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  1. starliteyes

    ONE word titles

  2. starliteyes

    The Men Have It

    Lionel Barrymore was in Dark Delusion with Henry Stephenson.
  3. starliteyes


    Sundown Jim
  4. starliteyes

    Movies by Number

    Those Three French Girls
  5. starliteyes

    Briefly Lyrical

    Before she begins singing the song, the singer makes a very memorable entrance in which she wears an unusual costume.
  6. starliteyes

    Movie Trivia

    The teenage actor has a brother who is best remembered for a sitcom.
  7. starliteyes

    A to Z of Characters

    Inspector - Reginald Denny in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  8. starliteyes

    Movies That Make a Statement

    I'll Show You the Town
  9. starliteyes

    Movies That Make a Statement

    The Walls Came Tumbling Down
  10. starliteyes

    The Men Have It

    Miles Mander was in Kidnapped with H.B. Warner.
  11. starliteyes

    *A to Z of Filmmakers*

    Niblo, Fred - Director (The Mysterious Lady)
  12. starliteyes

    Movie Trivia

    The child actor in the picture came to a bad end, while the teenage actor later worked behind the scenes and became a respected acting coach.
  13. starliteyes

    Movies That Make a Statement

    On with the Dance
  14. starliteyes

    Briefly Lyrical

    That beat gives me a wicked sensation My conscious wants to take a vacation
  15. starliteyes


    Just wanted to mention that there was one other movie that Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney were in besides the 3 previously mentioned by lavender, and that was Riffraff, which also starred Jean Harlow. Mickey played her younger brother.

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