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    What if Cary Grant had not retired?

    {size:small} > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote}Grant was asked about doing the film SLEUTH in what became the Olivier role. He must have considered it to some degree as one of my books on Grant has a shot of him backstage with Anthony Quayle and Keith Baxter of the original Broadway cast. *Sleuth* would have been an excellent vehicle for Cary Grant.
  2. LiamCasey

    What if Cary Grant had not retired?

    {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}I would very much liked to have seen him in the Burt Reynolds/Jack Rhodes role in: *Rough Cut* (1980). I think this could have been a wonderful little movie if it had the tone which Cary Grant brought by his presence. It would have been very nice also to see him opposite David Niven again. I believe he and Lesley-Anne Down could have had great chemistry. > I recall seeing *Rough Cut* back when it first came out. The creators of that one had definitely watched a few Cary Grant movies in their time. Since Mr. Grant had concerns about the 25 year age difference between himself and {font}{font:sans-serif}{size:13px}Audrey Hepburn{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} with regards to *Charade*, the 50 year age difference between himself and Lesley-Anne Down would probably have been a problem. But{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} Cary Grant and David Niven? I'm there.{font} {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}I believe he would have been very good in the Alan Alda/George Peters role in: *Same Time, Next Year* (1978). I could then understand why a woman would want to see him after the first time. > I agree with Sepiatone on this one. I doubt if Cary Grant at 74 could have pulled off a young George Peters.{font} {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}I believe he would have been excellent in the Paul Newman/Henry Gondorff role in: *The Sting* (1973). It reminded me very much of his role in: *His Girl Friday* (1940) and age would have reduced his frantic nature and made him wiser and slier. > *The Sting* is one of my all-time favorite movies. Therefore, I can't imagine that it would be better with Cary Grant in place of Paul Newman. But it probably wouldn't have been any worse either! {font} {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}I am not sure if I would have liked him in the Michael Caine/Sidney Bruhl role in *Deathtrap* (1982). I believe he could have carried it very well but I do not know how I would have felt to see him kissing Superman. > Considering the rumors regarding his sexuality, would Cary Grant have done a role that had him kissing another man?{font}
  3. LiamCasey


    > {quote:title=slaytonf wrote:}{quote}I'm assuming you mean the Charlton Heston version. Yes.
  4. LiamCasey


    Considering the level of literature being expressed in this thread, I'm also embarrassed to mention that, in my opinion, *Jaws* and the original *Planet Of The Apes* are two cases off the top of my head where the movie is better than the book.
  5. LiamCasey

    OT: Hi I'm New to TCM message boards

    > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}LOL, the youts have no idea what we're talking about! If they don't, they should accept it as an "ignorance is bliss" moment and not investigate further. And, in order to avoid any friendly accusation of being off topic, welcome fellow newbie to the message board!
  6. LiamCasey

    OT: Hi I'm New to TCM message boards

    > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}I wish I was as young as you! The oldsters here had to sit (or get up to change the television ON the televion!!) the Chia commercials AND the Chia song! Argh! That song is now going through my head!
  7. LiamCasey

    Old Time Radio Shows

    {size:13.333333969116211px}I am also too young to have been an original listener of old-time radio shows. However, although my original reason for getting an XM satellite radio subscription back in 2005 was for Major League Baseball, I have had the opportunity to enjoy a vast number of such shows in the last 7 years as part of that same subscription. And, in a very unoriginal opinion, Jack Benny is also my favorite comedy show from that era. With Fibber McGee & Molly a close second. But they air so many outstanding comedy programs. And detective programs. And western programs. All in all, very enjoyable listening.
  8. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote}I also helped Myrna Loy put her books on that night. And you met Myrna Loy?!? My jealously level is increasing!
  9. An idle thought while perusing the November schedule for movies featuring one of my favorite actors... As everyone on this board surely knows, James Cagney spent 20 years in retirement between *One, Two, Three* in 1961 and *Ragtime* in 1981. What movie during that period would you have liked to see him in and why? The first two movies that occur to me are *The Godfather* and *The Godfather: Part II* because it would have been interesting to see him revisit in his 70's the genre that first propelled him to fame in his 30's.
  10. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=Arturo wrote:}{quote}Sometimes legendary actors at the top of their game don't so much walk away, but may feel pushed or nudged away, usually "due to changes in the marketplace". Times change, and the offers a Grant or a Cagney receives may not be up to his standards, and decide retirement is best rather than accept sub-par projects and cheapen their legacy. With the reaction to Cagney's return in the 80s, I think nostalgia had as much to do with the reaction it engendered. I don't know that he would have managed to stay on top in the interim, but most likely would at some point have had to compromise his star status, for "star billing" in featured roles, if he had continued to have an actively ongoing career. Which is probably why he chose to retire when he did, to avoid the almost inevitable downward trajectory. Remember, the 60s youth culture was just around the corner, and many long-time stars decided to get out at this time (Grant and Cagney....Garbo was a special case). Although not the official story, there is probably a lot of truth in what you have written here. Although fans like myself would always see James Cagney as the star of any movie he is in, his role in *Ragtime* was of the supporting nature. And, of the four rejected movies between *One, Two, Three* and *Ragtime* listed at the website that RMeingast mentioned in an earlier post, he would have been the lead in *Harry and Tonto*, but not in *The Godfather, Part II*, *Logan's Run* or *My Fair Lady*. So the percentages in that short sample size are definitely in your favor. Now if we can only figure out how the heck *Logan's Run* got on that list!
  11. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=RMeingast wrote:}{quote}And I remember the audible gasp from the audience that happened after something Cagney's character did near the end of the film. (I ain't gonna give it away, but audience was shocked, obviously.) It took me and the audience I was in back then by surprise also.
  12. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}As for Cagney, how about the Walter Matthau part in *The Sunshine Boys* (I'm thinking Cagney as in his Mister Roberts' Captain role) ? I highly agree. *The Sunshine Boys* would have been an excellent vehicle for James Cagney.
  13. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=sfpcc1 wrote:}{quote}I heard somewhere that the tried to get Cagney to play Eliza Dolittle father in My Fair Lady. One part of me wonders if James Cagney could have pulled off the accent. Another part of me remembers that that didn't stop Dick Van Dyke from appearing in *Mary Poppins* during the same time frame. Considering my enjoyment of *Footlight Parade* and, of course, *Yankee Doodle Dandy*, I would have loved to have seen him in another musical.
  14. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}What if any big-name film star hadn't retired? What if Lassie hadn't retired? Think of all the lost product endorsements for Purina. You are correct in that this question can be asked about other movie actors and actresses. However, in many cases, these actors and actresses appear more to fade away due to changes in the marketplace. Or transition themselves to the stage or to television (Please note that I am not being negative when I say that. For example, my favorite mini-series is *The Winds of War* and, although Robert Mitchum was older than his character of Victor Henry, he was an ideal choice by the producers. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I had read the novel that the mini-series was based upon a number of years before the mini-series first aired.). But when a legendary movie actor or actress like James Cagney or Cary Grant or Greta Garbo walk away when they are still at the top of their game, the question of what might have been becomes bigger than most. And, in the case of Mr. Cagney, considering the reaction that occurred when it was announced that he would appear in *Ragtime*, I'm fairly confident that audiences would have loved to see him on the movie screen during the previous twenty years. As for Lassie, are we sure that she retired? She appears to have an active website. Obviously a dog for the 21st century!
  15. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote} > I had the great pleasure to be James Cagney's bodyguard on a cold winter evening in 1982. You met him? I am so jealous!
  16. LiamCasey

    What if James Cagney had not retired?

    > {quote:title=sfpcc1 wrote:}{quote}James Cagney as Vito Corleone would have just been weird. > > However, I can see him playing the Sterling Hayden role. You are absolutely correct. With his Irish and Norwegian heritage, it would have been difficult for James Cagney to pass himself off as someone with an Italian surname no matter how an accomplished actor he was. But a cop named {font:sans-serif}McCluskey? No problem.{font}
  17. Anyone with information (or even a good educated quess) as to the subject matter of "TCM Presents: Tales from the Lot" (shown at 7PM on Saturday, February 2nd)?
  18. LiamCasey

    The greatest movie about King Arthur!

    My vote is also for "Excalibur". How can one go wrong with Helen Mirren and Nicol Williamson.
  19. LiamCasey

    Greatest movie monster of them all?

    In my opinion, Dracula is the greatest movie monster because, unlike some of the other classic candidates like Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolfman, Dracula rarely gets presented in a manner that allows for any level of symphathy and, therefore, is a monster in the truest sense. As for the scariest movie monster, I am in agreement with those who have mentioned the original "Alien". Personally, of the big three Science Fiction movies of the late seventies, I believe "Alien" holds up much better after 30 plus years than either "Star Wars" or "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
  20. LiamCasey

    Vic Morrow question

    For those of you who get MeTV, "Combat" is shown at 3AM Eastern Time Mondays through Friday.
  21. > {quote:title=RMeingast wrote: > }{quote} > Guess we'll never know... One of those coulda, woulda, shoulda things... > List of actors considered for Bond here: > > > Michael Caine might have been good. Richard Todd. Even Rex Harrison?? > Who knows? They didn't play the role, so you can't say. > > > > > > There are a number of names at that link that definitely generate a "What were they thinking?!?" reaction. Hugh Grant? Burt Reynolds? Adam West? Clint Eastwood? >
  22. LiamCasey

    The Girl

    Did you (or anyone else on the board) have an opportunity to watch the movie? If so, what is your opinion of it as a movie and is it worth seeing? I haven't yet.
  23. LiamCasey


    If you get FEARnet On Demand, "The Soul of a Monster" is available this month.
  24. LiamCasey

    Hitler - Dead or Alive

    > {quote:title=ginnyfan wrote:}{quote}Whew! You had me scared there for a moment. I thought it was a quiz and I was going to guess "dead". > > Very nice!
  25. LiamCasey

    RIP Turhan Bey (1922-2012)

    Nice shot choice from the "The Mummy's Tomb". Love the fact that it is autographed. I have yet to see "The Climax". But "The Boris Karloff Collection" set of DVDs includes that movie and it is on my to be purchased list.

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