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  1. Jezebelle

    TCM Remembers.

    Anyone see the new TCM Remembers? I was just thinking about it when it came on. I didn't know that Ann Rutherford died this year =( I liked her very much (may she rest in peace). And I saw that they tributed Larry Hagman and Michael Clarke Duncan which I thought was nice. A few others caught my eye but I cannot remember them now. They didn't have a pretty song playing as it showed this year though, just kind of an instumental thing. But it was still very good and I'm glad I finally saw it, I was getting a bit worried as the year is coming to a close and I love the TCM Remembers segment. Your thoughts?
  2. Jezebelle

    To My Surprise, I Liked The Oscars...

    I liked the Oscars. I was iffy about Seth Mcfarland hosting but he made it fun. I thought his jokes racey but not too over the top or inappropriate. I was glad Anne Hathaway took home the Oscar for Actress in a supporting role, I didn't however think Jennifer Lawrence should have beat out Jessica Chastain for Best Actress.
  3. Jezebelle

    10 MORE DAYS!!!!

    I don't know if a "Yippee" is the right word, but I do kind of miss the essentials. Also most of these Oscar winning movies I've seen.
  4. Jezebelle

    Wow, "Gaslight" is SO MUCH BETTER than "Gaslight"

    I agree with the statement "Gaslight is so much better than Gaslight", but I preferred the 1944 one to the 1940 one. The 1940 wasn't as well acted, the characters didn't seem to flow, they were choppy. I mean Charles Boyer (1944) brought his own self ego to the role in the '44 version, and you really disliked him and could see the deciet that was obvious to everyone but to his wife. I was a bit confused when I saw that the years they were made were so close together. Why was it re-made so soon?
  5. Ginger's memior can't have been that bad. I mean, she was Ginger Rogers, that alone is interesting.
  6. {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}4. Ginger Rogers - not a great singer, but she made it work (and how!) with Astaire Said LadyE{font} But I think you meant "made it work For Astaire" because I think his work suffered when she wasn't paired with him. There was no magic and the story didn't capture your attention. There are the few acceptions such as *Easter Parade* or *Funny Face*.
  7. Jezebelle

    How about days honoring the character actors?

    That was very professionally spoken, I am impressed.
  8. Jezebelle

    How about days honoring the character actors?

    That's a good idea but for the month you would have to break it into days per actor. And they would have to have a significant part in the movie, not a cameo or a very small part where they are only shown once. Because then it would be confusing as to why the viewers are watching...
  9. Jezebelle

    Upcomming Disney Films On ABC Family

    I love love love Disney, grew up with it (90s baby) but I think that although Disney's Cinderella is fun and charming, they should play the Rogers and Hammerstein one with Leslie Ann Warren (or Julie Andrews) because those songs are magical.
  10. Ginger Rogers, hands down. No debate. (for singing that its) Acting is a toss up, Edited by: Jezebelle on Jan 14, 2013 4:39 PM
  11. Jezebelle

    OSCAR Nominations Thread............

    I think *Argo* will take it away from *Lincoln*. The former was kind of a sleeper hit, and people were very impressed with it. Also I think *Wreck it Ralph* is a shoo in for Best Animated Feature.
  12. Jezebelle

    Downton Abbey...

    I was just curious to know who of you watch the acclaimed series "Downton Abbey"? Season 3 starts in the U.S. Janurary 6th and I was wondering if anybody here will tune in. They say that it does well with older Ladies and Gentlemen (not to step on any toes) but I will be watching. I like it but have yet to find others who do.
  13. Jezebelle

    Whatever happened to intermissions?

    Really? I read the book some years ago and I must say I found it Frightfully Dull. So I assumed the movie would only highlight that.
  14. Jezebelle

    Downton Abbey...

    I like the show *Copper* but that's from BBC America, so it's not really the same I guess...
  15. Jezebelle

    Downton Abbey...

    Deaths? OH NO!! I love these characters! Wasn't losing William enough? Can't they just let me be!?! I'm only on episode 4 ( I downloaded it because lets be serious, I'm not actually waiting for it to be aired on TV.) and enough heartbreak happened withing the first three episodes. Just let me have my happiness! Edited by: Jezebelle on Jan 2, 2013 11:22 PM
  16. Jezebelle

    Downton Abbey...

    "Gosford Park", I've been meaning to look that up, have you seen it? Is it good?
  17. Jezebelle

    Twilight Zone Marathon on SciFi

    I love "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder", "The obsolete Man", and "The howling Man." The classic Twilight Zone episodes can never be beat.
  18. Jezebelle

    Les Miserables 2012

    I just saw the new musical movie version of Les Miserables and I liked it. I give it an 8.8 out of 10. There were a few songs missing and some songs were significantly shortend but the music was still essentially there. I also felt that the beginning was rushed, they could've dragged it out for another twenty minutes and not have harmed any other part of the story. Fantine doesn't really develope as one minute she's there and the next she's gone (the same with Eponine) but hey I guess they can't all be Jean Valjean and Javert. Overall I think it was a good silver screen rendition of a beautiful musical.
  19. I'm going to see Les Miserables tomorrow and possibly Cirque De Sole. I heard that it was really good.
  20. Jezebelle

    TCM Remembers.

    But in years past they used songs by artist that talk about remembering and loving the things that have past and other such topics. And they come across as beautiful and touching, so I was just a little surprised with the music playing in the background this year. Not to say its bad it's just not my favorite... I also hope they incorporate the deaths from middle December and on, no one should be forgotten...
  21. Jezebelle

    December Star of the Month: BARBARA STANWYCK

    Okay thanks, I wanted to see Annie Oakley anyway, it sounded good to me. And My Reputation I've never heard of but if its Stanwyck I'll check it out. Can't wait, I'm really enjoying her month. She was really versitile and believable.
  22. Jezebelle

    TCM Remembers.

    No, but that would be (forgive me if this sounds crude) hilarious. If that happened to Angela Lansbury, Shirley Temple or to Doris Day I would be rolling on the floor in tears....but its still very wrong. It's a good thing the TCM members do their research.
  23. Jezebelle

    December Star of the Month: BARBARA STANWYCK

    Which of her movies this week are the ones you guys recommend?
  24. Jezebelle

    December Star of the Month: BARBARA STANWYCK

    Heck yes! Then they could've really gotten into her somewhat sinister character. Ah, if only...
  25. Jezebelle

    December Star of the Month: BARBARA STANWYCK

    All she had to do was sue, stay clear of men in general for the next three months or so, and them BOOM! It was just that Fred MacMurry started to panic. Did he think it would be easy? They commited murder, you need strong nerves when you get involved with things like that. Barbara Stanwyck was cool as a cucumber until she couldn't kill him. And me personally, I would have framed the daughter. She didn't like her anyway...

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