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  1. Slightly Taboo Movies

    CaveGirl, I'm another fan of the Cronenberg CRASH and DEAD RINGERS. When Irons won the Oscar for REVERSAL OF FORTUNE, he thanked Cronenberg for casting him in DEAD RINGERS. CRASH is pretty out-there with people getting "kicks" from car accidents. I found it to be original and provocative. DEAD RINGERS is loosely based on a true story as you probably know.
  2. Gotta agree with this sentiment. Trump on the golf course, keeping his pie hole shut and leaving us alone is a gift for all of us.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I wouldn't be surprised if Trump keeps extra blank copies of prenups available for each new wife to sign. It would be very convenient that way.
  4. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Remember when eating crackers in bed was considered mental cruelty grounds for divorce (a la ANATOMY OF A MURDER)? Maybe cheeseburgers could serve the same purpose for Melania if she doesn't want to go the adultery route- after Donny's out of office, of course.
  5. Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    You just can't limit your right wing rants to the off-topic threads, can you?
  6. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    In Trump's America, if the newborn is white, he/she gets status of human whenever the government grants it. If nonwhite, status of human could come considerably later, maybe never.
  7. Predicting the *Oscar nominees???

    I hope Kaluuya gets a nod. He does more acting with his eyes than most actors do with their whole bodies.
  8. Go ahead, cry me a river.

    I played all the versions of "Cry Me A River" on this thread (except Justin Timberlake) and I liked Julie London's version the best, Sam Cooke at #2. The instrumentals are soft and don't get in the way of the vocals. It is a torch song and I think Julie did the best to convey this. I like Barbra Streisand overall but she does sing this as a show tune and the instrumentals interfere. Sorry; just my opinion. I'm also going to contradict myself somewhat and say I like the Joe Cocker's interpretation, too, but this may be part nostalgia as I recall fondly his performances with his passionate voice backed by Leon Russell with his flowing hair and tall hat. Overall, Julie London's version is #1 for my taste. Plus, as a little kid, I remember Julie as the great singer before she did the EMERGENCY TV show.
  9. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Has anybody heard anything about the Fake Media Awards Trump was going to announce? First is was supposed to be Monday and then postponed until Wednesday and I haven't heard anything since.

    The White House doctor who allegedly said "excellent" re Trump's heath is actually spelled "Ronny Jackson" but was spelled "Ronnie Jackson" in the press release. Did the good doctor misspell his own name or did some White House lackey write it?
  11. I Just Watched...

    I know it's kind of corny but I love the "Indian Love Call" number from Rose Marie. I can't help it; I find it romantic and sweet. I just watched Inferno on TCM. Taut thriller that is part western, part adventure story with noir elements even though it takes place in the desert sun and heat. Robert Ryan is excellent, as always, as the cuckold husband left to die in the desert by his wife and her boyfriend. Can he survive with a broken leg and hardly any food and water? I especially liked the ending. Rhonda Fleming looks good in her western/desert wardrobe as well as her glamorous gowns when she's in her mansion and the mandatory swimsuit scene at a pool. A girl has to look good when she's pretending to care about her missing husband, right?
  12. **** COUNTRIES???

    What do you think?
  13. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    It's been mentioned on other threads but Into the Wild is excellent and I highly recommend it. I cried when I saw it and I cried when I read the book and I'm not much of a crier. Fine performances, especially by Oscar-nominated Hal Holbrook. I may also check out Inferno but it'll be for Robert Ryan, not so much Rhonda Fleming (sorry, fellas).

    I love how you lump us all together. It just proves my point. I know "old ones" who did not vote for Hillary and I've come across people here in Georgia who assume I voted for Trump because I'm an older white one. People aren't monolithic.
  15. **** COUNTRIES???

    Africa has a growing economy and the Chinese are doing business with them. Are they going to want to have anything to do with us now? China is laughing all the way to the bank while we look like racist ***holes.

    Frankly, I don't think I would support Oprah for President at least in the primaries. Her promotion of quacks like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz is worrisome. I'd vote for someone else in the primaries. However, if it came down to Trump and Oprah, I would vote for her but I would keep my fingers crossed that if she got in, she would appoint decent people and not people like the above-mentioned crackpots. At least she's a self-made zillionaire unlike Trump who was handed everything on a silver platter and still went bankrupt several times. Women over 50 are going to vote for her for certain by a big percentage? Of course, because we all think and act exactly alike, just as we did for Hillary. How'd that turn out? And too old and too chunky? If this is our criteria now, what does that make Donny?
  17. The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    If TCM isn't going to run classic movies that don't have racism or racial stereotypes, we're going to see fewer movies and we'll really see some overplayed films. We can learn from our film history and how it reflects our real history.
  18. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I remember the good old days when Obama first got elected and we were told we were now in a "post-racial society." Sure, it was perhaps Pollyanna-ish but there was optimism. Now all the racism is front and center from the top on down. Well, at least it's out in the open, there's no denial, and we all know what we're dealing with.
  19. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I've read that now Trump and his pals want Medicaid recipients to have to get jobs. How can the government force people on Medicaid to work? If you're on Medicaid, it's usually because you're a poor kid or somebody disabled who doesn't have money, including the above-mentioned vets. Are the child labor laws going to be rescinded so little Johnny can work in a fast food joint in his wheelchair or between his cancer treatments? Are the veterans who sacrificed their bodies for Uncle Sam and need care now going to get tossed into the streets? Where are our values? We're supposed to be an enlightened society. We've got a president who is not only racist, crazy and likely suffering from dementia but who is cold hearted beyond belief. How much longer are we going to have to put up with this ****? Rather than at least try to be presidential and fair minded, psycho Donny just trots out his dog whistles ("build the wall", "Hillary Clinton") to placate his base and the soulless far-right wingnut Republicans go right along with it. Disgusting.
  20. The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    Good point, I wouldn't want something good to slip into obscurity, especially at the expense of something well known played over and over, either. Maybe TCM can strike the right balance by expanding their liibrary/film rental arrangements. I imagine this is a goal of TCM.
  21. Have you seen someone you know in a movie?

    Joan Taylor, co-star in EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS, was an acquaintance of my mother's. Joan's dad ran the old Deerpath movie theater in Lake Forest, Illinois, where my mom watched movies when she was a youngster.
  22. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Dargo, How excited are you to be possibly represented by Sheriff Joe in your state? He's still pushing the birther agenda. What are his approval ratings? Totally agree about voter turnout. It's obscene that it's so low and voter restrictions attempts to keep it as low as possible.
  23. Rex Reed would be a great TCM Host

    I am not in favor of Rex Reed being a TCM host. He's been such a shill for movies regardless of merit over the years I wouldn't buy anything he's selling. Ever notice how there are enthusiastic critic quotes for some movies regardless of merit so critics see their names in the ads? Rex Reed is like that, or at least he used to be like that.
  24. The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    Most of the movies on this list are worth overplaying because they're great films. If TCM is going to overplay something, at least they make it something that stands up to repeated viewings. I imagine with all the hours in the day, every day, to be filled with programming, there are bound to be overplayed movies.
  25. Comrade Trump

    The GOP is starting to look like a bunch of Russian operatives themselves.

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