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  1. Curious about a promo just aired about the film “The Late Show” with Art Carney and Lily Tomlin for this Sunday at 10:15pm ET. Not able to find it on any schedule. New to this...don’t know if this proper forum, place to ask.
  2. What a treat..just happened upon the featurette in the middle...hearing that was Doris, but you knew it was today's (or at least recent) Doris. Huskier, but still her, with all of the personality and enthusiasm. Personally that would be enough for me...not sure I want a really recent image...if she wants it this way, then that is enough...thanks, Doris, for the sharing.
  3. jione

    CHANGE of Schedule

    Thanks...Hawaii never changes clocks either...although.. "Travel and Change of Place Impart New Vigor to the Mind"....Seneca
  4. jione

    CHANGE of Schedule

    Thanks Kyle, that explains alot...nice to know these forums really work! Happy viewing...
  5. jione

    CHANGE of Schedule

    wonder if the change was just for Dish subscribers or other providers, too....???
  6. jione

    CHANGE of Schedule

    Looking ahead to Friday's Yves Montand mini-schedule in Now Playing...was happy to see "Tout Va Bien"..but upon a closer look at my Dish Network schedule it has been replaced by "The Devil by the Tail"...disappointing...where can you find an explanation of changes to the printed schedule?

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