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    Meet Me In St Louis

    *Thanks datoms for your response, however, after looking at the picture of Helen Gilbert, she is definitely not the person in question. Helen was a blonde, the girl in Meet Me... is a brunette. I realize that many wore wigs especially for period movies but the facial features are not at all the girl in question. Hopefully there will be someone someday who will finally solve this mystery. Again, thanks so much for your response!*
  2. 2Ambans

    Meet Me In St Louis

    Is there anyone who can answer this question: During the Trolley scene in "Meet Me In St. Louis", there is a girl who sits to the right of Judy Garland as she sings the Trolley song. She has beautiful black hair, has a wonderful smile and is the girl who gives up her seat to Tom Drake when he arrives. She is also in the dance sequence of Skip To My Lou wearing a gray dress with red trim and a red bow on the back of her hair. I have always wondered about her not only because of her dance skills but she seemed that she could have been or still is, a very warm and personable person. Anyone out there know who she is?

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