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  1. I need help with a Italian version of I married a witch i seen it once many years ago ever since trying to remember the name of it the movie is from either the 70s or early 80s anyone know the name of this movie
  2. Burton83

    Help with the name of a silent short

    I need help with a silent comedy short i seen it years ago it was about a guy doing home repairs and all sorts of things happen to him he falls off a ladder and he breaks a window does anyone know the name of this short
  3. Burton83

    What's the name of this short

    I need the name of a short i just watched i only seen the end of it it was about actors and what they do when they are not acting
  4. Burton83

    First silent film crush

    Who was your first silent film crush mine was Jobyna Ralston
  5. I'm trying to remember the name of a documentary i saw on tv years ago Lillian Gish, Louise Brooks, Blanche Sweet, Colleen Moore and few others was in it talking about the The Silent Era and the way Hollywood was back then and how they got started anyone know of name of this documentary
  6. Burton83

    Toby Wing Fans

    Any fans of this beautiful actress
  7. Mine is Gracie Allen
  8. Burton83

    Harlem is Heaven

    Anyone know where i can find this film
  9. Burton83

    Helen Troy

    Where can i find information about the actress Helen Troy from the radio program cecil and sally
  10. Burton83

    Marie Mosquini

    Any fans of this beautiful actress
  11. Burton83

    Nina Mae McKinney fans

    Any fans of this beautiful actress
  12. Burton83

    Pauline Starke Fans

    Any fans of this beautiful actress
  13. Burton83

    Ruth Hiatt Fans

    any fans of this actress
  14. Burton83

    Colleen Moore Rules

    I love Colleen Moore she is my all time favorite actress i love all her films are there any other fans of this great actress
  15. Burton83

    Favorite Actresses

    Mine are 1. Colleen Moore 2. Mary Pickford 3. Lillian Gish 4. Marion Davies 5. Clara Bow 6. Esther Ralston 7. Bebe Daniels 8. Alice White 9. Louise Brooks 10. Blanche Sweet

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