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    How come I can't Find the Movie Inglorious Bumblers anywhere

    Found a Inglorious Bumblers Dvd Used from the UK ebay the Dvd will not play in my player wrong region but works fine in my computer. The DVD is much better quality than the version on you tube it's longer and has more action. Did not know there could be two versions of the same film. I ordered another movie Made by the same Director with dirk benedict in it agin called Recon 7 Down. Time will tell if this ones as good as Inglorious bumblers will let you know when it comes and i watch it.
  2. I can't seem to find the movie Inglorious bumblers to buy a dvd or download. I only found a very poor quality video of it on youtube I whis TCM or someone would show this in full quality it's funny but it's not all there I think on youetube. Heres the link to Inglorious Bumblers

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