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  1. LKitten16

    Tomorrow on TCM

    I'm looking forward to watching Twice Blessed as The Parent Trap was a favorite of my cousin and I
  2. LKitten16

    Movie name help!

    Movie from the 40s (I believe) of a con man getting out of jail and accidently hurting a female (giving her a concusion maybe?), and instead of bringing him in a police officer tells him to nurse the woman back to health. They end up at a cottage and of course fall in love even though she's dying. Thats the best I got. I thought it was a John Garfield movie but nothing came up so far that rings a bell. Only saw it once a few year ago and couldn't forget it, but didn't look up movies then the way I do now. Whatever info you have, I'd love to find this!
  3. LKitten16

    Movie name help!

    oh wow thank you! That's it! I'm not sure how you got it since I was wrong not only on the lead actor but what was wrong with the girl haha. I really appreciate it

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