEVEN(2001): David Holmes Sepiatone
  3. Sepiatone

    I Just Watched...

    I wonder WHICH "urban city dwellers" you're referring to, since( and at the time) most DETROIT "urban" city dwellers were probably BAPTIST,(since at that time the majority of the city's population was African-American) so, it's really not that safe to make those kind of sweeping generalizations. And anyway..... By the late '70's--early '80's the "Horror" genre was so glutted with cliche and "copycatism" that the BIGGEST fear might have been in movie goers realizing how much MONEY they were wasting in going to see them and then STOP going.... Sepiatone
  4. Sepiatone

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    I wouldn't be surprised if you knew WAY more of them than you thought you did. Then, there's--- Talking to an old guy who lived next door( and died a few years back) who once said to me, " Because of what I once said about homeless people and how we should treat them, my son in law got MAD at me and called me a "Whiny Liberal"! And all I thought I was doing was being decent." He never did tell me what he said to anger his son in law, But Bruno( the neighbor) was 85 at the time and had been through a lot, seen a lot and was probably too old to waste time on that sort of nonsense. Probably thinking of people as being different from others with differing points of view and not prone to pidgeon holeing others so quickly or entirely. Oh, and BTW: For the fun of it, I DID ask him if he was "liberal" OR "conservative" and he just grinned and answered, "I'm ITALIAN." Sepiatone
  5. Sepiatone

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    Not always necessarily. Sometimes ONE sorta obscure personal view can override the majority if the individual tries to claim allegiance to one camp of ideology and finds that view is the only one widely accepted by them. I've known people that abandoned many "long held personal views" due to them NOT wanting to be thought of as "liberal" or "conservative" or whatever. Sepiatone
  6. Sepiatone

    Propaganda Films

    Reminded by some discussion in another thread, I had to come back and point out that THE GRAPES OF WRATH is a blatant propaganda film, trying to RAM the radical viewpoint that ALL people deserve to be paid a fair day's wages for a fair day's work, and that folks from ALL walks of life deserve to be treated with DIGNITY, and THAT should take precedence before the worship of the almighty dollar, and the "insane" notion that exploiting desperate people for PROFIT is WRONG down our throats. Why, our PRESIDENT wouldn't be the MAN HE IS today if he ever believed in that nonsense! PHSHAW! JOHN STEINBECK. That "Dirty, rotten writer commie rat!" Sepiatone
  7. Sepiatone

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    Which of course would then mean it's ALL TRUE! It tickles me how these kinds of discussions quickly degenerate into "Liberals v Conservative" kind of nonsense. And it's typically those who claim to be "conservative" that head in that direction. And it's sad because many of those who make the claim of being "conservative" aren't really. But just more or less "illiberal". And the problem I have with either camp is that once one claims to be one or the other, they then allow those philosophies to overtake their own long held personal views in order to NOT seem out of place among the others in those groups. It's like they're lying to both themselves AND all around them. There once was a group from some university in the late '60's (or early '70's, I forget just when) that printed the principles of the U.S. constitution and the Bill of Rights in modern day and simpler vernacular and went around taking a sort of "poll". Asking people, "How would you feel about living in a country like THIS?" And a surprising ( but maybe not) number of American citizens claimed they would actually HATE to live in such a country! With comments like, "What! A country where EVERYBODY is thought of as the SAME? God FORBID!" or, "It'd NEVER last. Nor SHOULD it!" It was quite the eye opener. Sepiatone
  8. Sepiatone

    Propaganda Films

    Without providing any titles, it may be safe to say most of what TCM will show during Memorial Day weekend can be considered propaganda films. At least in some views. @TopBilled: As far as TV shows, it's also safe to say that the typical NORMAN LEAR television production was propaganda (as per your view). ALL IN THE FAMILY, MAUDE, The JEFFERSONS and his other shows forwarded the attitudes of anti racism, anti sexism, anti ageism, anti classism, and any other social views aimed at derogatory views and treatment of people in specific social and ethnic situations. And that ARCHIE BUNKER was NOT a white bigot, but rather a PERSONALITY TYPE, as it took several years( and still many never realized) for people to notice the only REAL difference between Bunker, George Jefferson and Fred Sanford was only "skin deep". Sepiatone
  9. I don't get the BULL DURHAM thing either. To me, it didn't live up to all the hype. IMHO, a good "sports movie" works better if it has a "feel good" and "triumph over obstacles" vibe to it. one or the other or both. Which is why THE NATURAL and the 1st ROCKY works for me too. Plus, if you don't like the sport, you're likely not to care for a MOVIE centered around it or the players. Which is why Basketball movies don't move me. And maybe too, a well made docudrama about an actual sporting event that contains the elements I mentioned. Like 2004's MIRACLE, about the 1980 U.S. men's Olympic hockey team's defeat of the Soviet team. Both "feel good" AND "triumphant". Sepiatone
  10. Sepiatone

    POLL: your favs. VS. actual best? PART #1

    Yeah, I usually shy away from "greatest" and/or "best" lists and polls due to that "subjective" factor. Now, James, you mention jazz guitar. And that too gets into the "subjective" thing, ie: I have a buddy who thinks GRANT GREEN was the "best" jazz guitarist ever, and yet another buddy who had NO use for Green. (And personally, I wasn't that impressed either). So, it just endorses (and enforces) the idea that in these kind of forum threads, what(or whom) somebody claims as the "best" usually turns out to be the one(s) they LIKE the best. And besides... Most of MY favorite actors are CHARACTER actors, and THAT would comprise of a list too lengthy for me to take the time to post. So we'd have to break this down into more specifics. As for those who were(and/or still are) "stars", my list would be more or less along the lines of TOPBILLED'S except I'D probably swap out Sinatra for HUMPHREY BOGART. BTW---been enjoying the HELL out of watching those old MAVERICK reruns on H&I and MeTV. The show WAS where, as a young boy, I developed a "fan" vibe for JAMES GARNER that has lasted lo, these last 60+ years. The show made it's debut on my wife's 16th birthday, and she said the TV was on just as she was blowing out her candles and looked up to see Garner's smiling face on their little MOTOROLA'S screen and too, "fell in love"! So, we both share in TB's opinion of Jim. Hero, villain, comedy, drama, nothing seemed out of his range. Sepiatone
  11. Sepiatone

    Elusive Stars

    Y'know, you could put Brandon's name on the list of "child stars", but one who sadly was taken before he'd much of a chance to succeed or fail at "adult stardom". And, IMHO, he did have the stuff. Sepiatone
  12. Sepiatone

    Elusive Stars

    To me( and I thought the intended direction of this thread) an "elusive star" is, as some have brought up, those actors and actresses who seemed to some viewers to have been excellent at their craft, but for some reason never quite seemed to "make it". I'm not sure that dying early on in their careers really counts as they were never given a fair chance to "make it" or not. And we'd probably peter out quickly after JAMES DEAN gets mention. As for the "classic" library, most of us "film buffs" would feel that the largest part of those referred to as "character actors" can easily fall into the "elusive stars" category, And regrettably, over the years I've noticed several who've showed up for a small part in some great film and IMHO outshined the MAIN "star" of the film, but now confronted to give a name, escapes me entirely. In more modern times, one actor I can think of that hasn't really disappeared from view but has never gone as far as I long thought he should have is MATTHEW MODINE. Sepiatone
  13. Sepiatone

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    Yeah, that "left handed" stuff would seem an easy argument to dispel had it not been for the fact that ADOLPH HITLER too, was also left-handed. But "props" to you for knowing that "factoid" about Dylan's song. The John Birch Society did have a frighteningly large amount of influence back in those times. I had heard the song on some "bootleg" live LP a buddy had long ago. It WAS pretty funny. Sepiatone
  14. Sepiatone

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    Heh.... Took me a bit to figure what "I Love Lucy" had to do with any of this. But people have made fun of that old "red scare" attitude ever since McCarthy went down..... An old Bob Dylan song, "Talkin' John Birch Society Blues" makes referrence to communists hiding everywhere, with a person claiming they might even be "behind the red jell-o in the refrigerator!" In Paul Simon's song "A Simple Desultory Philippic" he makes referrence to people accusing him of being a communist, "because I'm left-handed". Just as a joke because I don't think Simon IS actually left-handed. But, as a lefty, I HAVE been accused of communist leanings because of it, some claiming my being left-handed is a "personal choice" And BTW... LUCY wasn't a "real" red-head. But Trump IS! Sepiatone
  15. For your information, I am FAR from a prude when it comes to the topic of human sexuality. In fact, quite the opposite. You don't know me, so I would appreciate it if you would not make judgments about people you do not personally know. My objection to such terms as "sexual freedom" is due to the fact that I am quite attuned to code words and terminology, and what it portends. The term "sexual freedom" is code language in general society for blending pornographic content into the mainstream film media...a practice that began in the late 1960's, and mushroomed after that. I recall for example, the late great Katherine Hepburn commenting in a television interview that such films today are "filth"...her terminology, not mine. One outstanding example of this would be the film FATAL ATTRACTION (1987), starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. If I wanted to see this kind of content in a mainstream motion picture, I could simply purchase a porn film. I don't need to spend $20 at a movie theater.     

    1. Sepiatone


      I never thought of the term "sexual freedom" as a "code" for "blending pornographic content" into mainstream film media.  Just more or less a referral to injecting more (let's say) sexual frankness  and honesty  into some film story presentation.  Or more or less matters of personal and/or societal  behavior.


      Wow!  You equate FATAL ATTRACTION with a "porn film", eh?  and yet, claim NOT to be a prude? :wacko:

      Can't IMAGINE what you think about CARNAL KNOWLEDGE('71)  :rolleyes:

      and BTW...I don't recall ever referring to you specifically as being a prude.  So lay off the FaceBook type indignation.  ;)  


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