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  1. On 6/7/2018 at 9:51 PM, Lisa D. said:

    We were watching Born to Dance today and talking about Buddy Ebsen.  I think he'd have made a better Scarecrow than Tinman, given his loose way of dancing.  Don't think the man had leg bones.



    Funny, as I thought the same about Buddy being a better Scarecrow when watching Born to Dance. I went searching and found he in fact was originally cast as the Scarecrow and Ray Bolger as the TinMan, but Ray really wanted the Scarecrow so they switched! I'd say early on since no makeup mishap yet.

  2. Since it's practically impossible to catch 48 hours worth of musicals, I was originally just going to try for the recommended movies due to schedule, but think more is doable.

    So, what are you planning to watch for sure? 

    For me, Dames, Born to Dance, Hallelujah (a last minute addition after listening to the video lecture), The Wizard of Oz, Top Hat and Three Smart Girls. I wasn't able to catch Broadway Melody which was recommended, but I'll see if it's on demand. 

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