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  1. I know I once found a list of the stars of the month over the years but I can no longer find the list. Is it somewhere on the TCM website?
  2. I've asked this before but I want to be absolutely clear that no one else is having this problem: namely, when I search for a movie or movie star, etc. on DirecTV, I get no entries for TCM. For example, right now Above And Beyond with Robert Taylor is playing. If I search for Above And Beyond, it shows up in the search list, but when I click on it I'm told "The are no matching programs at this time." Likewise, if I search for Robert Taylor, his name comes up but I'm told the same thing. Is anyone else having the same problem? I recently upgraded to an HD DVR for DirecTV. Thanks.
  3. nybackus

    TCM broadcast in HD on Directv

    Everytime I contact DirecTV about anything, I make sure to complain about their failure to carry TCM in HD. It's available, but DirecTV does not carry it. Add your voice.
  4. nybackus

    Scheduling missing from DirecTV

    Hmm... I just did a search for Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and it did show up in the results, but when I clicked on it, all I got was "There are no matching programs at this time." I gather when you click on it you get the showing on TCM? I don't understand why I don't.
  5. nybackus

    Scheduling missing from DirecTV

    Sorry; I realized I wasn't being very clear when I saw your response. No, my problem is with the search feature.
  6. nybackus

    Scheduling missing from DirecTV

    Does your "Search" option bring up TCM movies?
  7. nybackus

    Scheduling missing from DirecTV

    I actually subscribe to the TCM Guide, so I'm abreast of what's playing on TCM, but I can't use the "Search" option on DirecTV to find and schedule recordings in advance. I can only click "Record" when I find the item in the actual schedule. For instance, if I search for Angela Lansbury who is being featured this month, I come up empty-handed except for a couple of things on channels other than TCM. Are you finding the search option to be working for you?
  8. Using the "search" option on DirecTV no longer produces anything playing on TCM. Is anyone else having this problem?

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