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  1. I beg of you, please delete me, I just want my profile gone, please you wouldn't be censoring me.
  3. I just want the damn thing gone.
  4. TCMWebAdmin, Please for the love of God himself, please close or delete my profile. Please.
  5. Well, do us all a favor and delete my profile.
  6. He's too dumb to do it.
  7. Calvin, will it be up today? I've been trying to get the dumb **** administrator to close my profile, delete my profile, or ban me from commenting on threads, but he too stupid he can't even do that.
  8. I had TV problems that kept me from watching movies up until July. I don't just sit around all day and watch movies.
  9. So any day now, Calvin?
  10. Mike00

    Gaining Interest in TCM!

    How about Violent Saturday?
  11. Mike00

    Gaining Interest in TCM!

    Is 1966's Django a movie that would ever air on TCM or not?
  12. Actually I have only watched 5 movies since August 2011. I use to watch like 7 movies on Tv in a single weekend, trying to get back into that.
  13. Because I have schedules for other channels and I don't want them to overlap.

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