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  1. 1947 movies

    cinemaspeak59: I watched 129 titles from that year, but have not seen Ivy. Wow, I want to see this. What are your favorites for that year?
  2. 1947 movies

    TopBilled: I didn't know that about Craig. Which ones? He's nothing like Gable (I guess no one really is), but I liked him a lot at times, especially The Human Comedy.
  3. 1947 movies

    Per the original post: papryusbeetle's mention of Fear in the Night was the 80th title in 1947 to get a vote in my poll.
  4. 1947 movies

    TopBilled: You make a real good point about the major stars back full-time. I've often thought about movies that Stewart, Montgomery, Gable, etc. may have made while away. Wonder if there's been stuff written about this. But, at the same time, it's not real fair to think about because they were all doing something far more important.
  5. 1947 movies

    I had 24 people vote for their top choices of 1947 (including some on this site). The results were:Top 10 movies: 1. Out of the Past - Not nominated2. Black Narcissus3. Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The4. Miracle on 34th Street5. Gentlemen’s Agreement - Actual winner6. Nightmare Alley7. Bishop’s Wife, The8. Kiss of Death9. Crossfire10. Lady from Shanghai, TheBest Actor: John Garfield (Body and Soul)Best Actress: Deborah Kerr (Black Narcissus) - Not nominatedBest Supporting Actor: Richard Widmark (Kiss of Death)Best Supporting Actress: Martha Raye (Monsieur Verdoux) - Not nominatedTitles with votes: 79Titles I watched: 129
  6. 1947 - one opinion

    TopBilled: I chose Martha Raye for Supporting Actress and had a feeling you would mention her. I agree with you on Hume Cronyn's performance. It's a must see, especially for those only familiar with his "quiet" roles. I chose Richard Widmark. But, of course, Santa won over the sadistic performances.
  7. 1947 - one opinion

    Top 10 movies: 1. Miracle on 34th Street 2. Gentlemen’s Agreement 3. Life with Father 4. Monsieur Verdoux 5. Body and Soul 6. Kiss of Death 7. Crossfire 8. Voice of the Turtle, The 9. Dark Passage 10. Hucksters, The Best Actor: John Garfield (Body and Soul) Best Actress: Susan Hayward (Smash Up: The Story of a Woman) Supporting Actor: Richard Widmark (Kiss of Death) Supporting Actress: Martha Raye (Monsieur Verdoux) Titles watched: 124 Any other thoughts? TopBilled: I have your top 10 list. Do you have individual award thoughts? Thanks.
  8. 1946 - one opinion

    Planning on doing 1947 soon. But I teach and just went back this week. So head will be spinning all week.
  9. 1946 - one opinion

    TopBilled: Best Actor tie between Fredric March (The Best Years of Our Lives) and Cary Grant (Notorious) Supporting Actor 3-way tie between: Harold Russell (Best Years) Clifton Webb (The Razor's Edge) Claude Rains (Notorious)
  10. 1946 - one opinion

    A total of 21 people voted for 1946: Top 10 movies: 1. Best Years of Our Lives, The - Actual Winner 2. Notorious 3. It’s a Wonderful Life 4. Big Sleep, The 5. Gilda 6. Brief Encounter (1945) – UK 7. Postman Always Rings Twice, The 8. Spiral Staircase, The 9. Killers, The 10. Henry V (1944) – UK Best Actor: Tie Best Actress: Ingrid Bergman (Notorious) - Not Nominated Best Supporting Actor: Tie Best Supporting Actress: Anne Baxter (Razor’s Edge, The) - Actual Winner Titles with votes: 52 Titles I watched: 90
  11. 1946 - one opinion

    Speedracer: Let me know what you think of Nobody Lives Forever once you watch it.
  12. 1946 - one opinion

    speedracer5: you mention you've become a fan of John Garfield so I wonder if you've seen Nobody Lives Forever from 1946? Also, did you like Never Say Goodbye? I'm going on the assumption you've seen it. I believe you've mentioned before you don't like to watch his later stuff.
  13. 1946 - one opinion

    LornaHansonForbes: I totally agree about the female performances of the year. Bergman should have been nominated and Dunne could easily have been. And some great supporting roles that tend to get overlooked such as Virginia Mayo in Best Years of Our Lives and Lizabeth Scott in Martha Ivers. Interested if you have choices for top movies and individual performances for the year.
  14. 1946 - one opinion

    sewhite2000: I agree and put movies together (and try even to watch together) when eligible for Academy Awards. That puts Brief Encounter and Henry V with this group and moves Great Expectations back to the following year.
  15. 1946 - one opinion

    TopBilled: Actress - I also picked McGuire. And thought she and Ingrid Bergman (Notorious) deserved nominations over Celia Johnson (Brief Encounter, 1945) and Jennifer Jones (Duel in the Sun) Actor - While I didn't choose Parks, I thought he deserved the nomination in a very tough role, especially if it is true that Jolson was on set after lobbying to play the part himself. I thought Orson Welles (Tomorrow is Forever) should have been nominated over Laurence Olivier (Henry V, 1944). Supporting Actress - I chose Anne Baxter, but did not like The Razor's Edge so have only watched it once. I've seen The Spiral Staircase multiple times and enjoy Ethel Barrymore more each time.

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