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    Movies: horror, noir, silents, pre-code are favorites. Favorite actors include Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, William Powell, John Gilbert, Robert Ryan. Other interests include reading, birdwatching, cats, reptiles, watching sports on TV and wine.

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  1. ChristineHoard


    What do you mean "were"? 😄
  2. ChristineHoard

    70th Primetime Emmy Awards

    I saw Merritt Weaver in a LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT episode years ago and she was terrific. She played the "alpha dog" of a pair of teenage girls who commit a murder.
  3. ChristineHoard

    SCOTUS battles

    Murkowski says she is open to a delay regarding Kavanagh according to CNN & Huffington Post.
  4. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Murkowski says she is open to a delay on Kavanaugh (source: HUFFINGTON POST and CNN).
  5. If you are 17 years old you should know that's it wrong to physically restrain someone with the intention of sexual assault. Not the same thing as pulling pigtails in grammar school.
  6. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I don't think preppy boy is quite on his own, Princess. Chicken**** Republicans want preppy boy to get through, and quickly, to secure that right-wing Supreme Court which will OK things they and Trump want.
  7. ChristineHoard

    The Bad Seed (2018)

    It seems to me that this Rob Lowe version is so different from the original (different names, changed characters) that I don't see why they even called it THE BAD SEED or that it's based on THE BAD SEED.
  8. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    No surprise with tight-lipped Susan. Yesterday or the day before I heard she spent an hour on the phone with Kavanaugh. I still say she's political toast if she votes for Kavanaugh and I bet she won't even run for reelection if she does because she has to know this. She may well retire to "spend more time with the family" as the pols like to say.
  9. ChristineHoard

    Best Cannibal or Headhunter Movies

    The Hills Have Eyes (original version)
  10. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    It is interesting that the two Republicans who are not running for reelection are willing to hear from Ford.
  11. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Trump sees conspiracies everywhere except where Russia is concerned.
  12. ChristineHoard

    Noir Alley

    Eddie said there he had thought of the 5 greatest femme fatale noir performances of all time including Jean in Angel Face. I'm thinking of Barbara in Double Indemnity and Gene in Leave Her to Heaven for two of those top 5. Any opinions on who Eddie said they were (I'm not on Facebook so I don't know his top 5) or who they should be? Jane Greer? Lana Turner?
  13. ChristineHoard

    I Just Watched...

    Lorna, I didn't know Dark City was in the Carolinas. I wish you and all our members impacted by Florence best wishes and I hope you all are able to stay safe.
  14. ChristineHoard

    I Just Watched...

    This movie might stink (and I've never seen it) but this pix of the monster and the severed head is one of my favorites in all of monsterdom. I've seen it in several horror/SF books and magazines. Love it! Thanks!
  15. ChristineHoard

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I said it was a rhetorical question. "Stick with" means go along with, stand by with. It's just a commonly used term, not silly or bogus.

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