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  1. yazman

    never shown titles

    i hardly ever log in, and i'm sorry this leo has a hard time with tcm,all i know is if it were not for tcm my time spent watching tv would be fairly miserable. that being said i have had a hard time with french films,i'm not that sympathetic to the characters, same goes for some of the other 'story of film' showings but i do think they should be shown so we can at least see what's out there.a lot of the titles that i want to see seem to be paramount films, i can't get them on cable but rarely. burt lancaster will be star for november and alas still no airing of 'ROSE TATTOO' and about twenty other titles that hasn't aired anywhere and i can't afford dvd's,you can't even rent them on netflex ,SLENDER THREAD, FOREIGN AFFAIR, SUMMER AND SMOKE,HOUSEBOAT,THIS IS THE NIGHT,just to name a few!!
  2. yazman

    kim novak

    If Kim Novack wanted to be herself I can see why she dropped out of movie making,nobody's thereself in a movie,unless it's a documentary, therefore she shouldn't have any ill feelings about film and filmaking,I don't think she does, but she sure went in the wrong direction.Hope she's happy now!
  3. yazman

    it's gun-STUPID

    I believe one thing that had me confused was the reviews I read telling of how great the movie was.Iunderstand that lots of similar situations pop up many times in film, it just seemed to me the film was a little overloaded with crazyness.I like a good murder and high action but the violence didn't seem to me to have any coherent social statement, Like so many movies made now days.For the most part I don't watch any thing with a cell phone in it, unless it's Eastwood,Spielberg,etc...and what's with 'IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE' nowhere on cable, was on local tv with a commercial every ten minutes?????
  4. yazman

    it's gun-STUPID

    meaning of 'ignorant' is shooting the secretary in the payroll office after she has already sounded the alarm. 'ignorant' istearing the telephone wires out and locking children up in garage while your friends just talked to and are 20 ft. away as you take off. the list go's on and on!
  5. yazman

    it's gun-STUPID

    I am the type of person that will give any film every last chance to have a likability factor,but 'Gun Crazy' was the most ignorant series of crimes I have ever seen.What Leonard Malton and other reviewers think is good I have no clue, I was waiting for martians to appear in the swamp at the end!!
  6. I'm watching kay on dvr and I can't hardly tell that the speech is that bad,ther must be a film that it is real noticable but Ive watched her movies and never knew, that is until Robert pointed it out. It don't bother me in least! I think she's great, wouldn't change a thing!
  7. yazman

    schedule date and times

    i just looked up dail m for murder and saw that it was coming on september 15 at 12am - oh no but really its september 16' because thats when the new day starts the last time i looked into the matter!
  8. I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but sometimes I get a little confused when a movie is coming on at 3AM is still listed for the day before, I wish the new day would start when it starts at 12AM! or is this a petty complaint on my part?
  9. yazman

    Celeste Holm?

    does anyone know anything about a CH tribute, I just signed up to TCM and don't know if I should expect a tribute to everyone who passes away, haven't seen all about eve in ages!

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