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    2013 Festival Schedule Question

    Hello and thank you for the background information. I thought I was missing a link on the site (I feel better about my computer forum skills now). I will try for the single seat option and keep my fingers crossed. It's really a thrill to see my grandfather up on the big screen in a nice theater setting. I was able to attend the screening of 'The Spanish Dancer" at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival last year and it was quite an experience. It would be doubly good to see a screening in Hollywood. Thank you again! Nick
  2. Hello, I'm attempting to determine the date and time for the screening of the movie "It' during the 2013 TCM Film Festival. I've checked the TCM Film Festival news and the TCM site, but I can't seem to find the date/time. I am a relative of Antonio Moreno and I'd like to see him on the big screen if possible. Information will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nick
  3. surfernick

    James Bernard Moore

    Hello, I am looking for biographical information on James Bernard Moore. James Bernard Moore, who also went by "Bernard" and "Bennie", worked as a cameraman for 35 years. He was born in Alaska (DOB 11/20/1891) and started working in Hollywood around 1913. Moore was an assistant cameraman on the 1933 Pathe film "Tomorrow at Seven" and was working for Emil Oster at Columbia in 1942. He is mentioned in the "International Photographer" starting in 1930 and is listed as working on the "Hop Along" series in the late 1930's. Information on Moore's career in the 1913-1928 time period is of particular interest to me. I do have his biographical information from 1891 to 1907 (prior to becoming a cameraman). If you have any information, it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nick P.

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