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  1. sagebrush

    Saw full silent NOSFERATU last week &

    Schrek was definitely the creepiest looking Dracula. There's still nothing quite like the silent German expressionist films in the horror genre. I sure wish TCM would show the 1924 version of THE HANDS OF ORLOC with Conrad Veidt again. Great film for this time of year's silent Sunday nights.
  2. sagebrush

    The concept of guest stars in movies

    Gloria Swanson's "waxworks"(her card game co-players) were billed in the opening credits under "and" and in the closing credits as "as themselves" in SUNSET BOULEVARD, if I remember correctly.
  3. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Rita Hayworth, our very beautiful SOTM for Oct, 2018, born on this day, October 17th, in 1918!
  4. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    One of my very favorite actresses, Lillian Gish, was born on this day, October 14th, in 1893. I love this scene from THE WHITE SISTER of Lillian dancing. She seldom had light hearted moments in her films, and this one is a good display.
  5. sagebrush

    October 2018 Spotlight: Funny Ladies

    The more of these films I see, I can't help but wish the list included the character actresses as the focus in some of these films. Of course, they would have probably had to extend the salute to two days per week to fit them all in. I mentioned Alice Brady the other day. I think Eve Arden would have been a worthy tributee. Also, Helen Broderick and Spring Byington.
  6. sagebrush

    My Man Godfrey Up Next!

    Yes, he definitely gives us a break from all the craziness of the rest of the cast. I love Alice Brady. Her flighty character somehow seems plausible in the world of the mighty rich. I also love Brady's little giggle; she does this in her other comedies and it just seems instinctual (like that breaking up a sentence that Julianne Moore mentions in her commentary of Myrna Loy's acting style.)
  7. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Jerome Robbins, born October 11th, in 1918!
  8. sagebrush

    Funny Ladies.

    My favorite Jean Arthur film is THE TALK OF THE TOWN. She more than holds her own between the two wonderful actors Ronald Colman and Cary Grant. She is very funny in it, but the film itself has a dark side and I think they were going more along the lines of screwball in their funny ladies theme.
  9. sagebrush

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    I'm really looking forward to seeing TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT again. I haven't seen it in at least 10 years. For a musical, it tends to be a bit somber (with London during WWII within it's plot.) Beautiful technicolor, though, and some rarely shown song and dance numbers. Dancer Marc Platt and dancer/choreographer Jack Cole are in it, too, whom I love. *Look for the scene on the rehearsal stage with Rita and company and see if you can spot the uncredited Shelley Winters.
  10. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    The very lovely and talented Carole Lombard was born on this day, October 6th, in 1908. I love the "Bolero" dance scene with her and George Raft from the film BOLERO.
  11. sagebrush

    Ernest Borgnine's Bus

    "This is where I do all my piloting." That bus is bigger than my apartment, I think! He seemed like such a genuine man.
  12. sagebrush

    Nicholas Brothers Dance Scene in 1943's Stormy Weather......

    They were definitely one of a kind (or two of a kind, in this case.) The first time I saw them dance, I thought to myself: I didn't know people could do that! The other time I had that same thought was the first time I saw a Cirque Du Soleil show.
  13. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    In honor of the wonderful and talented Buster Keaton, who was born on this day, October 4th, in 1895, a clip of arguably his most dangerous stunt. Here is the famous "window scene" from STEAMBOAT BILL, JR.
  14. sagebrush

    And the "Tony Award" Goes To...

    Interesting... I'll give him a shot, especially since I don't have anyone else in mind whom I would personally like to see.
  15. I had the opportunity to see a Jefferson Starship incarnation back in 1998 in Reno, Nv. They played at the El Dorado Casino showroom, and it was sold out. Both Marty Balin and Paul Kantner were part of this tour. I was really surprised by how good they were, as I had seen footage of their performances from recent years and they sounded kind of clustered and off. As with most singers when they age, Balin had definite trouble reaching for the high notes in the songs and would sound a little sharp, but his phrasing, timing, and witty banter between songs were spot on. After the show, my husband and I were wandering around the casino for a bit, then as we were leaving and taking the escalator from the showroom to the next floor, I mentioned this to him. My husband agreed, but (jokingly) put his hands over his ears and said "Some of those notes, though, yikes!" Well, I took a glance at the gentleman and lady who were directly in front of us on that crowded escalator, and the man was Marty Balin. My heart nearly skipped a beat! He had to have heard us. I poked my husband with my elbow and discretely pointed to Balin, and my husband put his hand over his mouth. I wanted to apologize badly, but he didn't know we knew it was him, and obviously he was just having a good time in the casino ( until then. ) I've always felt so guilty about that. I know performers are used to all kinds of reactions from their audiences, but I'm not the type to voice a performer's flaws (especially not in public.)

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