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  1. Interesting point of view that I had not really thought about. I felt that her aunt had a romanticized view of marriage and, perhaps because she was a somewhat younger widow,or because she and Morris had become social buddies, or perhaps because of the place in time in which the story took place and considering how timid her niece was, she felt that Morris was Catherine's only chance at happiness, whether he truly loved her or otherwise.
  2. Dorothy Malone (1925-2018)

    She was very good as Lon Chaney's first wife in Man Of A Thousand Faces. RIP.
  3. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to Tippi Hedren!- 88
  4. Happy Birthday to...

    "A perfect game is rare. A no-hit game against the Yankees is even rarer."
  5. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    I love it, too, so there are at least two of us!
  6. In my book, Up and Toy Story 3 are as good as any other films nominated in those years.
  7. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to: James Earl Jones- 87 Jim Carrey- 56
  8. I actually like the larger number of nominated films. I don't have a specific reason as to why, but I just like it.
  9. The James Earl Jones Of His Time

    The first time I saw Ingram was as the giant genie in The Thief Of Baghdad. I loved his resounding voice. He was also wonderful in The Talk Of The Town in a lesser and subdued role.
  10. What films would you like featured on Silent Sundays?

    The Hands Of Orloc was played once, but I believe it was actually in the prime time spot. Maybe SUTS with the spotlight on Conrad Veidt, if I'm remembering correctly.
  11. Happy Birthday to...

    Also, Happy Birthday today to: Orlando Bloom- 41 Patrick Dempsey- 52
  12. Charles Boyer as SOTM January 2018

    I'm guilty of this as well. It will really bother me that I feel so differently about films or performances which many years ago I considered wonderful. I also do this with music, but I think most people do also, to varying extents.
  13. Great One-Liners

    "What's a..Yoot?" (How's that for a segue to a great one liner?)
  14. Charles Boyer is Gaslight. Ingrid should have used that knife while she had it in her hand!
  15. a sure way for tcm to boost their ratings....

    I really enjoy their films together. Rita just looked right for Fred. I believe she once said that the only films she was proud of were the the two she made with Fred. Fred, too, had many compliments for Rita in his autobiography.

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