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  1. Ellen1212

    Which hotel?

    Thank you for your take on both hotels. Loews sounds great, I'm already looking forward to April.
  2. Ellen1212

    Which hotel?

    Thanks to you both for your input. I got a room at Loews luckily, since I will be attending by myself, I do want to be closeby. The Roosevelt does sound wonderful, too bad it filled up so quickly. But I look forward to seeing it during the festival.
  3. Ellen1212

    Which hotel?

    I hope to attend in 2014 for the first time, solo. I assume The Roosevelt hotel is preferred over Loews because it is the hosting hotel. But does anyone prefer Loews, if so, why? I saw some negative comments about The Roosevelt on Tripadvisor. According to some reviews, it is rundown and is full of partying teenagers on weekends. But I would hope that's not the case during the festival. Anyway, I would like to hear your take on both last year if you attended. Thanks, Ellen

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