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  1. ...last night during the Sedona Film Festival. After the film was presented, on stage Miss Powers had quite a few interesting and funny little anecdotes about her co-star in the film Tallulah Bankhead, and went on to talk for about an hour about her years under contract during the studio era at Columbia, MGM and 20th Century Fox. Being the President of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, she also touched upon that aspect of her life. Have to say it had been years since I've watched "Die! Die! My Darling!" and had forgotten much of the film(it also features a very young Donald Sutherland) and was actually somewhat impressed with how well the very young at the time Miss Powers seemed so natural in it, And, even though Miss Bankhead really hams it up in it, a la Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane", a film which Miss Powers would mention inspired the Hammer Production of "Die!..", overall I thought it well directed by Silvio Narizzano, who's best known work would probably be "Georgy Girl". Later, and after Miss Powers finished her talk on stage, she welcomed her fans in the theater lobby, and so my wife asked her if it would be okay if her husband had his picture taken with his "first crush", to which which Miss Powers said, "Oh, so YOU'RE him, eh?!", and to which I replied, "Yeah, among the million of other men my age who remember daydreaming of dating "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." while sitting in their high school classes." (...my hair was "a little" darker back in those days)
  2. >Caan has had a reputation for being blunt. And thus was probably why Coppola thought he'd be absolutely perfect as Sonny Corleone...and which he was, of course.
  3. Dargo2

    I Dood It!!!

    >My attention wanders until Eleanor starts dancing (which there isnt enough of...) in her films. Well, I suppose that that's my point here. I don't think Eleanor ever projected enough "charisma"(for want of a better word) in scenes when she wasn't wearing her tap shoes...and regardless the quality or lack thereof of the dialogue she's given.
  4. Dargo2

    Request a star of the month

    Well, I don't know if it's a case of Ryan and Widmark choosing those roles or if it was more the idea of the "roles choosing them", Andy. 'Cause, while both were most assuredly great actors, neither of them possessed the "classic leading man looks" one would think would have been the prerequisite during their time for the romantic lead in films, as both had a rather "hard look" about 'em.
  5. Dargo2

    I Dood It!!!

    I was talking more here of the comedies Ginger made sans Fred, Hibi.
  6. Dargo2

    Why No Beatles Films on TCM?

    Sorry dark, but the only version of that song I like is the one Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do when they're doin' their "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" skit on SNL!
  7. Dargo2

    I Dood It!!!

    Yeah maybe, but it still seems to me that, say, Ginger Rogers for instance, could take the silliest of scripts and dialogue and still make them and her fun to watch.
  8. Dargo2

    I Dood It!!!

    Before I did what clore did and changed the channel(to watch the fantastically done updated "Cosmos" series) I only caught a little of this movie last night and came into it just as Skelton and Powell tell Thurston Hall in the nightclub that they've wed and then the somewhat cleverly done physical comedy routine were Red attempts to get the accidentally drugged with sleeping pills Eleanor into bed so she can sleep. However, what I seemed to notice while watching those scenes is that while Eleanor may have been one of the great tap dancers in film, I don't think she was all that good an actress, as I felt her line-delivery and facial expressions were rather flat. And I recall noticing this in a few other of the films I've seen her in over the years, and when she's not kicking up her heels in them. And so, maybe this is the reason MGM always seemed to give her short-shrift. (...sorry all you Eleanor Powell fans out there, but that's how I see it)
  9. Dargo2

    Any of you a TCM Fan Programmer?

    I've always had the following strict personal policy from which I've never(okay once or twice) deviated: "I would NEVER enter ANY contest which would accept ME as a contestant!" (...however, a hearty congrats to all those chosen...lookin' forward to seein' all those smilin' faces on my TV set!)
  10. Ya think THAT'S bad, do ya Andy?! Well, while searchin' the net about this whole casting thing for this flick, I ran across someone who claims even Jerry Lewis was at one time considered for the Higgins part! (...and supposedly with the working title set to be...wait for it..."HEY, My Fair LADY"!!!)
  11. Dargo2

    *CANDIDS* 2

    >Now that was funny, Dargo. Well how do ya like THAT?! I'm FINALLY serious about somethin' around here, and the guy thinks THAT'S funny!!!
  12. Ya know noah, I'm startin' to get the impression that if you DO ever find the answer to your question about who the actor was that was so rude to Geneieve, you're gonna hunt him down and give him a piece of your mind!!! (...btw, that IS a great picture of your crush here!)
  13. Dargo2

    *CANDIDS* 2

    Thanks, Joe! These little "cathartic moments" of mine DO help quite a bit. (...as that nice doctor who visits this end of the ward on weekends always tells me)
  14. Dargo2

    *CANDIDS* 2

    ...and while listening to that new rising young star Robert Wagner attempting to play a medley of patriotic hits on his sousaphone, I would assume. (...yep, sorry Joe...I just had to get THAT off my chest too!)
  15. Dargo2

    Why No Beatles Films on TCM?

    >yeah...and I was the one who inspired it. Well then MissW, consider yourself our new resident "Good Influence" for our resident "Bad Influence" around here...'cause I DO often wish finance would more often elaborate upon some of his astute and cleverly written observations and suppositions around here! (...though I suppose those Disco spin classes of his CAN be rather addicting and thus leaving little room in his busy schedule, huh!)
  16. >Yes, according to the announcement, posters will be able to have avatars. Cameron will be SO happy to hear this! (...I hear he gets a percentage for each and every one used since he inked that deal for that space movie version of "Dances With Wolves" he made)
  17. Dargo2

    "Noah" (2014)

    >OK, I get the marketing angle behind the disclaimer, but will that really influence the decision to see the movie or not by true believers? Hmmmm...well. all I can say here is that I can't remember if Stanley Kramer stuck a disclaimer on his "Inherit the Wind" movie(and which of course is another film that is a fictionalized account of events) but that's certainly never stopped ME from enjoying that movie, anyway! LOL (...btw James, LOVED your post down there about "original source material"!!!)
  18. Dargo2

    Weird name for an actor!

    >Back in the day, as everyone on these boards knows,actors changed their names if they were too unconventional, ethnic or just plain boring or common. Well, that didn't stop THIS guy from keepin' his real name...
  19. Dargo2

    Why No Beatles Films on TCM?

    Okay, remember this date, everybody: March 30, 2014. (...a new record in the length of a reply from our friend finance here!) LOL
  20. Dargo2

    Boycotting Woody Allen Films??

    >The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)...It just strikes me as a wonderful idea, and one that had never been explored before. Well, other than in 1924 and when Buster Keaton(no relation to Diane, of course) explored it with his "Sherlock Jr.", anyway.
  21. Dargo2

    Boycotting Woody Allen Films??

    Okay...and now back to Woody... (...just thought I'd make it a little less "trying" for those folks around here who somehow feel it's nearly impossible to redirect a thread back on-topic)
  22. Dargo2

    Boycotting Woody Allen Films??

    Well, in regard to comparisons and YOU being "bad"...MY money's on the idea that there's probably a whole lot MORE people around here who if asked would say you are usually nowhere NEAR as being as "bad" and I AM!!! (...especially NOW and after what I just said down there about Kim Novak, and if we asked those people around here who feel compelled to defend her at all costs!!!) LOL
  23. Dargo2

    Boycotting Woody Allen Films??

    And btw, Tom...WAIT! >Hey, I just thought of someone else who would have been great in drag with me: Are YOU now offering to play one of those two Chicago musicians on the run TOO??? (...why...I didn't know you were an actor!!!) LOL
  24. Dargo2

    Boycotting Woody Allen Films??

    >With Woody you may have a point. Extra makeup might do the trick. Along with about a year's worth of plastic surgery. Yeah...well...maybe. Well, as long as he doesn't use the same plastic surgeon as Kim Novak used!!! (...wait...is it okay to say that around here now???) LOL

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