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    Your best recommends

    Hey everybody! I think it would be interesting to hear what your best "recommends" are. What I mean by that is the classic films that you would recommend to your non-classic film friends who seem to express a little interest in your classic film collection. For example, I would probably recommend Dinner at Eight before I would recommend The Women because I think it has more to offer a variety of viewers, a more diverse cast and overall, a better chance of winning over a potentially critical viewer. So what are your top recommends in any of the following categories you'd care to share: crime dramas, women's dramas or romance, zany comedy, romantic comedy, war movies, westerns, action/adventure etc. I think this is an interesting topic because it's easy for film buffs to totally overshoot the interests of novice film-watchers by introducing our latest favorite as the best thing ever, forgetting that some tastes are acquired, or at least developed. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. dshoffmann78

    Breathtakingly Beautiful

    Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I don't mind the crutch.

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