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  1. Mario500

    Remembering 09-11-2001

    I had corrected a certain part of the message I had posted here earlier.
  2. Mario500

    Remembering 09-11-2001

    I had found a certain article about the calendar date for this past Wednesday (the eleventh day of September) at the World Wide Web address below this paragraph to had been very interesting since I had always believed the date should not be treated negatively or used in referencing a certain series of events (involving attacks in certain cities) that occurred on a certain day of a certain calendar year (without the year itself): I had also wanted to share a certain poem of mine related to the negative ways I had mentioned in the first paragraph of this message: "Something More" Prologue: Let this calendar date be an ordinary calendar date (like every other calendar date) and not a date for being somber. Let this calendar date be something more; something more, something new. Let it be something more; something grand, something loose. Let this calendar date be free; free to roam, free to be different. Let it be something more; other than to be old, other than to be indifferent. Let every calendar date be something more; something more, nothing less.
  3. Mario500

    Ideas for Improving Broadcasting in General

    Could this kind of software catch any kind of error (such as errors about certain facts). No.
  4. Mario500

    Ideas for Improving Broadcasting in General

    I had sent them several pieces of electronic mail with the ideas I had posted here earlier over a certain period of time (several days) and had never received any kind of for doing so (I had heard what I had believed to had been recordings of radio programs produced by them afterwards still involving hosts and guest of theirs using profanity or any kind of rude language). As for the idea of contacting them with my ideas through other means like a certain Twitter page for them, I might consider doing so through through some private messaging services for them.
  5. If I were in charge of a certain radio station based in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois named WGN-AM, I would hire certain beings to hear its programming and report whether it had any incorrect information or not (either during the programs they might be hearing or after their broadcasts) on a regular basis. I would also encourage hosts and guests for its programming to avoid using profanity or any kind of rude language while part of the programming.
  6. Mario500

    on svengoolie tonite

    Was the music for a certain movie mentioned here?
  7. Mario500

    on svengoolie tonite

    Could you explain this message?
  8. Mario500

    Blame Star Wars (1977)?

    I had found a certain disc having what I had believed to had been the original version of the movie in a package with an image similar to this one: What "horror-comedy"?
  9. Were you sure about this (strictly "white men"?)?
  10. If I were allowed to be in charge of a certain service specialized in news and information named CBS News, I would consider changing its focus from finding, gathering, and spreading news in general to telling stories and conducting interviews about Earth and its lifeforms in general since I had often found some of its contributors to had been more successful and comfortable in those areas than than in any area related to news. I would also consider having its name changed (from "CBS News" to "The CBS Information Service" (or "CBS Information" for brevity)) and the names of some of its TV programs changed (specifically the ones involving the word "news") to reflect the idea if it really were to become its focus and ensure that its contributors (such as storytellers and interviewers) fulfill its goals in serious, professional, and objective ways.
  11. Hyperlink to another article:
  12. I had always liked certain movies often described in "claymation" in years past (note: not all of them had involved clay).
  13. This is close to what I was wondering about, except it was it was related to programming (if it were really broadcast through Turner Classic Movies this way this past Monday, I would had considered it to had been cropped).
  14. I would still like to have an answer regarding such formatting if the movie I had mentioned on the previous page was really part of the programming of Turner Classic Movies this past Monday.

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