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    News Broadcasting

    Had you ever been bothered by news broadcasters (either local or national) sounding emotional and/or opinionated while presenting reports regarding certain subjects or immediately after doing so? Here are some transcripts of some examples of a certain news broadcaster sounding emotional and/or opinionated while presenting reports regarding certain subjects for a local TV news program broadcast back in the month of July for the calendar year 2018: “We have another church burglary to tell you about…” “…the bad guy was caught on camera, now he needs to be caught by police" “We have a lot to tell you about. We start with sad news, though, about an endangered species washing up dead on Fort Morgan. The sea turtle was found with a beach chair tangled around its neck…it’s really heartbreaking…" “It’s one of the most anticipated events every summer and once again they didn’t disappoint” “Oh yeah, you got to love it; lots of fun out there” “Now there was a bit of a scare today during the show, though; a boat capsized, sending eleven people in the water. The coast guard was johnny on the spot and rescued everyone. No one was hurt” “Up next, though, a jaguar got loose inside at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans this morning. Thankfully the zoo was closed, but wait until you hear how many animals the jaguar killed” You might be able to access some more transcripts like the ones above through the hyperlink directly below this sentence: "Conversations in Broadcasting"
  2. Mario500

    News Broadcasting

    I had wondered whether some folks in charge of certain news operations for certain TV stations had considered using some news programs of theirs as their owns means of creating their own forms of entertainment programming in years past or not (note: some folks might consider such programming "infotainment")?
  3. I had found the recording (or audio) at this address after selecting a certain part of it that appeared to have had text of "DOWNLOAD": (note: I had found the discussion to had been very interesting and worthy of mentioning due to its speakers having what I found to had been different perspectives to profanity and due to the fact it was a discussion related to profanity in general)
  4. Here is a hyperlink to a certain other World Wide Web site with a recording of a certain other discussion of profanity:
  5. Mario500

    Before They Had Names

    "Mayer"? "Chaplin"?
  6. Had you ever been surprised by such words and phrases in certain interviews? For example, I was surprised to hear a recording of whom I had assumed was a certain performer of a certain character named Beakman for a certain TV program named "Beakman's World" named Paul Zaloom saying the word "hell" in vulgar ways earlier today.
  7. Mario500

    Interviews with Vulgar Words and Phrases

    I would say I would in case the message directly above this one was made in reference to a certain TV program for a certain TV programming service often referenced as "Memorable Entertainment Television" in addition to "MeTV" and other ways.
  8. I was able to access programming from the service named BUZZR at the following address for the one named Pluto TV (note: in case you get redirected to a different stream of video, you might still be able to access the one for the service named BUZZR if your Internet browser has a function some folks might call a “back button”):
  9. I did not like or agree with anything in this paragraph.
  10. I had found a better address for receiving programming from the service named BUZZR through the one named Pluto TV:
  11. I had no problem with the "link" in the message I had posted here before this one.
  12. A certain TV program for WPMI-TV in the city of Mobile in the state of Alabama appeared to have had what might or might not had been a discussion involving erroneous information regarding the movie named "The Wizard of Oz" originally released through a certain company named Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the calendar year 1939 (hyperlink to transcript of the discussion).
  13. Mario500

    'The Simpsons' Sets the New Record Tonight

    Could you also explain this movement a little more (including its name)?
  14. Mario500

    'The Simpsons' Sets the New Record Tonight

    What did you mean by "MGTOW"?
  15. Mario500


    Were you referring to the United States of America? If so, I would say they include both my self and my home. I had always liked the "Blockbusters" usually hosted by a certain person named Bill Cullen (as for the "Double Dare" usually hosted by a certain person named Alex Trebek, I cannot say whether I had always liked it or not since I had not seen enough of it to make a good assessment of it).
  16. Mario500


    Could you explain whom or what you were referencing in the part of the sentence I had embolden.
  17. To whom or what were you referring by the word "Mankiewicz"?
  18. Mario500

    I Just Watched...

    Why did you refer to this Dustin Hoffman as "a young Dustin Hoffman" (I had found it to had been unnecessary)?
  19. Mario500

    Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    Could you explain what you had meant by your wish and your using of the phrase "welcome relief"?
  20. Mario500

    Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    I wonder what the creator of this discussion meant by the words "at last"?
  21. Mario500

    James Stewart as SOTM November 2017

    A national TV programming service named Universal Kids might have this movie in their programming on the Friday of the twenty-fourth day of this November (based on the listings for it in the guides to their programming from Zap2it, TitanTV, and TV Guide on the World Wide Web).
  22. Mario500

    I Just Watched...

    I have a question and a comment related to this review: Question: Did you ever see any of the sequels to the movie for this review (either partially or entirely) either before or after posting it (note: one of the sequels was a series of episodes made for television)? Comment: Insulting the character named Fievel was not necessary (I had never liked the idea of referring to any creature as an idiot, whether he or she be real or fictional, and would never like it no matter what).
  23. Mario500

    Disney in Talks to Buy Parts of 20th Century Fox

    You should not assume I would consider something differently from the way I had always considered something based on that phrase (I still believe it was an appropriate one since I was referring to my past up to the moment it was posted).
  24. I had seen many movies based on works of fiction I thought would had been better if only they had been made without profanity (I would rather not be reminded of profanity outside of fiction). If they could be better without it, why have it in any work of fiction at all?

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