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  1. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Please stop this Crawford, Davis, Garland Assault

    Love Crawford and Davis. Garland make me barf. I say, Brian Donlevy for star of the month!....long overdue.
  2. I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  3. GoodGuysWearBlack


    Jack Lord and Mike Connors
  4. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Ida Lupino

    Just caught Ida in a rerun of Columbo. She got bumped off by her husband, Johnny Cash. God I miss 70's tv!
  5. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Jake's Trump Thread -- Make America Great Again

    Wow. Lots of butthurt libs on this site! 75,000 people voted in the NV GOP primary. Only 10,000 voted on the Dem primary. Hell, 3rd place Cruz even got more votes than 1st place Hillary. The writing is on the wall. America will be great again. P.S please avoid using the term "cisgender", it's offense. From now on its "straight" or "normal", m-kay?
  6. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

  7. I'd rather have a bottle in from of me than a frontal lobotomy.

  8. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Books on celebrities that made you change your mind about them

    The Immortal Count by Arthur Lennig. After reading how Bela Lugosi treated his wife Lillian, I can't enjoy his films anymore. And....I can't stand books that are written with the sole purpose if outing people. Obviously some of these authors are acting out homosexual fantasies by insisting certain actors and actresses were gay based on heresay.
  9. Ding dong the witch is dead...good riddance!

  10. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Dreadful movie songs

    "The Way We Were" Horrible movie, and the song is annoying as all hell.
  11. GoodGuysWearBlack

    A Constant Goof in Movies Set in the Past is ...

    Now if they could just work on today's "gangsta grip"...
  12. GoodGuysWearBlack

    The McCarthy Era In Film- New Insights?

    The shoe is on the other foot now. Present-day Hollywood descriminates against conservatives. Fact. Of course, the films today aren't as good as they were on the golden era.
  13. Maybe a little less vague thread title next time?
  14. Errol Flynn & Alan Hale Alan Ladd & William Bendix Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Maureen O'Hara, & Ward Bond Greer Garson & Walter Pidgeon
  15. GoodGuysWearBlack


    Murray Hamilton and William Holden...even the dimple.
  16. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Who Were The Most CHARMING Actors?

    Ronald Colman Herbert Marshall
  17. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  18. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Who Is The MOST ANNOYING ACTOR In The Movies?

    Peter Lawford is a movie killer. Andy Devine is a close second.
  19. Why are you obsessed with my profile Timmy? #ImpeachObama

    1. GoodGuysWearBlack


      Really, you could just put me on "ignore" instead of stalking me.....

  20. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Icon vs. Person/Symbol vs. Reality

    I second that.
  21. Eve Arden, Maureen O'Hara, & Barbara Stanwyck.
  22. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Icon vs. Person/Symbol vs. Reality

    People who worship celebrities have a screw loose regardless. They're flesh and blood just like everyone else.
  23. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Icon vs. Person/Symbol vs. Reality

    That's my point. You shouldn't know anyone's political affiliation, yet you do because a certain someone has an insatiable appetite for instigating this kind of crap.
  24. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Icon vs. Person/Symbol vs. Reality

    Barbra Streisand. Her "fans" need to get a life. Most over-rated celebrity in history. The Way We Were has to be the crappiest film I've ever seen. Makes Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Citizen Kane.
  25. GoodGuysWearBlack

    Icon vs. Person/Symbol vs. Reality

    Viola Davis...idolized way too much.

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