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  1. LiamCasey


    The Wearing of the Grin (1951) - Porky Pig vs. O'Pat and O'Mike.
  2. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    The Golden Hawk (1952) Next: Rafael Sabatini
  3. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    The Day of the Jackal (1973) Next: Jack Higgins
  4. LiamCasey

    Name the Western

    McLintock! (1963) Next: Klinton Spilsbury
  5. LiamCasey

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Forbidden Planet (1956) Next: Also loosely inspired by William Shakespeare.
  6. LiamCasey

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Ernest Borgnine Next: Starred in a movie, cameoed in a remake.
  7. LiamCasey

    on svengoolie tonite

  8. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    Euripides to The Cyclops (1957)? 🤣 I'm fairly confident that Bert I. Gordon did not have the Euripides' satyr play in mind when he wrote and directed that one! 😉 As for Norman Mailer... The Naked and the Dead (1958) Next: Sophocles (and, yes, it is all Greek to me!)
  9. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    The Hunt for Red October (1990) Next: Euripides
  10. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923/1939/1956/1996) Next: Homer
  11. LiamCasey

    Adapt Ability

    Little Women (1933/1949/1994) Next: Bram Stoker
  12. LiamCasey

    Final Lines By Oscar Winning Characters

    Is the 5th one Gene Hackman in The French Connection (1971)? Sounds like something a cop would say when he/she still hasn't caught the criminal.
  13. LiamCasey

    Final Lines By Oscar Winning Characters

    The 3rd one was said by John Wayne in True Grit (1969) and the 9th one was said by Alec Guinness in The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957).
  14. LiamCasey

    Double Feature

    The Stunt Man (1980) - Peter O'Toole's preceding Best Actor Oscar nomination. Next: Hooper (1978) - Another stunt man.
  15. LiamCasey

    The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    Arlene Dahl was in Woman's World (1954) with Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall was in Harper (1966) with Paul Newman. Next: Jan-Michael Vincent (R.I.P.)
  16. LiamCasey

    Final Lines By Oscar Winning Characters

    I'm batting .300 on this one. I only have answers for the 3rd, the 7th and the 9th lines off the top of my head (and will not write those answers here and spoil the fun for others).
  17. LiamCasey

    What are you reading

    “Is she really going out with him? Is she really gonna take him home tonight? ...” 😉
  18. LiamCasey

    Haunted Houses

    So many choices. Heck, even The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) is, technically, a haunted house movie. My favorite is The Uninvited (1944) with Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp, Gail Russell and Cornelia Otis Skinner. cigarjoe’s The Legend of Hell House (1973) is also on my short list. First haunted house movie I ever saw on the big screen.
  19. LiamCasey

    What are you reading

    Very true. But, in my case, whenever any mentions “Elvis Costello”, the first thought that comes to my mind is “Diana Krall” which takes me down a completely different path of musical musings.
  20. LiamCasey

    What are you reading

    One of my favorite singer/songwriters! How was it?
  21. LiamCasey


    The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
  22. LiamCasey

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Dracula (1931) Next: Victoria Cross winner(s)
  23. LiamCasey

    Tommy Lee Jones

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen...”
  24. LiamCasey

    First movie that comes to mind. --- geography

    The Martian (2015) Next: Piedmont, New Mexico.
  25. LiamCasey


    The Pied Piper of Guadalupe (1961) - Sylvester vs. Speedy Gonzales.

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