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  1. Philip_marlowe

    Dead Reckoning(1947)

    The big sleep is one of my all time favorite movies!!
  2. Philip_marlowe

    The Flame(1947)

    Sounds interesting, I will be checking this one out
  3. Philip_marlowe

    Recently watched Noir

    In a Lonely Place (1950) is a [film noir||Film noir] directed by[Nicholas Ray||Nicholas Ray], and starring [Humphrey Bogart||Humphrey Bogart] and[Gloria Grahame||Gloria Grahame], produced for Bogart's Santana Productions. The script was adapted by Edmund North from the 1947 novel [in a Lonely Place||In a Lonely Place (novel)] by[Dorothy B. Hughes||Dorothy B. Hughes].^[[1]|]^ Bogart stars in the film as Dixon Steele, a cynical screenwriter suspected of murder. Grahame co-stars as Laurel Gray, a neighbor who falls under his spell. Beyond its surface plot of confused identity and tormented lust, the film is a mordant comment on Hollywood [mores||Mores] and the pitfalls of celebrity and near-celebrity, in much the same vein as two other more widely publicized American films released that same year, [billy Wilder||Billy Wilder]'s [sunset Boulevard||Sunset Boulevard (1950 film)] and [Joseph Mankiewicz||Joseph Mankiewicz]'s [All About Eve||All About Eve]. Although not as well known as his other work, Bogart's performance in this film is considered by many critics to be among his finest and the film's reputation itself has grown over time along with Ray's.^[[2]|]^
  4. Philip_marlowe

    Gun Crazy(1950)

    I love this movie, a classic. Watching bart(John dall) fall so easily into a life of crime, and how quickly it spirals out if controll. Great film

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