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  1. dagoldenage

    1950 - one opinion

    TopBilled: I'm interested in your favorite movies from that year.
  2. dagoldenage

    1950 - one opinion

    Swithin: She was great, well deserving of the nomination. That was a great year for lead actress.
  3. dagoldenage

    1950 - one opinion

    1. Sunset Blvd. 2. All About Eve 3. Asphalt Jungle, The 4. Third Man, The (1949) - UK 5. Champagne for Caesar 6. Stage Fright 7. Stars in My Crown 8. Men, The 9. Three Little Words 10. Gunfighter, The Best Actor: Jose Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac) Best Actress: Gloria Swanson (Sunset Blvd.) Supporting Actor: Vincent Price (Champagne for Caesar) Supporting Actress: Gertrude Lawrence (Glass Menagerie, The) NOTE: I included The Third Man because it was eligible for Academy Awards that year. Titles watched: 138
  4. dagoldenage

    1949-one opinion

    There were 23 people who voted in this thread and through email on 1949. The results were:Top 10 movies 1. White Heat - Not Nominated 2. Heiress, The3. All the King’s Men - Actual Winner 4. Set-Up, The5. Late Spring (Banshun; Japan)6. Letter to Three Wives, A7. Twelve O’Clock High 8. Criss Cross9. Champion10. Stray Dog (Nora Inu; Japan) Best Actor: James Cagney (White Heat) - Not NominatedBest Actress: Olivia de Havilland (The Heiress) - Actual WinnerSupporting Actor: Ralph Richardson (The Heiress)Supporting Actress: Mercedes McCambridge (All the King’s Men) - Actual WinnerTitles with votes: 77Titles I watched: 131
  5. dagoldenage

    1949-one opinion

    I'll chime in late on the De Havilland conversation. One of the great things about the Golden Age is that the versatility of the actors, I think, allows fans who don't like a specific performance, to very likely enjoy another one from the same actor/actress. The key is to watch many performances. An example for me is Eleanor Parker, who played so many different types of characters. However - and TopBilled can speak on this far better than me - the studio system could hinder an individual by continuing to place them in the same type of role they had success.
  6. dagoldenage

    1949-one opinion

    Top 10 movies 1. White Heat 2. Set-Up, The 3. Flamingo Road 4. Any Number Can Play 5. Twelve O’Clock High 6. Sands of Iwo Jima 7. Hasty Heart, The 8. Little Women 9. Battleground 10. On the Town Best Actor: James Cagney (White Heat) Best Actress: Joan Crawford (Flamingo Road) Supporting Actor: James Whitmore (Battleground) Supporting Actress: Ethel Waters (Pinky) Titles watched: 131 NOTE: Did not include movies eligible for Academy the following year (such as The Third Man), but did include those eligible from the previous year (such as The Fallen Idol). TopBilled: I have your top 10 movies; hoping to get your individual awards.
  7. dagoldenage

    1948 - my results

    I recently had 28 voters in my 1948 poll (online, email and in person). Results were: Top 10 movies 1. Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The 2. Key Largo 3. Red River 4. Bicycle Thieves – Italy 5. Easter Parade 6. Hamlet – Actual winner 7. Rope 8. Letter From an Unknown Woman 9. Snake Pit, The 10. Red Shoes, The Best Actor: Humphrey Bogart (Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The) - Not nominated. Best Actress: Olivia de Havilland (Snake Pit, The) Supporting Actor: Walter Huston (Treasue of the Sierra Madre, The) - Actual winner. Supporting Actress: Claire Trevor (Key Largo) - Actual winner. Titles with votes: 50 Titles I watched: 103
  8. dagoldenage

    NickAndNora34's Disney Movie Journey

    NickandNora34: Terrific idea. I love anything done chronologically. I'm currently watching movies released in 1957 (having gone through 37-56). I had trouble finding some Disney live-action movies from early 50s. Got fortunate that a local library still had a VHS copy of Song of the South. Currently watching the 55-56 Disney serial The Adventures of Spin and Marty.
  9. dagoldenage

    1948 - one opinion

    TopBilled: You are right about Key Largo and the supporters thought of more than the leads. I read an interview from Bacall once that she didn't like the film because she didn't consider it a Bogart/Bacall movie. I understand what she's saying, but it's my favorite movie of the ones they made together.
  10. dagoldenage

    1948 - one opinion

    Bethluvsfilms: I'm right with you on your individual picks. 1) Olivia 2) Huston deserved the win; and agree Robinson should have been nominated 3) And Trevor But I chose Clifton Webb because I think he made what would have been a bad movie watchable.
  11. dagoldenage

    1948 - one opinion

    Thanks TopBilled. Wow, I watched more than 100 titles in 1948, but only Hamlet among your individual choices.
  12. dagoldenage

    1948 - one opinion

    My opinion of the year 1948Top 10 movies1. Key Largo2. Sorry, Wrong Number3. Easter Parade4. Red River5. I Remember Mama6. Johnny Belinda7. Snake Pit, The8. Berlin Express9. Big Clock, The10. All My SonsBest Actor: Clifton Webb (Sitting Pretty)Best Actress: Olivia de Havilland (Snake Pit, The)Supporting Actor: Walter Huston (Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The)Supporting Actress: Claire Trevor (Key Largo)Should have been nominated: Edward G. Robinson (All My Sons); NOT Dan Dailey (When My Baby Smiles at Me); Katherine Hepburn (State of the Union); NOT Ingrid Bergman (Joan of Arc).It was a great year for female leads: arguments could be made for Best Actress for de Havilland, Jane Wyman, Irene Dunne and Barbara StanwyckNote: I did not include The Fallen Idol because it was eligible for Academy Awards the following year. Note to TopBilled: I have your Top 10 from a previous post but was interested in your individual choices. Titles watched: 103
  13. dagoldenage

    1947 movies

    cinemaspeak59: I watched 129 titles from that year, but have not seen Ivy. Wow, I want to see this. What are your favorites for that year?
  14. dagoldenage

    1947 movies

    TopBilled: I didn't know that about Craig. Which ones? He's nothing like Gable (I guess no one really is), but I liked him a lot at times, especially The Human Comedy.
  15. dagoldenage

    1947 movies

    Per the original post: papryusbeetle's mention of Fear in the Night was the 80th title in 1947 to get a vote in my poll.

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