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  1. Simply amazing how MUCH is packed in this very short piece! Still funny! It is simply wonderful to be able to watch the same movie today that people more than 100 years ago enjoyed! This is one of the big benefits of cinema as art and entertainment: sharing thoughts and pleasures across the decades with many generations of people. Theater is great, but you can only imagine what Welles' Voodoo Macbeth was like in person. We can ALL enjoy and enjoy again Citizen Kane!
  2. SurfCityFan

    Pin-Up Girls as SOTM June 2015

    A very fascinating top for SOTM. There are many groups of people, who individually might not rise to SOTM status, but as a group definitely do. Bravo, TCM!
  3. SurfCityFan

    Ben's October Pick Sahara and COURAGE

    Of Sahara, Ben wrote of a slight criticism: "Though the lives of the men hang in the balance at every moment, there's a paucity of fear among them." What WWII films can we think of for which this criticism does NOT apply? All of the films during the war (like Sahara) we can expect to show bravery without fear. What about those after the war?
  4. SurfCityFan

    Depressed I didn't make it again this year!!

    "wouldbestar" expresses it very well. This was my first year at the TCM festival (though I have attended many NY and Telluride fests in the past.) It is amazing the folks I met this year, and from the first minute I arrived, I knew I had come home to a place I'd never been before, both at Club TCM and also at the screenings. Even the staff was friendly and knowledgeable about film. Wow....a great must go at least once!

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