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    Number one, I'm a Certified Film Freak and wannabe film historian. Too many movies, too little time.... I am mainly a classic movie fan, 1930's and 1940's, but I love learning about great movies I've missed. There is always more to learn, and I want to learn it all! I love classic, silent, cult, foreign, film noir, screwball comedy, independent, quirky, documentary, anything by Alfred Hitchcock, Terry Gilliam, Coen Brothers, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, etc. I love Warner Bros movies from the studio system days, especially those made during World War II. My number one favorite film is Casablanca 1942.
  1. Hello! An Oklahoma Chapter is now forming: TCM Backlot - Oklahoma City Chapter
  2. The Oklahoma City Chapter is now open! TCM Backlot - Oklahoma City Chapter
  3. cynthiakinman


    OKLAHOMA CITY Backlot Local Chapter now forming! The process to create an Official Oklahoma City Chapter of TCM Backlot has begun. Each chapter must have five charter members who are members of TCM Backlot. Email addresses are required on application to verify membership with TCM Backlot. Please message me your email address, or join this Facebook Group until we have enough members to file to become a chapter. Thank you. TCM Backlot - Oklahoma City Chapter
  4. Are you looking for a local chapter? Are you forming a local chapter? List your city here!
  5. Oklahoma City TCM Backlot Local Chapter now forming! Message me your email address to be a member. The chapter can't be made official unless there are five members, and they require email addresses to verify it. Thanks! Cynthia Kinman Classic Film Freak
  6. cynthiakinman

    TCM Backlot - Local Chapters

    Oklahoma City Backlot Chapter now forming! Comment to be added!
  7. I am the only classic movie freak I know, and I sure would like to know there were others here in Oklahoma City. Cynthia

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