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    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    I'm not sure if I enjoyed that, or if it was just that I've never heard an ode to old shoes before! Definitely a different kind of musical than MGM's, Warner's, 20th Century's or RKO's. Now I'm intrigued; I want to see the rest of it!
  2. sagebrush

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    It's hard for me to choose a specific two because I would really like to see: Christmas Holiday (1944), Hers To Hold (1943), The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (1943), Can't Help Singing (1944), For The Love Of Mary (1948). Any two of these would be great. Please don't tell me they've already aired and I missed them. 😞
  3. sagebrush

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    Any two Deanna Durbin films that they have never shown.
  4. sagebrush

    Great One-Liners

    Angela Lansbury in GASLIGHT: "I can take care of myself....when I want to. "
  5. sagebrush

    Noir Alley

    I asked my dad about this car, since I had seen a photo of him standing in front of him many years ago. He told me the car actually belonged to a relative. He also wrote this: One of the claims to fame of the Nash brand, was an option that allowed the front seats to completely recline to make a flat bed- so you wouldn't have to rent a motel room while travelling. The other, the "easter egg" shape was to make it aerodynamically smooth- to reduce drag and thereby improve gas mileage. That really worked; the Nash brand had the best gas mileage of any full sized American car of it's time (about 25 mpg at highway speeds in 1950)- even though it was a large and comfortable car! Jay Leno has one of those, and he tells the story of how and why that car was so different than other cars of its time. Nash went out of business in 1976; they never focused on developing powerful V8 engines to compete with the rest of the industry, thinking that a more economical car would still sell over performance. It's ironic, that had they held out for a few more years until the gas crises in 1978, they probably could have survived much longer.
  6. sagebrush

    Noir Alley

    I used to have a photo of my dad circa 1950(ish ) standing in front of his car in the parking lot area of his apartment building in Thousand Oaks, CA. The car looks like this! I'm going to email this pic to him and find out if it's the same model. My sisters and I used to tease him that it looked more like something that should be in the water.
  7. sagebrush

    Great Songs That Play Over Movie Credits

    The very wordy "Windmills Of Your Mind", sung by Noel Harrison, makes for a lovely beginning to THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR:
  8. I was looking through a very large stack of magazines once at an antique store and came across a LIFE magazine from 1949 with Marge and Gower Champion on the cover. It cost me $0.75. I have no idea if it was worth more, but it was priceless to me!
  9. I too collect autobiographies and biographies. At one point, I had collected many of the big books that the studio era companies released. I had The MGM Story, The Warner Bros Story, The United Artist Story, The RKO Story, and The Columbia Story. I was never able to find The Paramount Story or The Universal Story. In early 1997, flooding muddy waters raged through the living room area of my apartment, sending my bookcase and other furniture to the floor. All my books in this room were completely ruined. I used to really enjoy looking at the still photos in those books, especially the photos of the films that didn't survive the nitrate age.
  10. I'm just thrilled to see Fred Astaire's name at number 5 among that list of luminaries!
  11. sagebrush

    Art Bell dies at 72

    For anyone who is interested, Coast To Coast am will be airing a tribute show to Art Bell in tonight's time slot ( Thur 10pm-Fri 2am in most areas.) Many of Bell's guests are scheduled to call in, and clips of his most famous segments will be played.
  12. sagebrush

    Art Bell dies at 72

    Crystal Gayle wrote this song, MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, specially for Art Bell. He closed his shows with it for the remainder of his radio career.
  13. sagebrush

    Art Bell dies at 72

    I remember bringing my ear closer to the radio every time Bell would answer the wildcard line. He did actually move back to Pahrump. He started a show on Sirius Radio called Dark Matter, but I guess he lost interest in it. I enjoy George Noory. Definitely not "out there" like Art Bell, but good in his own way. Really nice guy, too.
  14. sagebrush

    Actor Harry Anderson (1952-2018)

    Sad news. I was always a fan of his, both as a comedian and magician. My late husband was a magician, and was also a big fan of Harry's. I still have his book, GAMES YOU CAN'T LOSE: A GUIDE FOR SUCKERS. Well, my husband must be having a great time up there right now, first with Art Bell, and now with Harry Anderson. ~RIP
  15. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to William Holden, born April 17, 1918! And, happy centennial birthday to Anne Shirley, also born April 17,1918!
  16. sagebrush

    Great Songs That Play Over Movie Credits

    Nice sing along-type of opening title to THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN, sung by Trini Lopez:
  17. sagebrush

    Great One-Liners

    Tuco: "See you soon, i, i, id..." Blondie: ..."Idiots- It's for you."
  18. I was a bit surprised to see REPULSION in an Underground time slot. I usually associate Underground with kind of, well, not so great films. Maybe that's just my taste, though. The film I think provides some really good insight as to how severally mentally disturbed people may view the world, and may be a motive in the heinous crimes some of them commit.
  19. sagebrush

    Not of This Earth

    Maybe that's what the Korean spam is all about; they're trying to find a portal to our brains through this forum.
  20. I just saw something odd ( at least I think so.) While watching THE MOONLIGHTER this morning, 45 minutes into the film there is a title card for an intermission. The film resumes promptly, but the entire duration of the film is only 1.5 hours! Isn't it strange that there would have been an intermission?
  21. sagebrush

    TCM Premieres

    I'm looking forward to DOWN BY LAW. I know many folks on this forum don't care for Roberto Benigni (maybe not lovely Nicoletta Braschi, too), but I like their films.
  22. sagebrush

    Tomwomen in the Movies

    Mercedes McCambridge in GIANT.
  23. sagebrush

    Noir Alley

    I enjoyed SUDDENLY. As Vautrin said, it's only 77 minutes, always a plus for me ( I lose interest quickly.) When watching films such as this one, where there are characters who are being chased or being kept hostage, I start to think of whether or not I would be so quick to think of ways to escape like they do. Heck, even the little boy was scheming! I do this even when reading real life stories of these same situations. In my case, the answer is sadly, No.
  24. It's *only* 15 pages of spam currently.

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