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  1. > {quote:title=Arturo wrote:}{quote}*Ironic that they formed a lifelong friendship doing a film in which Widmark's character hated Poitier's character.* > > What was really ironic, and commented upon, was that Richard Widmark was a really nice guy in real life, nothing like the psychotic characters he played early in is career. Nor was he a bigot, as was his character Ray Biddle was in NO WAY OUT. > I recall reading somewhere that Richard Widmark would apologize to Sidney Poitier after completing scenes in *No Way Out* where the former had to abuse the latter. Edited by: LiamCasey on Dec 23, 2012 2:41 PM
  2. LiamCasey

    Marlon Brando

    > {quote:title=Mike00 wrote:}{quote}What is letterbox? Sorry I seem so clueless.
  3. Thanks, SansFin. I have seen that Lon Chaney movie but don't recall any of the character names. Obviously I need to brush up on my Russian literature!
  4. LiamCasey

    Marlon Brando

    > {quote:title=Mike00 wrote:}{quote}What is LB format? Letterbox.
  5. > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}It could be that last week's Kseniya was this week's Ophelia and next month she would be Zinida. I feel like an idiot for having to ask, but who is Zinida?
  6. For those of you who get Antenna TV, *Dragnet* is shown at 12PM and 1230PM ET on weekdays and at 3PM and 330PM ET on weekends.
  7. LiamCasey

    Even The Superstars Were In Some Stinkers

    > {quote:title=markfp2 wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=lydecker wrote:}{quote}Paul Newman in The Silver Chalice . . . > > > > > > > Well, I certainly agree that THE SILVER CHALICE belongs on any stinkers list, but always give Paul Newman some slack on that one. After all, it was his first film and at that point in his career he was probably just glad to get a job and had to take whatever was offered. He certainly made up for it later in his career. > > > The ones that bother me are those where you know that a once major star, in the declining years of his/her career, had to take for no other reason than a paycheck. > Of the movies of Paul Newman that I have seen, I would nominate *When Time Ran Out...* as his worst. Edited by: LiamCasey on Dec 22, 2012 1:02 AM
  8. LiamCasey

    Even The Superstars Were In Some Stinkers

    > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}I thought he was miscast. > > I could be wrong. I was once before. > Of the movies of Kirk Douglas that I have seen, I would nominate *Saturn 3* as his worst. Edited by: LiamCasey on Dec 22, 2012 12:41 AM
  9. Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer of Monaco in April 1956 which caused her final film appearance to be *High Society* with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. However, Ms. Kelly did not pass away until her unfortunate stroke and resultant automobile accident in September 1982. What movie during that 26 year period would you have liked to see her in and why? Considering that three of her eleven films were with Alfred Hitchcock, it is easy to imagine her in a number of his latter movies: the Kim Novak role in *Vertigo* (Would that still be the best film of all time as per the 2012 Sight & Sound critics' poll?), the Eva Marie Saint role in *North by Northwest* (Even with that switch, however, I'm fairly confident that other posters would still complain that that movie is shown too often!), or the Tippi Hedren roles in *The Birds* and *Marnie* (Which could have saved all from HBO's *The Girl*.).
  10. LiamCasey

    Marlon Brando

    > {quote:title=Sepiatone wrote:}{quote}Personally, I don't blame him. I mean, if somebody came up to me and said, "Hey, Sepiatone! We'll give you $20 million to walk onto a set, light a cigarette and scream like a chicken. How about it?" HE has a DEAL! Obviously your standards are much higher than mine! I would do the same for much less than $20 million!
  11. LiamCasey

    Even The Superstars Were In Some Stinkers

    > {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote} > Please don't knock *The Return of Dr. X*, and Bogey's performance in it. It's a pretty good film. And Bogart's entrance -- with that white rabbit -- is one of the great entrances in any movie, ever! The DVD has an interesting interview with the film's director, Vincent Sherman. I have the *Return of Doctor X* in my possession (as part of the Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection DVD set) and have watched it more than once since I am a fan of both Humphrey Bogart and horror movies in general. And I have even watched it once while listening to the audio commentary with Vincent Sherman. I agree that it is interesting. In my opinion, this movie does have two things going for it. The first is the presence of Mr. Bogart. How much attention would we be paying to this movie if he wasn't in it? The second is that even an average Warner Brothers movie from the 30's and 40's is still better than many. But it is the screenplay that loses me from the very beginning with the concept that the news of the death of an actress can be discovered and published without contacting the police strikes me as being far fetched. From that point on, it feels like the screenwriters can't decide on what genre they are writing in. It feels like a horror/mystery when focused on Dennis Morgan and John Litel. A comedy when focused on Wayne Morris and Huntz Hall. And ends like a crime drama with the police chasing down Humphrey Bogart. It is also a cheat that the studio pretended that this is a sequel to *Doctor X*. That takes it down a notch or two further. On a way out of left field side note, if Humphrey Bogart had lived longer, he could have revisited this make-up and played the title role in *Dr. No*.
  12. LiamCasey

    Even The Superstars Were In Some Stinkers

    Although I feel like I'm abusing three of my favorite actors here: Humphrey Bogart and *The Return of Doctor X* (But does this one really count since Mr. Bogart was not yet a superstar at that time and had no say in his assignment?) James Cagney and *Terrible Joe Moran* (Mr. Cagney should have stopped with *Ragtime*.) John Wayne and *The Conqueror* (As Jay Leno said to Hugh Grant: "What the hell were you thinking"?)
  13. > {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}Here's a question to ponder; if Grace had not become the Princess and kept acting, and if Hitch would have kept casting her in his films, and Hitch was preparing to make *Psycho* , which gal would Grace have played in that film? Which part would you have cast Grace in, the "Janet" role or the "Vera" role? I would cast Grace Kelly in the Vera Miles role rather than the Janet Leigh role. I'm fairly confident that I am guilty of typecasting here, but I can't mentally reconcile Ms. Kelly's screen image with a character who we initially meet at the end of a liaison in a hotel. But I am looking at things from a 2012 point-of-view. In 1960, the same thoughts would have existed about Ms. Leigh or most any other known actress playing Marion Crane.
  14. Although Randolph Scott's final appearance was in *Ride the High Country* in 1962 (Just like William Powell, Mr. Scott went out on a good one.), he did not pass away until 1987. What movie during that period would you have liked to see him in and why? At a minimum, I would have loved to have seen Mr. Scott do a cameo in *Blazing Saddles* as a follow-up to the "You'd do it for Randolph Scott." exchange. Since John Wayne thought *Blazing Saddles* was "too dirty" for his image, it is hard to image Mr. Scott not feeling the same. But, as a fan of both *Blazing Saddles* and Mr. Scott's westerns, it would have been interesting. P.S. In light of last week's comment that William Powell didn't retire but, instead, became a member of the Arizona Cardinals, the following link is dedicated to Fedya:
  15. LiamCasey

    Arithmetic 101 for TCM programmers

    Although TCM's schedule indicates that *L'amore* is 79 minutes long, IMDB indicates that it is 69 minutes long: Hopefully the latter runtime is the correct one for anyone planning on viewing that movie.
  16. LiamCasey

    What if Randolph Scott had not retired?

    > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote}The only role that comes to mind where he could maintain his dignity while settling for a supporting role would be if he had played Deke Thornton in THE WILD BUNCH. I had also made the same jump from one Sam Peckinpah film, *Ride the High Country*, to another, *The Wild Bunch*, and had also saw Randolph Scott in the Robert Ryan role. As a matter of fact, there are a number of Mr. Ryan's roles from the 1960's that I could easily see Mr. Scott doing: *The Longest Day*, *The Dirty Dozen*, etc. My only problem here is that the positive of gaining another Randolph Scott performance would lead to the negative of losing a Robert Ryan performance. Another supporting role that I believe Mr. Scott could have done was the Brian Keith role along side of Steve McQueen in *Nevada Smith*. *Nevada Smith* is a prequel to *The Carpetbaggers* with Alan Ladd playing an older Nevada Smith in the latter. Having never seen *The Carpetbaggers* myself, could have (or even would have) Mr. Scott done Mr. Ladd's role?
  17. LiamCasey

    Phantom of the opera - which version ?

    Or the 1989 version starring Robert Englund, the original Freddy Krueger? That one is definitely in 5th place of the five versions that I have seen. My ordering for the other four would be the 1925 silent version with Lon Chaney, the 2004 musical version with Gerald Butler, the 1943 version with Claude Rains and then the 1962 version with Herbert Lom. The 1943 version was also the first one that I saw.
  18. Here's hoping that this week is less controversial than last week... Although William Powell's final appearance was in *Mister Roberts* in 1955 (Mr. Powell plus Henry Fonda, James Cagney, and Jack Lemmon. Now that is a cast!), he did not pass away until 1984. What movie during that period would you have liked to see him in and why? Having both "The Complete Thin Man Collection" and "TCM Spotlight: Myrna Loy And William Powell Collection" on my DVD shelves, it is fairly obvious that I would love to have had one more reteaming of William Powell and Myrna Loy. So I easily imagine him being in some of her later movies. Maybe the Adolphe Menjou role in *The Ambassador's Daughter* or the Charles Boyer role in *The April Fools* (Plus Jack Lemmon again.). Or does one go for a drama rather than a comedy? Maybe the Leon Ames role in *From The Terrace* (William Powell as Paul Newman's father? Works for me.). However, my imagination does not extend to William Powell being paired with Myrna Loy in *Airport 1975*. To be honest, I feel embarrassed to see Ms. Loy in the role she got in that one. P.S. A "thank you" to mrroberts whose user name triggered my memory as to William Powell's last movie which led to this week's post.
  19. LiamCasey

    Missing Christmas movies on TCM

    Unbelievable! The original *Miracle on 34th Street* with Edmund Gwenn is scheduled to be shown TWENTY-TWO times on "That-Channel-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named"! And the 1994 remake with Richard Attenborough is scheduled to be shown SIX times! I wonder how they missed airing the 1973 made-for-television version with Sebastian Cabot?
  20. LiamCasey

    What if William Powell had not retired?

    According to that same website, Alfred Hitchcock was also interested in having William Powell play the Laurence Olivier role in *Rebecca*.
  21. LiamCasey

    What if William Powell had not retired?

    I would not argue with you or any other poster as to the reasons why any particular actor decided to hang it up. I believe that William Powell (and James Cagney, etc.) all left Hollywood for valid reasons and more power to them for having the strength of will to walk away as they did. And there is something to be said for having one's final appearance in a classic like *Mister Roberts* (Way better than *Terrible Joe Moran* being James Cagney's final appearance.). Maybe we need a thread asking what star had the best final movie? But it is always interesting to wonder what might have been.
  22. LiamCasey

    What if William Powell had not retired?

    > {quote:title=ziggyelman wrote:}{quote}I see what you mean, William Powell would have been perfect for either of those shows! I could see him as a very suave, friendly killer. Didn't I read somewhere that William Powell played villains in his silent film days? I can't go by my viewing since the only silent film that I have seen him in was 1922's *Sherlock Holmes* which I watched primarily because he was in it. According to the website, Alfred Hitchcock was interested in having William Powell play the Joseph Cotten role in *Shadow of a Doubt*. Now that would have been interesting. > {quote:title=ziggyelman wrote:}{quote}someday I will start a thread on the fun of seeing older actors on TV shows from the 50's and 60's And I'd like to second your concept of a thread regarding older actor appearing on television. The 1960's *Batman* series alone would probably provide plenty of commentary.
  23. LiamCasey

    Missing Christmas movies on TCM

    *Christmas in Connecticut* is scheduled to be shown three times on "That-Channel-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named": 1230AM on December 10th, 130PM on December 13th and 245AM on December 19th.
  24. LiamCasey

    Missing Christmas movies on TCM

    For those who missed it last night, the scheduled repeats of *Holiday Inn* on the Encore Family channel as mentioned by markfp2 are 450AM and 1020PM on December 12th and 10PM on December 24th (all EST).
  25. LiamCasey

    The Bishop's Wife

    *Die Hard* has always been on my list of Christmas movies!

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