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  1. I like Melissa McCarthy, too. She's funny without being insulting and has a quick wit.
  2. sagebrush

    R.I.P. Peter Tork (1942-2019)

    Peter was my favorite Monkee. He just seemed nice. He was a serious musician, as well. ~RIP, Mr. Tork
  3. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    For day 20: Who Played it Better: Henry VIII The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933) vs. A Man for All Seasons (1966) My vote goes to Charles Laughton. He played King Henry VIII with a little humor and a little ham and the film is so fluid because of it. His wedding night scene with Elsa Lanchester as Anne of Cleves is hilarious. No disrespect intended toward Robert Shaw, but I found him a little dull, even though he may have been closer to what the real Henry was like. 1954 Best Score Winners: Dramatic vs. Musical The High and the Mighty (1954) vs. 12:00 am Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)3:00 am SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS- it's pretty, it's fun, it has marvelous singing, it has marvelous dancing...I vote for this one!
  4. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    No, I haven't. I didn't even know RED was part of a trilogy until the next morning. As I said, I really dropped the ball. I missed a golden opportunity and it may not air again for a long time (or ever.😕)
  5. I like the SUTS month because it's not just the bigger known films we get to see. Also, we get some days of character actors which usually don't get a SOTM nod.
  6. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    For day 19: Favorite Best Actor Win: Spencer Tracy Captains Courageous (1937) vs. Boys Town (1938) Seeing these two films back to back really shows Tracy's range. I think his performance as Manuel in CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS is more fun to watch, and the relationship between he and Freddie Bartholomew seems very genuine. Creepiest Voyeurism Blow-Up (1966) vs. Three Colors: Red (1994) I dropped the ball on this one! I had never seen RED before. Usually, before I watch a foreign language film, I look up the title on Wiki or IMDb and read the film's synopsis. I don't care if I prematurely know the ending; it saves me a lot of missed action that normally happens when I have to spend the entire duration of the film reading the subtitles. I didn't do that this time, and there I was trying to read the dialogue on my 24" TV in the middle of the night! 🔨I hope TCM will show this one again now that I have an idea of what it's plot is. I do enjoy BLOW-UP when the film is focusing on the mysterious photograph discovery and not on the counter culture scenes.
  7. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    I didn't know that! I think another actor who might have been good was Warren William, but he was too young in 1931. Maybe Thomas Mitchell, too.
  8. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    For day 18: Best Picture Nominee Non-Winner: 1952 High Noon (1952) vs. The Quiet Man (1952) Fluff vs man-against-the-world story;it doesn't seem quite fair to compare the two! THE QUIET MAN is lively and simple, it's music fun, it's locale and cinematography gorgeous and lush, and it's characters all basically good (if hot tempered.) HIGH NOON has multiple stories within it's plot, contains music with ominous lyrics, stays in one general area, is dirty and dry, and full of characters with something to hide. Hmm- in their own way, one is just as entertaining as the other. Sibling Rivalry: Brother & Sister Oscar Winners A Free Soul (1931) vs. None but the Lonely Heart (1944) Both great performances here. I'm inclined to think of other character actresses who could have played the part of Ma in NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART ( Margaret Wycherly, Gladys Cooper, Beulah Bondi), but I'm kind of stumped to think of another actor who might have been good as Barrymore in the role of attorney Stephan in A FREE SOUL (maybe the other Barrymore ?😉)
  9. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    I never thought of it that way. I agree, they are undervalued. I met many nuns when I was growing up, and they were such patient and understanding ladies( and they didn't shock easily!)
  10. sagebrush

    Kid Sisters

    There's the wonderful Edna May Wonacott, bookworm sister Ann to Teresa Wright's Charlie in SHADOW OF A DOUBT.
  11. sagebrush

    Kid Sisters

    Of course there's Virginia Weidler as Dinah Lord in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY.
  12. sagebrush

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    For day 17: Favorite Movie Nun The Nun's Story (1959) vs. Agnes Of God (1985) These two films were incomparable for me, as I really don't like AGNES OF GOD at all. THE NUN'S STORY by far is a better film, I feel. Now, if it had been double-billed with BLACK NARCISSUS, I would have had a much harder time choosing one over the other. Favorite Movie with Three Acting Winners A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) vs. Network (1976) I don't know quite how to answer this one except to say I like the film NETWORK better than A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, but I like the performances of the actors better in STREETCAR than in NETWORK.
  13. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Jack Palance, born February 18th, 1919!
  14. Then I would have a problem with it. I'm glad they will all be shown; all the winners deserve their day in the sun.
  15. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    To me she will always be the diction coach from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.

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