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  1. Seems like he just had a tribute within the last year or so. Why not somebody like Robert Young who was honored back at the beginning of TCM and not recently? No, he never was nominated for an Academy award but was in a handful of nominated films. Just because his bigger success came later with television there's no reason to ignore the nearly 100 films he made.
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    It would be nice to know when certain shorts are scheduled so that they could be captured as part of a movie being recorded. There are some that I have seen only from the middle and would like to view the whole thing. (I.e., there was one about Robert Young that I've only seen part of and would like to see it in full.)
  3. Does anyone know if any of the previous Star of the Month articles are available online? I'm particularly interested in the one about *Robert Young* from February 1996 but would also like November 1995 (*Barrymores*); July 1995 (*Gene Kelly*); June 1996 (*Rosalind Russell*). Also, can any light be shed on why some 'stars' are repeated over and over (Katharine Hepburn, for instance) but others are rarely given a chance? This is true of Summer Under the Stars as well as Star of the Month.

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