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  1. Even though it was not the best single strip Cinerama Featured to be put out, obviously, when it was finally premiered in 2009 at the Pacific Cinerama Dome on sunset blvd, Hollywood La, it was only played once, here is the reason for getting it. It is an orphan film of M.g.m and thank goodness, Time Warner does not own it because it would have never been restored. It was the third Cinerama film produced by m.g.m and the first single strip Cinerama feature when production began in 63. George Sanders and Buddy Hackett and little Lorrain Powers and beautiful Budapest, before Liberation, holds the film up. There are just a few problems like there is a kid detective name Honorable Augusts Smythe and the movie don't give credit to the actor. These are just minor problems. The restored 70mm cartoon short, " Tale of Old Whiff," without smell o vision. A fortress of peace, a 70mm Cinerama short about maneuvers practice by the Swiss military. Although the cartoon was not smiled box cause it was not a Cinerama made Cartoon. It's worth collecting.
  2. I have to say that those classic film fans who take opportunity to go to those event are truly casual fans. They are just vacationers using film history as an excuse to take a trip and don't really care about film history., In general . You see I take trips to and I also take opportunity where I go, unless there is something that's there that I wanted to see or buy then I am at the right place at the right time T. C. M . vacationers are not real classic film fans not by my standards. They are just fans of what T . C. M . has to offer.
  3. I saw that message on t.c.m. about that scholar program for actors and filmmakers of ethnicity. I can't help to feel that since this is a big corporation who might be behind this that, they are actually exploiting these possible future talents for the color of their skin, for tax shelters, rather than helping them in their talent. This is the reason why Dave Chapell quit his own show. He discovered that the white producer hires him for the color of his skin and not for his talents, possibly for tax shelter reasons too. This is an insult. .No decent ethnic person loves that.T hat is not equality. Equality is risking not being chosen due to lack of talent or not enough, just like the others as much as being chosen for being the best talent.
  4. Finally, the Blu- ray 3d version of Jivaro id going be released in March. Pre-orders are being offered at Amazon and Kino Lorber. This was Rhonda Fleming third 3D film and Fernando Lamas's second. Just discovers that character actor, Robert Keith was Brian Keith's dad. I did not know that until I read about Jivaro.
  5. I had found out that the 3 color technicolor print of 1936, the first musical feature in 3 color Technicolor, the dancing pirate was found in 2015. It was fixed up and H.D, also It's own by William Wade and films around the world. That at the time they were looking for a distributor. Then I saw at the t.c.m. shop that the DVD version of the film was being distrusted by reel vault. the date of release coincided with a few months after the 3colo version was restored. I had assumed it was the restored version. Wrong it was the old cine color version, put out on VHS back in the '90s. Worst they advertised it as the technicolor version. This is typical of the greed and selfishness of medium. a big distributor of classic films t.c.m warner home video, twilight video, won't distribute this classic because the actors in it are less big stars. Thank the deregulation of the Jimmy Carter legacy has destroyed the integrity and honest on medium and big corporate distribute of classic films since this movie would only make them profit in the long runs and rating too. They got to have it now. Worst Lower end Reel vault could have paid Willam wade and Films around the world and the Richard Rodger estate and hart estate for the upgrade and get it back from selling it by charging 14.95, but, either it's too expensive for them to pay all the fees or they don't find it worth it. The bigger companies are worst. You can thank deregulations for that. encouraging corporate arts, film entertainment to become selfish and greedy.
  6. Well, AMC theater chain does still show 3d movies They were playing the IMAX 3D version and the real D 3d version. I wasn't ware the disaster that was about to happen. I went to see the real D 3D version of the film. When the theater announcer told the audience to put our glasses on, which I did, guess what? the 3D trailers were in 2d! yes, and all the jerks in the audience was looking at 2D with 3D glasses. I thought, maybe, when the feature came on it would double, the images. The image was also below the ratio of Panavision screen and dark. I ran to the manager and complained. He went to the projection booth and checked it. He came back down and told me it was corrected. When I went back into the theater not only was the image the size of the Panavision screen, but, it was doubled, but, as soon as I put the glasses on the polarized lens would not block the light it was still doubled. I went back I and complained to the manager .H e went back to the projection booth and checked.I waited and waited and waited. He finally came down and told me that the polaroid lens was broken. I was disappointed, but on the good news, he refunded me and the other audience members after the show the price of the ticket and well saw a free 2d show, since it was never shot in 3D, only converted. Because of the stress I had trouble enjoying the show. It's a thing like this that can kill 3D in theaters. If they had checked the projector the night before, after the theater closed, and had an emergency supply of polaroid filters, this problem would not happen the next day. If I was not there they would have never got their money back. The theater plans to reschedule the 3d real D version coming this Monday 17 of 2018.
  7. For years I have had a horrible VHS version of a cine color version of the dancing pirate 1936. I felt that the technicolor version was gone forever. I just found out that in 2015 that a nitrate Technicolor print was found. Once it was cleaned up and converted into hi-def decision would be made the if it should be put on t.v. or Blu Ray and DVD. Since then nothing .what's the delay. Selfishness and greed .beucase of deregulations big and medium corporate distributor of classic films don't serve all classic film fans. Just the casual. They are the majority and don't want to equally serve the serious fans of film history, a large minority and fans of choices and variety, this means slowing there greedy profits rating down a bit. These distributors are selfish cause Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers are not in it. Whoever heard of Charle collins? Stefi Duno? r.k.o character actress. Then there are the copyrights fees. the music is copyrighted to Richard Rodgers and the hart estate.then the story is based on a novelette that is still copyrighted till 2025 .no this is just a guess I believe m.g.m legally borrowed the story from the film for 1947, 'The Pirate. The possible fee to be paid to time warner? A lower company is selling a black n white version cause the technicolor print would be too expensive for them to release.No body else what to touch this. It's like the film Mamba no one wants to touch it Greed and selfishness. This is Hollywoods legacy.
  8. This afternoon, yesterday, 09/9/18, Alicia Malone was introducing Kiss me Kate and she expresses misinformation. She claimed that by the time kiss me kate was released the 3D had died and it was flat, bull. M.g.m tested the 3D prints with the flat prints in different cities. The 3D prints won. It was released nationally in 3D from late in 53 through 54 in big major cities and small suburb theaters. If you don't believe me read the 3D archive. It's on the internet
  9. I read this years ago, but, do you know that Lionel Atwill was a swinger? I was surprised when I read it. He had an understanding wife. His home was on an Island, I forgot the name of it.He would have wild parties on the weekends, including stag films. Before a guest was allowed to come in, they had to go through an examination, by a real doctor, to make sure they had no disease. Knowing the Hays code, he was very discreet and kept it away from his work. The moguls knew what he did and were worried that if the public found out it would have a bad effect on the studio. Because of this, he ended up making films from smaller studios.
  10. 28Silent

    Disney corps hypocrisy

    Disney self-censored,"Song of the south", from being put on home video, for the sake of human rights. They then fired Rosanne Barr because of her insult jokes on Obama's associates, for the sake of human rights. More recently they did something else for the sake of human rights. The Corpcatters have been paying starving wages, with no benefits, against their employees. That's how liberal they really are. Remember the starving wages that Disney was paying to their employees, when he was alive, except for the 9 old gentlemen? he paid them well.
  11. 28Silent

    Ingrid Bergman

    Tonight, today, at after 1 a.m. 06/04/18, they are showing two Ingrid Bergan films, that they have shown so many times, Stromboli and A women's face. They,t.c.m., could have had the opportunity, instead to introduce one of Ingrid Bergman film, that has yet to be seen on Television the film she did in Germany back in 1937. Die Vier Gessellen, by Sacrificing the other feature. The reason why they have not premiered this.M y guess is that the c.e.o's were afraid that many of the casual classic film fans, the only one they serve, might not be aware that she was naive, at the time of what was going on in Germany,she wasn't aware what they did until she moved ot the United States, at the beginning of the war, that she had regret doing a film in Germany at the time. My guess is that they are still fearing that if they showed that film the ignorant audience might believe she was being sympathetic and stop watching any more of her films. That is ridiculous if I'm right. Time Warner was also being stingy and selfish about this.
  12. The problem with this offer is that's not academic enough and more commercial than a real education on film history. It's focusing on just the popular. At least it works that way.
  13. The time Warner corporate fascist.look they did with the tribute to Conrad Viet, some time back, they only show his familiars they did not introduce his never before seen German talking classic, which they should of.Why time Warner was too stingy and reactionary to spend the extra money.The fascist recently has given a bad treatment to Micheal Curtis.They did do not introduce him never before seen silent classics, like Sodom and Gomorrah, that is available or his intact restored technicolor film classic Under a Texas moon 1930, which unlike bright light, the color is intact, since 1989.Time Warner could have spent the money to introduce this never before seen films, that need to be seen, but time warner was too stingy selfish and reactionary against classic film fans, fans of the variety.They only serve as typical the mainstream classic film fans only, the fand of popular classic films, a fan of only the best in history, as opposed to a variety.Thanks to deregulation, greedy selfish time warner did, not introduce some never before seen Michael Curtis films.
  14. When I saw it yesterday night, Sunday 25,2018.It was the silent version.At first, it did not make any sense.I was thinking that if this was for theaters, without sound equipment, then why the sound effects and music? then when the scene of the French women coming out including Yola D'Arvil, of the king of jazz fame, they were speaking.I guess that studios weren't sure if talkies were going to stick so they did a silent version with sound just in case.But see At that time people wanted to see a film that talked, just as they were still waiting for 3 color cinematography.Then I learned that universal created this for international purposes.With the difficulty of dubbing, foreign intertitles could be placed, this is my guess.There'something interesting.Zasu Pitts originally played the mother and they shot her in the scenes, but, she was laughed off the screen by the audience.They replace her with Beryl Mercer. Too bad the super long version is lost.
  15. 28Silent

    up grades

    the remastered versions of This is Cinerama and Voyage of the Christian Radiage, from the 6 perf three-strip elements, are now available in pre-order at Flickralley, at half price.

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