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  1. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers were two beautiful and talented actresses born on this day, July 16th; Stanwyck in 1907 and Rogers in 1911. The conga line scene in BALL OF FIRE is one of my favorite Barbara (and her wonderful company of character actors) scenes: My favorite Ginger Rogers scenes are usually ones which include Fred Astaire, but I also love this cute clip from ROXIE HART:
  2. sagebrush

    A Zillion Ways to Die!

    Psycho man in FARGO may have gotten away with a "Sweeney Todd" type of murder, if only he hadn't left that foot dangling from the wood chipper.
  3. sagebrush

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    No, it was NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE. Vanity actually wasn't in PURPLE RAIN. Another Prince protege, Apollonia, was his co-star ( when Vanity left her band "Vanity 6", thus being replaced by Apollonia and the band renamed "Apollonia 6" ) *You know, I'm kind of embarrassed I know all that info! 😄
  4. I know he was mentioned a few years back in this thread, but I would really love to pitchfork Fred MacMurray's character Mr. Sheldrake in THE APARTMENT!
  5. sagebrush

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    TV Land only shows two or three shows now- My sister, who has the biggest cable package of anyone I know, says both SundanceTV and Independent Film Channel no longer show international films. WTH? My favorite TCM programming night is Sunday, when we get the silent film and two imports. I wish, though, that the silent started more in a prime time slot, such as 9pmET, then the imports airing more at the time where we now have the silent.
  6. sagebrush

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    This brings me to a question about some of these more recent films. Back in 2014, when Philip Seymour-Hoffman died, TCM aired DOUBT as part of a remembrance of film luminaries we had lost that year. That was the only time they aired the film. Is this now a film they have license to show, or did they just rent it for a one time showing?
  7. sagebrush

    Eddie Muller's Humor

    I love Eddie's humor, as well. I know all the intros/outros are rehearsed, but his humor seems spontaneous to me.
  8. sagebrush

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    As calvinnme wrote, these are TCM Underground films. They are horrendous, but I enjoy seeing them, although I quite often doze off during them. I was a teenager during the late 70's-mid 80's when most of these films were made. I really hated that era; the big, teased hair with big scarves or bows, the hybrid disco-gypsy clothing and the space-aged eye make-up ( and that's just the guys! ) I also despised so much of the music from that time, with it's electronic drums and keyboards, and the song themes seemingly always about a "party" somewhere. I'm generalizing, of course, because some really good music also came from that era. Last Friday night's Underground featured two films starring beautiful Denise Matthews ( aka Vanity). I remember the titles from way back, but never bothered to go see them during their release. I didn't know, however, that the DeBarge song "The Rhythm Of The Night" originally came from one of those two films, THE LAST DRAGON. I guess most of the films in this time slot are considered cult classics now.
  9. Yes, it is quiet. I think what makes it scary (or suspenseful) was the lack of what we saw, such as the scene where Frances Dee is walking through the jungle area. We hear the rustling of the palm trees, but is it the breeze making that sound, or is it someone following her? No dialogue necessary for the scene.
  10. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, born July 14th, 1918!
  11. I wonder; if Flynn had been around today instead of the mid 1930's - late 1950's, would he have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and perhaps ADHD. I read his autobiography around 1990, and that was the first impression I got. The "all or nothing" behavior, the inability to concentrate on improving one's life- they all seemed like a red flag to me.
  12. She also had a good part in IF I WERE KING, which I believe has only aired once on TCM (during Ronald Colman's SOTM salute.)
  13. I love this film! I also love Frances Dee and wish she was shown more on TCM.
  14. sagebrush

    October 2018 schedule is up

    Great choice!
  15. sagebrush


    I like # 3, as well. It looks less clustered than the others. It would make a nice chat set. Eddie Muller has a pretty cool set, though.
  16. Poor Rita Hayworth; the press seemed to delight in capturing her looking not-so-flattering in her final days. Perhaps they just didn't understand that she was deteriorating from Alzheimer's Disease. This photo is from 1981 (she passed away in 1987.) I think she still has that amazing smile.
  17. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    In celebration of beautiful Janet Leigh, who was born on this day, July 6th, in 1927: The fun Shriner's Club scene from BYE BYE, BIRDIE.
  18. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Sebastian Cabot, born July 6th, 1918!
  19. sagebrush

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    I didn't know that fact! We just left the theatre. We eventually watched it with her on DVD, so she did see it.
  20. sagebrush

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    My parents time and time again made questionable film choices for my sisters and I to see. They took us to see THE CONVERSATION ( I was the youngest at 8, my sisters and I are 2 years apart.) I had nightmares of bloody rags in the toilet for weeks! My mother was doing the monkey "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil", trying to cover our eyes and ears during the traumatic scenes. They took us to see THE EXORCIST and for my 13th birthday, they took us to see MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, which we eventually left because of the violence. We still joke with my dad about it today and he laughs. The also took us to see WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT at the Sat night drive-in ( I think it was the ten year anniversary.) That film really confused me! I don't know how we weren't stopped, as I believe all these films are rated R? I think in those days they allowed the entry of minors as long as they were accompanied by an adult. My husband and I tried to take our 15-year-old to see THIRTEEN in 2003. The film was rated R and they wouldn't even let her in with us . Odd, because I felt that was exactly the type of film someone her age needed to see.
  21. It is tragic. Anyone dying of AIDS is tragic, but in the early days of the disease, when the afflicted can do little but waste away is very sad indeed.
  22. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    Super fun dance scene clip from DADDY LONG LEGS, with Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron, who was born on this day, July 1st, in 1931. The "Sluefoot."
  23. sagebrush

    Clips of your favorite scenes

    In celebration of the always beautiful Dame Olivia de Havilland's 102nd birthday today, July 1st, 2018, a short clip from one of her Academy Award winning performances in THE HEIRESS. The film's director, William Wyler, was also born on this day, in 1902. * Darn NBC Universal has blocked nearly all of the YouTube clips of this film. Grrr!
  24. Aw- I love that scene! I thought what was funny about it was that it showed how superstitious the Jewish folks are, or at least were at that time. " It's a sign" is Golda's reasoning which changes her mind about whom Tzeitel should marry. Also, it shows that Tevye is a bit afraid of his wife ! Pearls!
  25. I was lucky enough to see him in PHANTOM when it toured Los Angeles in 1992. My sister and I took a bus tour from San Jose, CA, to LA, with a group. The other folks on the tour must have been used to doing this kind of thing, because after the show, they just went about their every day conversations, whereas my sister and I couldn't stop talking about the show for weeks! It really was spectacular. Same sister and I also were lucky enough to see Crawford in a touring concert of "The Music Of Andrew Lloyd-Webber". As exciting as it was to hear the tunes from PHANTOM again, his performance of "Gethsemane" from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR brought myself and most of the audience to tears! On a side note, I also had the opportunity to see Robert Guillaume play the role of the phantom in San Francisco. He, too, was marvelous. He played it very different than Crawford, but wonderfully, none the less.

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