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  1. This one has been bugging me for the longest time. My late German uncle served in WW2 and he insisted on watching every TV program about WW2 that ever aired. I remember watching a color movie probably made in the late 80s/early 90s with him on TV in the early 90s, and not remembering the title has been bugging me. All I remember is a scene where the German or Italian soldier delivers boxes filled with poison to various people being targeted by the government. At each house, when the person opens the box, they are killed from inhaling whatever substance is contained in the box. At some point the soldier hits a moral quandary where, instead of delivering the last box, he sits in a windy park, opens the box himself, and crys as he starts to cough from the subtance, which he then throws out. Does this ring any bell to anyone?
  2. rosinryanz

    Paper money in old movies

    Thank you so much for all the great information on the topic. Who would have ever thought that there would be such a backstory on a prop. And to answer your question ThelmaTodd, I have indeed been an infrequent poster over the past 8 years. Chalk it up to having too many interests to ever focus on one full-time.
  3. rosinryanz

    Paper money in old movies

    Does anyone know why the paper money that is shown in old movies looks so odd? At first I figured that the designs have changed over the years, but I've done some searching on the internet, and it doesn't appear that much has changed to the design of paper money in the last century. In so many movies and TV shows from the 1940s and 1950s, the paper money appears to have a totally differnet design and look to is. Any guess as to why?
  4. I recently read an article that said "Mrs. Minniver" was the top earning movie in the UK during 1942. How did Hollywood movies get to Europe during WWII? Surely the troopships had more important things to transport across the ocean than American melodramas.
  5. rosinryanz

    Can't view trailers!

    Whenever I open up a link on the multimedia page to view a trailer, it never loads. It just says "ready" but never plays. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. rosinryanz

    Films Judy Garland Passed

    What were some of the films that Jusy Garland was selected for or wanted for, but for various reasons, did not select? By the Beautiful Sea (with Bing Crosby) Valley of the Dolls The Three Faces of Eve Harlow Bloodhounds of Broadway The Barkley's of Broadway Annie Get Your Gun Royal Wedding Any others?
  7. rosinryanz

    Lucille Ball's Mean Side

    Last night, a friend of mine who is a former stewardess was telling her stories of serving upon some of the great stars of the past. She glowed when she told of how kind most stars were to her - including Lee Remick, Jacqueline Bisset, Shelley Winters (who refused to eas at her seat and then during the movie went to eat in the galley), Nanette Fabray, Lee Marvin, and so many others. However, in her twenty-five years of work, only two stars were rude and unfriednly to her: Bob Dylan and Lucille Ball. In recent times, so many people have talked about how Ball either loved you or loathed you. I was told that on the plane she stuck up her chin and made her superiority well pronounced, and refused to even speak to the stewardesses save to give orders. What could have caused this women to have such a nasty side? She was a beloved star who will be eternally remembered, a great actress, and a great comedienne. And of course, quite well off. I think it was a shame she treated her fans, let alone the general public, with such low regard.
  8. rosinryanz

    Films that SHOULD Be Remade

    I disagree. Some remakes have been much better than the original. They include The Maltese Falcoln (1941), A Star is Born (1954), and recently, Ocean's 11 (1960).
  9. rosinryanz

    What ever happened to Mamie Van Doren

    Check out her website, , and you'll see what she's been up to lately!
  10. Yes, we all know that great films should not be remade. However, there are many old films that had a good premise but were flawed by poor scripts, direction, acting, or other. What are some films that you think actually could be good candidates for being remade? I've been thinking that some of the following are far more worthy candidates that Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany's: Torn Curtain Portrait in Black Do Not Disturb Ruby Gentry Tender is the Night Take Her, She?s Mine Paris ? When it Sizzles Bloodline The Sound and the Fury
  11. Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful fiftieth anniversary screening of Giant at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I'd never before attended an Academy screening, so I didn't know what to expect. The film was presented in the beautiful Samuel Goldwyn Theatre, and the lobby was filled with lobby cards, one sheets, and still photographs from the set. At 7:00 PM they started with a new documentary about the celebration that took place this July in Marfa, Texas. The next short was an oddly out of the place Columbia cartoon about some kid who's voice emitted "bong bong" sounds. Quite odd. Then, at 7:30, the real treat started. Carroll Baker, who was unable to attend, provided a warm taped message with some funny stories. Then, to my complete surprise, three of the five remaining stars appeared on stage: Earl Holliman, Noreen Nash (Mrs. James Whitmore), and Jane Withers. In addition, Bill Blast, author and friend of James Dean was on the panel. There was a moderator who asked the questions, and all the panel members had fascinating stories. Everyone though Jane Withers was a riot. She was a ball of fire and had the audience in her palm. The film started at 8:00 promptly. Unfortunately, the print was mediocre, partially victim from the poor WarnerColor negative. However, nothing could detract from the magic of this great film. I'd seen Giant many times before, but never had quite inhaled all of its might. It was a night I shall never forget.
  12. rosinryanz

    Guilty Pleasures

    Peyton Place (1957) Imitation of Life (1959) Madame X (1966
  13. rosinryanz

    Stars and their Contracts

    Can we start a thread that lists different stars and the years they were under contract to various studios?
  14. rosinryanz

    Upset with Summer Under the Stars selection

    I would have liked to see Jean Arthur, Mae West, and Tyrone Power, but based on library holdings, I guess that was wishful thinking.
  15. For the first time, I viewed Alfred Hitchcock's Torn Curtain (1966). Was I the only one disappointed by its mediocrity? Despite the huge talents of Newman, Andrews, Kedrova, and others, the film died a painful death with its campy dialogue and outlandish plot. I expected so much, especially as an admirer of Hitchcock's masterpieces, but sadly I found Torn Curtain a bitter letdown. Does anyone else feel the same way, or differently?

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