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  1. LKitten16

    [Poll] Your favorite decade for films??

    1940s, with 1950s right behind
  2. LKitten16

    What your favorite Bogart/Bacall movie

    Dark Passage with Key Largo second.
  3. LKitten16

    Favorite Color Movie Musicals?

    There's been quite a few popping up on my list lately, but overall West Side Story Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Guys and Dolls I love the colors, the dancing, and for the most part, the singing
  4. LKitten16

    Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    1 Bette Davis 2 Barbara Stanwyck 3 Olivia de Havilland
  5. LKitten16

    Your three favorite male actors of all time

    This one is hard. I think my number one is safe and two and three are interchangeable depending on the day 1 Sidney Poitier 2 Jimmy Stewart 3 Gregory Peck
  6. LKitten16

    Halloween Schedule Disappointment

    I am also disappointed with the horror movie schedule. It's not nearly as extravagant as it used to be, which I enjoyed. I no longer have cable (so no Svengoolie) but I do have a roku, a collection of 50 horror classics and a couple years of old Now Playing guides, so I can hopefully find most of if not everything TCM is not playing.
  7. LKitten16

    A movie a day

    Every August I try to make it a point to watch at least one movie a day I've never seen. Of course it's harder for some since certain actors work is more known or shown more often, and to be honest some have movies with descriptions that don't interest me. However I've managed to pick at least one a day. There's actually 49 on my list. I'll be busy. Am just wondering is anyone else does this? Any actors you've seen most of their films? Any you haven't really seen any?
  8. LKitten16

    A movie a day

    There was only one Jimmy Stewart film I can't remember watching, so after this year it might go from "never seen" to "rarely seen" for me, in which case I'll pick one that it's been a long time since I've watched. Henry Fonda, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, and Errol Flynn were difficult too.
  9. LKitten16

    Top 10 Disney films of all-time (not pixar)

    1. The Little Mermaid 2. Beauty and the Beast 3. The Lion King 4. Tangled 5. Tarzan 6. Dinosaur 7. Sleeping Beauty 8. Aladdin 9. Lady and the Tramp 10. Jungle Book 1-6 are pretty set, moving up or down slightly. 7-10 can change drastically at any point
  10. LKitten16

    Dean Martin as SOTM September 2018

    I love Bells Are Ringing, especially the scene where they're on the street saying hello to everyone, really makes me laugh. Also like Toys in the Attic, Carrie being one of my most hated characters!
  11. LKitten16

    2018 SCHEDULE

    Peter Lorre probably was my favorite. A bit unexpected, watched 5 films, enjoyed them all!
  12. I asked in the SUTS forum but so far nothing, so I thought I'd try here. I love the video promo for this years SUTS. Can anyone tell me who has the last line, and maybe where it'd from? "Am I dreaming? It doesn't seem real."
  13. LKitten16

    SUTS promo video

    I love the video promo for this years SUTS. Can anyone tell me who has the last line, and maybe where it'd from? "Am I dreaming? It doesn't seem real."
  14. LKitten16

    2018 SCHEDULE

    August 7th ?
  15. Pre-code or silent! Or horror could be fun, until we get to the bloody stuff lol
  16. LKitten16

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Guys and Dolls, one of my favorite musicals
  17. Since it's practically impossible to catch 48 hours worth of musicals, I was originally just going to try for the recommended movies due to schedule, but think more is doable. So, what are you planning to watch for sure? For me, Dames, Born to Dance, Hallelujah (a last minute addition after listening to the video lecture), The Wizard of Oz, Top Hat and Three Smart Girls. I wasn't able to catch Broadway Melody which was recommended, but I'll see if it's on demand.
  18. You Were Never Lovelier was on, unless there's another version. I feel West Side Story was purposely omitted so we'd go see it in the theater.
  19. LKitten16

    July 2018 Spotlight: 50 States in 50 Movies

    Awesome! An easy way to see which movie and state Thanks
  20. New week, more movies! Going for Band Wagon, Singing in the Rain, Show Boat, Pal Joey, Guys and Dolls, Seven Brides and Million Dollar Mermaid. And possibly more based off the lecture video which keeps happening lol
  21. I'm not a huge Rita fan (don't hit me lol) but this sounded good so I'm gonna give it a go. I'll be back with good reviews I'm sure
  22. Just as the title says, I was watching On the Town (Prehistoric Man) first, and later Good News (Pass That Peace Pipe). I feel like both songs are similar around the dance portions with the beat of the drums and the 'sounds' the characters are making. Chances are a lot of songs sound like other songs, but I noticed this one big time. Anyone else hear it?
  23. I finished the films I was going to watch yesterday and enjoyed so much I wound up recording overnight Strike Up the Band, Meet Me in St Louis and Good News. Another day of musicals for me
  24. Wizard of Oz was the first Judy Garland film I saw, probably around 7 or so (guessing). I know I wondered how this girl had such a lovely, mature (grown-up would be my 7 year old self word) voice. She was young but so pretty. As for the clips, in the first one she shows her humorous side, which shows she doesn't have to look glamorous to do a great number.
  25. I'm not so great with the discussion questions, just want to say I watched Top Hat for the first time and really enjoyed it. I'm not usually into Fred/Ginger films (waiting for popcorn to be thrown at her) but after this I could be.

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