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  1. Fred Astaire and Ann Miller. They only danced together in one film (Easter Parade) and neither of the numbers were tap dances!
  2. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to: Dame Judi Dench- 83 John Malkovich- 64
  3. Detected Any Good Goofs Lately?

    I thought about those shoes, as well. Rita even wore them while climbing the rocks in the scenes where they were living in the caves. Maybe the shoes were a gift to her from one of the parties where she performed for the upper class folk. You can't Flamenco Dance in flats!
  4. For me, that pairing would be Conrad Veidt and Vivien Leigh. They only starred together in Dark Journey, but they had great chemistry, despite their age differences.
  5. Watching Words And Music this evening, I had forgotten about the awesome (and very fast) ballet number with Cyd Charisse, Dee Turnell and company. Ms Turnell matches the wonderful Ms Charisse step by step. I wonder why she never was given a chance at a credited part in films. The number:
  6. Looking forward to Lady On A Train, airing Friday Dec 8, as well. I don't think this Deanna Durbin film has been shown before on TCM, has it? I wish they showed more of her films. Ah, Universal...
  7. Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday today to Hurd Hatfield, born Dec 7, 1917!
  8. Star centennial birthdays

    I goofed and I can't delete the post!
  9. Ohhh. . . .that dress

    I absolutely love Judy Garland's red dress in the party scene from In The Good Old Summertime. The film is circa 1900, but the dress looks like an event gown which could be worn today.
  10. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to: Amanda Seyfried- 32 Brendan Fraser- 49 Daryl Hannah- 57
  11. Question of the Day: Ruby Keeler

    Didn't Debbie also have a background in gymnastics? That would certainly explain her ability to at least pick up those routines so quickly.
  12. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to : Mandy Patinkin- 64 Ben Stiller- 51
  13. I Just Watched...

    I've always loved the way James Stewart portrayed desperate. He takes his hand to his open mouth and starts to breathe uneasily. He does this in many films.
  14. I Just Watched...

    For anyone who has a Centurt Theatre or Cinemark Theatre in their region, they have been showing IAWL the past few years the Sunday and Wednesday before Christmas day, and are doing so this year, as well. Even the Sunday matinee is packed!
  15. Share your unpopular opinions here!

    It's funny to think that in the scene where Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) is dubbing the dialogue for Lina (Jean Hagen), it's actually Jean Hagen who is dubbing the voice of Debbie Reynolds!

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