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    WWII Movie help

    Thanks, but I don't think this is it. This movie was in color, and I don't believe it was colorized either.
  2. nusandman

    WWII Movie help

    Hello all, I've been trying to find the name of a movie I watched quite a few years ago but have had very little luck. I believe it was set in WWII on an island in the Pacific. There was a group of fighters that were fighting the Japanese. I don't believe they were necessarily soldiers from any one country, more like mercenaries. An American or British soldier parachutes onto the island and fights with the mercenaries against the Japanese. I believe by the time it is over, all of the mercenaries have been killed except the soldier, who finally is rescued from the island at the end. I can't remember any stars of it, which really limits how I can figure out what this movie was. I'm not sure, but I believe it was probably a movie made in the 1960s. If this jogs anyone's memories, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dave

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