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    Old movie

    My familiar looks for movie (color, 50's or 60's):
  2. wositelec

    Title of movie

    Unfortunately, it isn't any from these movies.
  3. wositelec

    Title of movie

    The man escapes (probably from train) as prisoner. The actor was similar to Charlton Heston. He hides in corn fields. I know that there were woman as well (he met woman after some time). The prisoner tries to breaks shackles. At the end, he's dead (he's killed for bad guys). The death was just in this corn field. The prisoner had short dark hair and moustaches. He escapes for whole movie. This isn't "Apache" (1954). 60's or 70's. Color. Perhaps western or something similar to action movie. The important information: final scene in corn-field was specific. There were people with dogs. The corn-field was stamping for guys. The actor has black and short hair. He has moustaches and average body. He's American. His age [in this movie] was near 40-45 years old (I think that yes). However, it isn't "Figures in a Landscape", although I was sure. There aren't as well: Days of Heaven (1978) A Perfect World (1993) The Man Who Broke 1000 Chains (TV 1987) The Defiant Ones (1958) The Defiant Ones (TV 1986)

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