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  1. I was trying to click in to t.c.m on demand ,but claimed that i needed to down load flash player .I did and it still claimed that i needed to down load still .Then i discovered that I had to enable it ,but, after that it still claimed that I had to download browser.What in the hell is going on
  2. Cease Fire pre order

    I just found our that amazon.com is offering pre order of the 3d Blu -ray Cease fire ,1953,in it 3D and recreated three channel stereo on November the 21.
  3. Pre orders are now available for this 3D Gothic classic from monogram to be released on November the 14th .Monsters in Motion is offering the advance order.It will be presented in normal ratio,since it was not shot in wide screen ,and recreated stereo sound.
  4. New info about George pal

    On my recent trip to Hollywood,seeing a 70mm flat blow up version of Howard the duck ,at the Egyptian.I had met some body who state he was managing the estate of George Pal.He was talking to another ,a founder of a stereoscopy club,well known in helping bob Furmaneck,of the 3D archives to restore 3D films.That's when I had recognize the founder of the 3D club,they were Howard the duck fans.Well the manger of the estate was talking about how Pal was a 3d stereoscopic photo fan and he too took still photo 3d shots from the Tom Thumb set.The photos or slides are part of the George pal estate.
  5. The real reason why?

    I now know why Time Warner won't restore the wonderful World of brother Grimm,from m the original 6 perf three strips and the mans print in Aussie,which could safely be use to restore from his country to time Warner's pro tech ,through digital telecommunication transfer of one computer to another , Kino on video did this with two Randolph Scott films by sending the images to Germany than the whole film ,It was disappointing that tonight ,10/13/17, it was the same 65 mm print copy than a fixed up smile box version with open and close curtains ,that David Strohmiere has no copy right to,he told me.Years ago Turner had created a standard letter box from an 65mm extant ,with the whole works,which we saw tonight ,way before their was an interest in smile boxing Cinerama classics for t.v. and home video.Time warner attitude is that why should they spend money for the same movie just to window dress it,that is what the would call it.So they say is not worth it ,due to an available print .This is pretty stingy .As stingy as olive films would not restore the 3D movie Money from home . Another thing the 65 mm print they used from this one we saw has probably faded to magenta ,This mean they would have to pay extra money to recover the color ,if the Cinerama negative are impossible to fix.This is sad.
  6. This is the third time it happened on t.c.m. on demand.I was trying to watch,"The last time I saw Paris.Instead of the movie, I got a dark blank space.This is the umpteenth time that t.c.m does not fix it, also.
  7. Well even though i watch t.c.m.I'm not much of a fan.They don't have enough variety for choices although a.m.c and fox movie channel is worst,but, they, t.c.m. introduce a never before seen classic once in while,which is really not a enough.Many immortal historical classics ,made by Warner and m.g.m.have yet to be put back ,like under a Texas moon ,Viennese nights ,His glorious night.They have not played Norma shears first talkie since 1995,nor have they premiered the remake ,produced in 40 .They are not very open to history .They have not premiered any other film made under the third Reich ,since 2001.They won't premier any German or Austrian film made right after the war neither ,recently after . They will play occasionally films made under the Russian Communist regime ,but they are too careful about what they show .Yet they will show a lot of Asian films many made under Hirohito and Tojo regime.They will show our own bad history and not concern that this might offend others .That is a double standard . Although this is Warner home video department ,they are not restoring the wonderful world of brother grim ,cause they don't want profit in the long run .They got to have it now. Back to t.cm.I'm having stream problem with one of their movies in on demand .They are not fixing. Their t.c.m. film festival is too hight they don't offer individual tickets to individual movies.You got buy a whole 5 or 6 movies full.or more. I been studying film history for years without going to college .I know many classic film collecting dust at the u.c.l.a archive Rather see classic films my way than Time warner corporate way .If i relied on t.c.m. I would have missed seeing many classic,that Time Warner don't control.It's like rejection the flat version of money from home cause you want to see the 3D version.
  8. On demand 2

    I tried last night and tonight ,but, the stream on The Dream ,1956 screen directors play house, the steam does not work.Tonight when i tried it the numbers of how long it is, on the bottom right, came on,but, no picture . I contact t.c.m. ,but, no answer.
  9. HE died recently at 91.We all need to write olive films and pressure them as a tribute that in the future they restore the 3D version of money from home for d.c.p. showing at least since they got the flat version out on Blu - Ray and in the future reissue it in 3d on Blu Ray, Also recreating its stereophonic sound with it.
  10. Record of a Tenement Gentlemen was made right after the war.As I stated before t.c.m. shows a little too many Asian films, hypocritically oppose to balancing out foreign films.They don't.After 2001 hypocritically liberal correct against showing any more new films of the Third Reich, in Germany and Australia.Worst they won't show one made right after the war, black Market themes and rubble themes to Rubble.I'm guessing it's too soon after the war.They might draw offense from those who could question why the actor is not being punished for supporting a murderous dictatorship.T.cm. waits till 20 to 30 years after words.Yet they will show films made under Tojo and Hirohito and right after words and not fear drawing offense?What a double standard.Are they making up, t.c.m., for bombing Japan? that they were being influenced by Germany? both countries were guilty.Not one over the other.By showing films made before and during the war, made in Germany and Australia, as well as after the war, with other r foreign countries, you m give the audience member a better understand of what was going on, instead of demoting these films as poison to look at or it won't make an audience or it won't make ratings .Time Warner is guilty of this in other classic film genres in our country.
  11. Is this really a legitimate film study course?I saw that in the advertisement of t.c.m.earlier this month.I think this is just more like entertainment.equivalent of college for profit, in the way. A real liberal art in film studies usually focuses only different filmmaker on understanding their techniques and not all of them famous neither.As I suspected this is just more entertainment than really learning.All Though I wouldn't be a surprise that recent college course in film studies focus strictly on the famous filmmakers only.This would be the course for profit.The person will not learn so much.Go to the library instead.You'll have a better education in films unless the library doesn't havê newer books on film and actors and film criticism.That can be the problem.
  12. I noticed that the news for us classic film fans had nothing to do with the film at all this month.The focus was on live theater and a trip to Rome.Shouldn't this belong in the travel channel?What does live theater have anything to do with classic films.What do alcoholic beverages havê anything to do with the film itself? T.C.M. is spreading it's self-thin.Worst, it's serving mainly the upper middle class.It's reflecting their standard, is that average classic film fans don't identify with, who are middle to working class T.c.m should get on track and serve all classic film fans and not the upper-middle-class special interest groups only.Watching classic films and taking trips are two different things.
  13. When change.org told me that in order to have the petition to get olive films to put out the 3D blu -ray version of this classic ,instead of 2D,I had to get 5 signatures to get it into the public web.what they meant was that I should send petition to my email friends and put it on social media.I got the petition on my face book page and twitter I got a link .If interested i'll send you my email for your to send me your email address to send you the petition .
  14. Money from Home in 3D

    I happen to be a 3D fan.Olive films,which owns money from home,the only 3d film Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin did,was going to be put out on 3D -blu ray.All of a sudden olive films changed their and decided to put it only on 2d. This is very unfair to us 3D fans.I put out a petition in change,org to pressure Olive films to put the 3D version out.This movie was not premiered in 3D until the 3D film festival at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood cal,sometime back. Their decision is selfish and probably greedy,Change,org requires me to have five signature before they put this petition out to the public website for everyone to see.I only got one and I need 4 more,If you agree with me and are a three d fan .Is there any one out their who would lend me this name to fill 4 signature to make this petition active? If your a true fan of 3d classic you be willing to do this before it's to late.
  15. Ben Mankiewicz .I believe was wrong about what was going on with Gene Tierney in Black Widow .Gene's mother was an alcoholic.In the early 50's she ended up qutitng acting temporally and went a clinic .She ende up as a sales women for a department store before she went back to acting as Therapy.Seeing her in autobigorapjy a.e. It did dd not mention her about a disabled child she had, unless I forgot about it.

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