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  1. gummball

    Ultimate Movie Trivia

    Walter Wanger?
  2. gummball

    Ultimate Movie Trivia

    Joan Bennett And Hedy Lamarr?
  3. gummball

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Dr. Dolittle (1967) coffee cup
  4. gummball

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Mildred Pierce
  5. gummball

    Classic Film Criticism Vol. 2

    Sorry, June Allyson vs. Katharine Hepburn. That makes the latter film inferior from the get go.
  6. gummball


    Gregory Peck in To kill a mockingbird and as a astronaut in Marooned?
  7. gummball

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Greg Kinnesr was in Nurse Betty with Renee Zelwegger
  8. gummball

    Name 10 Facts about this Movie

    6) Directed by Vincente Minnelli
  9. gummball

    JEZEBEL and Bette as Scarlett

    I read the Cukor bio it was good but short on dirt. One episode he was involved with if I remember correctly he was at the beach with a bunch of his pals and one of them came on to a minor. The mother flipped out. Happened in the thirties. OR was it William Haines and his crew? Anybody know the sordid details? Also ya think Gable really had him fired from GWTW beacause Cukor knew he hustled early on in his career?
  10. I am a Streisand fan but when it comes to A star is born she fails miserably next to Garland. There! I said it. Garland truly had that little something extra that Ellen Terry talked about. Babs has it too but not in the same way. She bowls you over Judy pulls you in and makes you care.
  11. gummball

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    The Killing next: rickshaws
  12. gummball

    Classic Keyword(s)

    a TREE groes in brooklyn under the yum yum TREE TREE of life
  13. gummball

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Edward Arnold was in "Come and get it" with Frances Farmer
  14. gummball

    JEZEBEL and Bette as Scarlett

    Probably resulted from him not cleaning his dentures properly. Love the fact that even after George Cukor was fired Leigh and deHavilland continued to go to him for acting advice. That old queen it was his birthday back on July 7th. To think of all the stories he could tell.... when I die I want to live on the same cloud as George
  15. gummball

    Bob's Picks

    Watched the first half of "Lolita" yesterday up until Shelley's unfortunate demise. Can't wait to get home tonight and watch the rest. What a (so far) great film.

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