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  1. I've seen several good ones, but it would be interesting if they showed more from places like Russia and Japan that were made during the actual war years and/or soon afterwards. Same for places like Germany and Italy. A very interesting one that was shown on TCM was "Ballad of a Soldier", about a young enlisted man in the Soviet army who won an extended leave for heroism on the battlefied, and what he went through to get back home. Gregory Peck's first starring role was as a Soviet partisan leader that was made in 1944 or so (just shown on TCM). But foreign films and Hollywood offerings made during the war itself that have military action involving other countries would make for a great weekend some time. One other item as far as war films involves the ongoing anniversary of the Civil War. While "Gone With the Wind" is being shown again next week, other films that have the Civil War as their plot would be welcome. And, again, any foreign films that take a look at our Civil War or portray such conflicts in their own lands would be a good watching too.
  2. Well, to remain 'classic', they might want to reconsider the sheer number of movies that they show that have less than a 'two star' rating! I realize they tend to show quite a few movies featuring a particular artist and whatnot, but quite a few of the offerings have been genuine stinkers, in any year. 'Classic' to me means quality. That's not always present on some of the films shown!
  3. guyinchesapeake

    Trying to find a movie

    I appreciate the reply, and the info in it. But, I don't think this is the movie I'm seeking. As I recall (I only saw it once so long ago!), the lead character WAS sympathetic, and the outlaw gang (I still think it was the Younger Brothers) and what they were doing was central to the story. It seems to me that there was a boy or very young man who wanted to help the sheriff out nas the movie progressed. But I DO remember quite well how the deputy, and others, referred to "that real fine move" of the sheriff's. The sheriff's age and/or health was an issue. But in the end, the sheriff prevailed, but he did not kill the deputy in the big finale, he shot the gun out of the deputy's hand, wounding him there. But again, thanks...
  4. guyinchesapeake

    Have you ever personally met a big actor/actress?

    I got to meet Bob Crane back in the mid 60s. He was the guest emcee of a local event that honors NATO participation. At the time, he was one of the biggest TV stars in the country, due to the success of "Hogan's Heroes" (it was also before the sleazier aspects of his life became known). But on a dare from a classmate, I ran out into the parade as his convertible was passing (he was standing in it and waving to the crowd). I went up and put my hand out, and he grabbed it and shook it, while asking me my name. When I jogged back to my class on the curb, my teacher was fit to be tied, but I was a hero to many of my classmates. And I got yelled at by my folks thanks to the teacher telling them about it! But it was worth it. On another occasion, I got close to Kurt Russell and some other cast members of the movie "Captain Ron" when they were shooting near the naval base that used to be at Roosevelt Roads, PR. Actually, I saw them in a local bar after a day's shoot. I didn't get to meet him or anyone else, but a couple of guys I played softball with did so, they got pictures taken with him and some autographs.
  5. guyinchesapeake

    Trying to find a movie

    I see others have posted similar efforts in trying to find a movie's title and such, but I am here to do the same. And, I don't have much to go by to put on here, but I'll take a shot none the less. The movie I'm seeking had a plot line about a sheriff whose deputy wanted to replace him. I cannot remember if the sheriff himself actually wanted to give it up, but his deputy definitely had designs on his job. The sheriff was known for having a well defined 'move' when it came to gun slinging against outlaws. In the course of the movie, a famous outlaw gang was apprehended (it might have been the Younger Bros, perhaps the Dalton Gang), and the local media was treating the gang like rock stars, with the deputy hanging out with them and getting face time, acting almost like a pal of theirs, etc. The sheriff and deputy have it out over this, and just before the final showdown, the deputy hisses that he wants to see 'that real fine move' of the sheriff's. And the sheriff does shoot the gun out of hand on the draw, effectively ending the movie. if memory serves, is aw this film in the early 70s', but it could have been anywhere in between up to the early 80s. I also cannot remember if it was a made for TV movie, or a regular release. I did view it on TV. That is it in a nut shell. I do not know who was in it, who directed it, etc. On this slim amount of clues, if anyone can point me in the right direction I will be most grateful. Thanks..

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